Drag racing a 3 rotor RX-7 at 0 PSI
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  • Marz8999

    I wanna see more of the rx7s with less talky talky

  • truck projects
    truck projects

    I remeber the old anti lag vids !

  • Impreza58

    oh Rob we all know the trailer antilag video hehehe

  • Deadly_kitten56

    The flames are awesome to see especially for an outro

  • Jean Gros-Louis
    Jean Gros-Louis

    9.34x 1.56= 14.60 quarter mile.About the same time as an rx8 not to impressive with all years of worked and money spent on project like that.All the time you showed up somewhere there s always something wrong.

  • Falcon Patrol
    Falcon Patrol

    It is getting boring man. please do one good pass at least.

  • JoeJames

    Why do they close the track if someone recks? That isn't going to save her life. Is it out of respect or do they have no choice?

  • shaun bauer
    shaun bauer

    Have you ever thought of calabing with the Vargas bros?

  • pack money
    pack money

    To the douchebag in the last video dad told me I saw the car go down the stripping the last video this is what I meant by actually seen the car make a past so the idiot sees this comment I hope you can finally get through your thick skull beyond that the three rotor is a freaking monster Rob

  • David Schmidt
    David Schmidt

    0:28 ouch


    Rob, you're probably gonna need stiffer suspension for drag racing. Too much weight shifting around can definitely cause some issues. Also, from the last video, you might wanna get a drag wing so you don't spin the car at 100mph. This car is violent as hell.

  • Evan Thorpe
    Evan Thorpe

    California is a big state yet all they have are 1/8 mile tracks other than Pomona and Sonoma

  • Travis Hawser
    Travis Hawser

    Now that Is how to end a video Rob!!! 🤤

  • Zachary Niedfeldt
    Zachary Niedfeldt

    @1:47 Guy is sitting on a pier smoking a cig shaking his head in Tokyo Drift.

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith

    Probably some rotatory dropped a bunch of oil down the big end caused her to crash 😉 haha jk

  • Sw3rve_Eclipse

    Is it faster then your brothers GTR yet?

  • Kaz FG Miller
    Kaz FG Miller

    Stoked youre getting so much driving in! keep it up the car is beastly

  • Gary Washington
    Gary Washington

    Will someone else drive this car this guy suck!!!!!!.

  • Matthew Shadoan
    Matthew Shadoan

    Hope that girls ok. Nice burnout! Why don't they make front and rear low body kit bumpers with spring so they can rub abit?!😂. Love your cars man!

  • nick_bag

    proper way to end a video

  • 5ThGeaRedLined

    its bad to not run a hood?!?! Come on it’s a freaking drag strip. My god what is this world coming too.

  • Inline

    What laptop is that?

  • Nendo Crescendo
    Nendo Crescendo

    Awesome ending

  • Preston Keppler
    Preston Keppler

    If was a fire bird on the rollback its a tic toker named davidlracing

  • Delavega CFTW
    Delavega CFTW

    YOu barely got it off of the trailer and it was already falling apart. 😄

  • Stephen Bertram
    Stephen Bertram

    I’d leave it at zero psi and dial that slipper clutch in

  • leonard ahrnlund
    leonard ahrnlund

    I saw that failed start up in the beginning 😂 not so weird that it didn't start with the turbo inlet plugged haha

  • MrMeoow91

    Rob dahm it, just make it NA and actually have it running properly first. All these turbo obsession and problems are getting old. We just want to see an actual running car!!!

    • MrMeoow91

      @Rob Dahm I don't want to get ahead of myself but I would love to see you build an insane 4 Rotors NA and make it sound like the 787B after all this.

    • Rob Dahm
      Rob Dahm

      Doesn’t work like that. It is an actual running car. I’m just obsessing over making it faster than ever. I can turn the boost down and beat the Ferrari now. But I want to see how far it can go. I’ve worked very hard to make this insane amount of power reliably but I want to learn how to control as much as possible. I could leave it as it was but I need to know what the real limit of tires and suspension is or I’ll never grow. I’ll never know what’s best for the 4 rotor. The 3 is going to paint and doing all the finishing things to it the end of this month. This is just icing on the cake for it

  • Crystaline Chaos
    Crystaline Chaos

    Lmao i was gonna say yesterday i just remembered five years ago to the day yesterday you title a video trying to get my 3 rotor to launch yesterday that was the same title. still trying to get here to launch huh 🤔lmao

  • b

    you still don't have tail lights

  • Gradon McFarland
    Gradon McFarland

    Hope that she is well. The anti lag sounds amazing. You guys are making steps in the right direction. Hopefully an all around safe trip next time out

  • blake rudnicki
    blake rudnicki

    appreciate u Rob

  • Chasyn Montalvo
    Chasyn Montalvo

    So sad she crashed! We got there just as she crashed. Nice to meet you in person tho

  • Hayden Royer
    Hayden Royer

    Rob the Rotor out here doing Gods work trying to perfect and demonstrate a powerful and reliable rotary engine for the last 10yrs! 10yrs we see one pass on a drag strip and allegedly the egate malfunctioned which means the car was running on Rob the rotor’s hopes and dreams down the track and not under boost which is all the power, no turbo and you can out run 🏃 one on 🦶

  • David Bern
    David Bern

    “Made a bunch changes and it works”, as usual it doesn’t…

  • Luke M
    Luke M

    Rob: I'll suit up Rob: Puts on helmet and jumps in car

  • Markus Bishop
    Markus Bishop

    update on the driver of the Trans Am???

