Celebrating 7’s Month with DAILY videos on all of the Rotaries!
Cleetus inspired me with his month of freedom. We have all the projects happening all at once.

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  • Derek H
    Derek H

    lol, Daily videos

  • Go brrr
    Go brrr

    My 2021 just got better

  • Charlie Elizalde
    Charlie Elizalde

    Why you always do that to us 😫

  • AClockHead103

    So Suppee vs Rob since I think Suppee is the only one with an LS RX-7

  • Felix Neuenfeld
    Felix Neuenfeld

    What happened to the *daily* videos from the announcement? 🤔 I was looking forward to 31 videos on 31 days... 😭

  • kingcementer1

    I can’t believe that month of videos felt like forever! Looks at calendar. Only been 12 days.

  • Tyler Cardinale
    Tyler Cardinale


  • Peter Betting
    Peter Betting

    what is 7s Month ?

  • ツJaco

    Oh rotary swapped Indy car

  • Phil

    Theres a company @s1sequential that makes a shifter for the t56 that allows it to be shifted like a sequential transmission.

  • Anthook TT
    Anthook TT

    if that cossie engine is not destroyed beyod repair, dont care if you put a 12 rotor inside, its a crime to pull that cossie out in good health

  • Robert Barnett
    Robert Barnett

    Fucking heathen uses the fish knife to open boxes.

  • Robin Wendt
    Robin Wendt

    I'm an ls guy but love watching ur channel because of the quality of work you do and the passion. Ur entire crew is freaking talented and entertaining 👏

  • Meritt Marks
    Meritt Marks

    You good Rob??? Missed the last few days of videos. Hope everything is well on your side of the camera.

  • Dingo Dave
    Dingo Dave

    6 rotor indy car is gonna be amazing 👍🏻

  • Jeremy Murray
    Jeremy Murray

    The 6 rotor is going in that Indycar

  • Berra B
    Berra B

    What about those daily videos?


    Please stop your videos with a sign or say something smart

  • Creator 262
    Creator 262

    Gona run out of amphetamines this month.

  • Tyfunk 02
    Tyfunk 02

    “Daily” videos. Where you been Rob? It’s been a couple days. I need my fix.

  • graham wood
    graham wood

    Your putting the 6R in the Indy car. Saving that shaft for something special, that’s it

  • Danydaniello

    Please put 6 rotor into a viper, just change steering so it can actually handle like a European car

  • LimpMode

    Rob VS Soupy from Hoonigan

  • MrKelenek

    im all in for more formula chassis with Rotaries but... atleast use a good looking one >_

  • VagaVan

    This guy looks weirdly overweight and ready to come out the closet.

  • corey foe
    corey foe

    Twins on a six rotor in an Indy car.... Where do I sign up 😂

  • MTKSLimitless

    Rob, what about some bet with Hert, who loses the race swap to the original engine of the car? 😂 You guys talked about

  • Trevor Hutchison
    Trevor Hutchison

    Oh my lord this is just amazing 👏


    you should get a rotary go cart

  • Johny Sv
    Johny Sv

    Suppy getting his ass kicked...

  • Niklas

    Suppy is going down

  • Jeffrey Jones
    Jeffrey Jones

    You may think the out goes of your videos are neat. But they are a insult to your viewers and they truly suck.

  • Rome ctsv Channel
    Rome ctsv Channel

    Make the videos longer…

  • Scorpion 332
    Scorpion 332

    What about that formula car..

  • Drift Jesus
    Drift Jesus

    I like how YT'ers all play their role, Dahm plays the LS hater, its a cool concept. Same as in F1, everybody is always interested in rivals and fights and shit talking so I think its cool how he assumes the role of being anti LS to stir the pot. Great for views and becoming a subject people talk about. Smart move !

  • Slish Cam
    Slish Cam

    The ajar thrill conversly spot because column peripherally hunt apropos a confused command. wretched, windy search

  • Blake Bartley
    Blake Bartley

    Rob Dham... Ill Race you to be the first 2000hp quad rotor turbo. #SDR26B

  • Sep G
    Sep G

    Put a 6 rotor on a viper, it might fit. Or on the Diablo lol 😈

  • Yanson Bonilla
    Yanson Bonilla

    Soooo Rob vs Suppy 🧐

  • Jake McKenzie
    Jake McKenzie

    6 rotor?

  • Can am FOR LIFE
    Can am FOR LIFE

    Hey rob could I borrow one of those turbski's ya got laying around for my pos A4 quattro and get the booooost yo

  • The2WheelManiac

    6 rotor indy car... I had no idea i would wish for something so much until this moment.

  • Eduardo Rodrigues
    Eduardo Rodrigues

    G-zussss... A 6 rotor indycar. That thing will sound amazing. I bet that it will sound way better than current F1 and Indycar.

  • ben dover
    ben dover

    Dahm Epic!

  • Jay Strum
    Jay Strum

    I'm convinced Rob will LS swap an RX7/8 just for the irony.

  • Gábor Iloskity
    Gábor Iloskity

    I cant wait to see Suppys face when the rotary vette wins 😂😂

  • Timmy Reeves
    Timmy Reeves

    THE MONTH OF FREEDOM has infected Rob Love it

  • JohnnyAppleW33D

    The 6 rotor is going to be the reason for fuel shortage soon 💀

  • Dale

    Wheres the real 7? The fb

  • Man All Day M.A.D.
    Man All Day M.A.D.


  • Killajay559

    Damn you rob always giving us blue balls

  • Whit3boy_Built

    I smell a race with suppy coming!