  • TurboVisBits

    Fueltech being useless. shock

  • mac

    So all I could think of was abel saying 0 psi . And I want to just appreciate that man . Without him screwing over rob over and over we may not have the badass content we have now of rob building his own things

  • Don Broach v8sten
    Don Broach v8sten

    Hey headlights ain't gunna do it. You need tail lights too. NHRA and IHRA require 1 working tail light

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith

    Rob, Sending out prayers for the accident victim here. You be sure and remember to be extra careful out there, too bro. Don't worry about the video content. We all know the deal.

  • cool dood
    cool dood

    What kind of laptop does rob have

  • X 0
    X 0

    still hasn't finished the 4 rotor!?! started three new cars builds motors now. but nothing is 100? every showing you have the standard rob fails. finish something completely. even the officials are over his shit

    • Rob Dahm
      Rob Dahm

      Jesus. What do you think I’m doing to the 3 rotor. I could have left it the day I made 1000hp. That’s what FIshows wants. It rewards big titles and moving to the next. This one gets sent to paint after I dial in the launching. Then I move back to finishing the 4 with all the skills I’ve acquired now. Besides the 4 is waiting on the front carbon fenders. I’m buying time with finishing my old projects.

  • Peter Cole
    Peter Cole

    Dud has spent enough renting Uhaul trailers to have bought an enclosed by now...

  • tony Chipelo
    tony Chipelo

    Unfortunately from past experience the woman probably passed if they decided to shut the track down early outvof respect to the family and or friends

  • wwwAIRRAMcom

    So how’s the girl who wrecked?

  • ChrisP

    Rob seems to have a problem with hoods just like Cleetus does, except Cleet hates hoods and hoods hate Rob.

  • sc882tt

    hello, i am here for the comments

  • Mark Tyrell
    Mark Tyrell

    Thank you for spreading the word about rotaries. I myself have a 13b and for 60 000 km(new engine) and 5 years have been absolutely thrashing fuck out of it. Even for simple problems mechanics won't touch because they are scared. So myself and only myself learnt to fix this finicky engine every time. My friends laughed at me. Yet over 5 years I have spent $500 on repairs when some friends have spent over 10k(the ones who laughed) the message I convey is don't baby a rotary, don't listen to whimpy mechanics, always red line it every day. Sure the boot release will fail, your sun visor mirror will break, your gearbox will always whine and spark plugs are evil... the only mods I did was de cat and ecu flash. Yet I beat my friends fully worked cars every time because I am not scared to thrash it and take things to the extreme. That's the confidence a rotary gave me. They spend 50k. I spent 6k for car and 500 for repairs. They Dont laugh any more, but I do every day with a huge cheeky grin. It's refreshing to see a similar character to myself down to the quirky way of talking due to thinking to fast (I am the same) .. so thank you!! As a torque concept idea it would be great if you could tow your rotary with a rotary powered truck then use your rotary powered generator to power it at the track. And zip around in a quarter engine sized (I know YOU can) rotary golf cart. I know it sounds nerdy, but your that sort of nerd and I like it. I actually prefer to say quirky as it rids of all the bad nerdy that people think about to much.

  • Dillon Joyce
    Dillon Joyce

    Boosted bois take note

  • Renewed Life Media
    Renewed Life Media

    Same numbers my stock wrx makes at altitude. Good to know I can almost beat a stock two rotor

  • Chris Burnett
    Chris Burnett

    super awkward right from the star as per usual.

  • Edgardo C Cruz
    Edgardo C Cruz

    Hope she get better soon!!! But I also hope to see the 3 rotor making some serious power passes👍💪

  • dadadadankable

    All the noob shit like, "yeah I've been to another track recently" flex. 🤣

  • Ed Ayala
    Ed Ayala

    Now thats how all rob videos should end

  • Nicolas Gibson
    Nicolas Gibson

    Gotta love the dim headlights, i keep my brights on in the fb because they are so dim. Then I see a truck roll up behind me shining the light of god in my rear view like it was preparing a intro scene for Morgan Freeman

  • Sam


  • ROB

    Rob damm and his fails aways cracks me up....

  • José Acuña
    José Acuña

    How nasty is the three rotor.

  • jib jib
    jib jib


  • Bernat Roselló
    Bernat Roselló

    at 0 boost aren't you just bypassing the entire exhaust? xd

  • Tomme boy
    Tomme boy

    You need tail lights. That was what the tech guy wanted. Not head lights

  • mkmk87

    Love it. Keep it up man love the videos and that rx7

  • David Villanueva
    David Villanueva

    0-18 😂😂

  • Keith _
    Keith _

    I would bet there is a script you can right or maybe a program to “home,” that e-gate. The car would have to be off and you would have to be talking right to the Ecu. Otherwise something very simple like an Arduino (a more packaged version or an AT32U4) could home it with a external (and preferably isolated) FET or IGBT driver. Then after it is out of “homing” mode, a DPDT relay isolates the “Home,” mode so it cannot misbehave. The script version is better, but the circuit could be built very cheaply and give you auxiliary control from your computer, maybe even added to your tuning software as a module.

  • Edward Alcala
    Edward Alcala

    Really hope she’s okay

  • Adam Springer
    Adam Springer

    I don't know about everyone else, but I just love watching your videos. I can't think of a "bad" one. I enjoy watching pretty much everything you do. Hell, I'd watch a full Honda insite video if you made it.

  • Tayshin Campbell
    Tayshin Campbell

    Hope she’s all good There’s always another day

  • Leeyum_exe

    my left ear enjoyed this

  • Garrett Suderman
    Garrett Suderman

    I think a Rob Dahm vs the Vargas brothers two step battle is something I need in my life

  • Terry Pickette
    Terry Pickette

    - 👍 👍 🔧

  • Russell Collier
    Russell Collier

    The best ending to any of your videos so far.

  • Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson

    again get rid of the manual you cant shift


    maybe our body can use silent like rwb. can make aero

  • Sweet Tee
    Sweet Tee

    Boosted Boy Kyle is running a e gate. They just got it on and will be trying it out soon. They don't no much about it. But I guess they will figure it out.car sounds Amazing!!!

  • Paul Pena
    Paul Pena

    Alright guys. Enough fuckin around. Smash the subscribe button so we can finally get Rob to a million. He deserves as much.

  • Alex Pack
    Alex Pack

    I realized why it feels wrong. The Dahm sticker is gone. Please bring it back bby.

  • AdamsS12345

    Im not an expert but it looks like u have too much travel or soft suspension and at a proper launch and gearchange u could loose traction by how the car is bouncing on the shocks. Glad to see finally some videos of live action from a drag track

  • Quintin Hill
    Quintin Hill

    Prayers for our downed racer

  • kenny didnt die
    kenny didnt die

    Your doing to much if your changing a bunch between runs youve taken your time (ish) and definitely put the work in now is when you really need to slow down and do only 1 or 2 changes befor you make another run you know it too but you seem to be forgetting good info that you already know

  • Angel

    I was about to show up yesterday but I didn’t damn!

  • Jonty

    Lunatic 😎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • Jonty

      🇬🇧 happy days 👍🏻🤛🏻👊🏻✊🏻

  • Derp Ataur
    Derp Ataur

    Hopefully she's alright. Still enjoyed the content, can't wait to see when this thing gets dialed in for a full rip down the track.

  • Stephen Dewes
    Stephen Dewes

    Do you plan to always use a U-Haul for the car?

  • Josey George
    Josey George

    If rob would set up a gofund me I would help pay for a trailer. These bumper fucking uhauls are killin me!

  • Jason Rae Fletcher-Forrest
    Jason Rae Fletcher-Forrest

    Why does Rob have to start the video with the mecha of all dad jokes 🤣 come on man I literally just woke up and now theres coffee spat everywhere 🤦‍♂️

  • EliteSniperTV

    Is it just me or is the rear too soft now

  • Scott Kenny
    Scott Kenny

    Damn, that Trans Am looked bad. Hope she's going to be okay!!!

  • Norman Guzman
    Norman Guzman

    My friend did a 9.80 in a 1/8 of mile track with a 12A stock ports and tires. The only mods was the racing beat intake manifold, Holley 600 and header with 3" exhaust. I am sure that a N/A street port or Bridgeport 3 rotor is capable of more. The turbo creates a restriction and differential gear is to low for N/A 1/8 mile racing.

  • james J&J performance
    james J&J performance

    dang I live 2 min from that track. wish I knew would have come out💪

  • Sailorsforge

    suspension! suspension! suspension! the rear squats too much on launch. i think....

  • Pepito Esparza-Marquez
    Pepito Esparza-Marquez

    Fuuuuck man I would’ve gone to watch you had I known you were going to barona!!!

  • Flavius Vlas
    Flavius Vlas

    The lady at 2:06 doesn’t know she’s taking to “Bumper Hood Fender Man” 😶‍🌫️

  • Josh Story
    Josh Story

    Can u just get a can of black and spray the guards

  • David Blanck
    David Blanck

    You've got to get to Pomona or Bakersfield when you dial the front half.

  • Schrödy Brodie
    Schrödy Brodie

    Mend soon, stacked Trans-Am lady. *huggles*

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark

    Hopes she’s ok, hopefully you can update us next video

  • randy durga
    randy durga

    Why dont you ever show the time???

  • Government Mu1e
    Government Mu1e

    that lady shamed you for not having a hood what a legend

  • Vladimir Broce
    Vladimir Broce

    You are the best bro