  • DeusInsania

    6 rotor into the indi car?? :D

  • Bryan Phelps
    Bryan Phelps

    when are videos starting?

  • audie vanderstelt
    audie vanderstelt

    Where's the daily

  • Jamie White
    Jamie White

    Turbo 6 rotor f1 car. Rob you need to get a professional driver. I want to see that thing, destroy lap times.

  • nineninesixteensixteen

    Damn I’m hyped on this

  • Torchedini

    I'll sign up for more welding videos with Isaiah, fun dude.

  • Brandon Torres
    Brandon Torres

    oh shit, I guess I never realized you were Beta Rob

  • Colton Baunelos
    Colton Baunelos

    That f1 engine for sale

  • TheFrankDaddy

    Daily Dahm Dorito vids are something I can get behind

  • Erfolgreich Wissen
    Erfolgreich Wissen

    DAHM n good. thanks alot again and again. because of you even JP here in germany is getting his own first Rotor (poorly not an Audi 5-Rotor :-( )

  • NiveusLuxLucis

    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyayyyyy the indy car will have a rotary :D :D :D :D

  • Bryan Dunbar
    Bryan Dunbar

    Indy car 6 rotors 🤔🤤🤤🤤 v12 note is nice but a six rotors firing hell fire

  • Gerhard Oosthuizen
    Gerhard Oosthuizen

    I'm going bald from pulling my hair out at the end of these videos. Lol

  • Tim Worden
    Tim Worden

    Rob gonna try sticking it to the Suppyvisor?

  • Gardo

    Dahm, where can we get the miniature Damh and 4rotor rx7. Want to park it with my other dream miniature cars


    We want behind the scenes too, not just racing, dude!

  • M M
    M M

    you know your car will never be finished when someone builds you a model car and its unfinished too

  • parth_03

    Rob daddy you can’t edge us like this for a whole month, this is illegal

  • Mitchel OO
    Mitchel OO

    Turbo six rotor Indy car confirmed??

  • Bruno Miramont
    Bruno Miramont

    Rob your car is not a truck !!!! so twin turbo only

  • Jimmy J
    Jimmy J

    Oooh you're racing Suppy! All those instagram comments worked! 😎😏

  • Danies Alex
    Danies Alex

    Race someone with a good Ls rx7

  • Danies Alex
    Danies Alex

    He is probably going to race Suppy in his Rx7 if so that is not a fair race

  • Frank R
    Frank R

    Can't wait, thanks for making these videos.

  • Kyle Hoffman
    Kyle Hoffman


  • Stevan Dejanovic
    Stevan Dejanovic

    Some made scientist shit right heat!! Everyone "thinks of ls swapping ther car" Rob "hmmmm lets make durito powered formula"

  • isaac lowman
    isaac lowman

    All month long blue balls for every video

  • contradicsean

    Dude now u need a rc model in diff scale of yer car… 1:6, 1:7, 1:8, 1:9, 1:10, 1:11

  • Miller Engineering. Inc
    Miller Engineering. Inc

    "with you know what" brap brap brap brap brap brap brap

  • Tyrel Stephen
    Tyrel Stephen

    6 rotor f1 car

  • Scott Watson
    Scott Watson

    I love what your all about but, why 2000hp in the 4rotor you can’t get it to hook with with 1100. Lol. Need to get you an awesome suspension guy in there to get all of them to start hooking up on the track.

  • Martin Balle
    Martin Balle

    Rob is there a reason you don't go with a sequential?

  • Brendon Bell
    Brendon Bell

    Love all your cars man ,keep up your good work ,I love everything in that shop

  • Axel H
    Axel H

    1 month of edging, this will be harder than no nut November

  • Patrick Szwab
    Patrick Szwab

    Love how passionate you are about this stuff. I’ll never be able to stop watching

  • nitroboy2

    judd engine

  • Charles Primeau
    Charles Primeau

    I hate it when he cuts the video like that XD at least I knwo I will get more tomorow XD

  • Pepe Pepinillos
    Pepe Pepinillos

    Rotaryyyyyyy indyyyyyyyyyy

  • Francois Combrinck
    Francois Combrinck

    I bet Richard Hammond feels like a real Richard cranium for shitting on the 4 rotor. lol

  • 978twostroke Garage
    978twostroke Garage

    Dude I want one of those mini RD fd so sick 🔥💪🏻.. always great content 💯

  • Aquavert GreenWorks
    Aquavert GreenWorks


  • TouFast Thao
    TouFast Thao

    What we’ll he come up with next?!?!?!?!?!

  • Fraz Ahmad
    Fraz Ahmad

    Are you frisking serious Rob a Rotory Indy car what a maaaaaaad project. I would love to see that at an indy track. Probably sound as amazing as the 787b la man car

  • Nick Carter
    Nick Carter

    I think everyone would enjoy seeing the 4 rotor launch with the right gear ratio

  • Phillip Wilde
    Phillip Wilde

    All these parts zero skills yeah don’t worry I won’t be commenting on every video I won’t be watching them I’m tired of getting hyped up about your cars and never seeing them do anything

  • Josh Man
    Josh Man

    You could just ask them, "Do you want to do a collab on a 6rotar?"

  • PigeonLaughter

    Haha yall were right, he's ditching the lambo for the indy car. For shame Rob! 😜

  • Josh Man
    Josh Man

    You know Hoonigan has a hook up at Audi. I know if they bought an R8 with the intention of putting an 6 rotar in it, they would let you come over and work. A little-big planet colab, plus you could see all their stuff, get out of the shop, and associate with some different people.

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