Driving a RACE Transmission on the street. It passes the drive thru test.
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  • Paul Vaso
    Paul Vaso

    I always wondered if these type of transmissions do any damage to the engine?

  • David Tiffany
    David Tiffany

    here i am, complaining about my mazdaspeed 6 with 3" exhaust, twin disc clutch and JBR mounts...

  • Danny Mahon
    Danny Mahon

    Hey Rob, is that a monster clutch that's in it? They do that.

  • XVII

    Dorito daddy Will you Make this car Street legal?

  • heavy hitter
    heavy hitter

    You have to hold the clutch for 2sec to shift gears with a dog box and will go in gear a lot smoother with no noise

  • james Dudley
    james Dudley

    Damn my rx8 rubber bands like that when it's lugging

  • DJ DK & Danger Zone Studios
    DJ DK & Danger Zone Studios

    I have a PPG dogbox with an Exedy twin plate clutch in my Factory Five 818 and it is completely streetable! It's noisy as hell and sucks in traffic, but it's definitely fun!

  • cliff gardner
    cliff gardner

    Did Rob die? What happened to videos everyday. Been 5 days since this video

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz

    when are you uploading a new video rob??

  • Rebecca Batistich
    Rebecca Batistich

    rob still seems to be testing the tune on the videos


    Dude, you are damaging the transmission every single time you shift a dog ring gear using the clutch. You're introducing lash between the dogs and then slamming them together and you will destroy that trans within a few thousand miles driving it like that

  • Nate Requena
    Nate Requena

    Where is the new video Rob? I'm ready to see the 3 rotor rip for real, like down the strip or something, seat time maybe, that would be cool too.

  • Ethan Emson
    Ethan Emson

    Day 4 of waiting for a daily video 😂 Rob what went wrong on what car?

  • Justin Crandell
    Justin Crandell

    Waiting for another video Rob ;(

  • Boost Mafia
    Boost Mafia

    Bruhhhh 4 days gone already

  • Igor Toebe
    Igor Toebe

    Its been 4 Days without any vídeo from Rob, my abstinence is getting wild!

    • cliff gardner
      cliff gardner

      Wonder if he died in making this video or something. Been 5 days now, was supposed be "video everyday". Mmmmm

  • Greybush Gamer
    Greybush Gamer

    Excuse me, sir, it has been 4 days since your last upload... we need more content, thank you.

  • Milo 8
    Milo 8

    Did you scrap the update schedule?

  • Evan Wise
    Evan Wise

    bruh where’s the daily vids

  • john doe
    john doe

    what happened to a video everyday for the month? its been 4 days my good sir.

  • bionik6861

    Videos everyday Rob. Where's the video Rob. Where did you hide Isaiah's body Rob?

  • Mark Dimatulac
    Mark Dimatulac

    that rx8 tho hmm ???? HAHAHA

  • FiL_Custom

    Не довыжим у тебя, смотри выжимное и вилку

  • N31L Zombie Hunter
    N31L Zombie Hunter

    Promises a video every day of July....3 days later and still nothing.

    • FukU2222

      @zephyr r eventually, soon, won't be long, shortly (tm)(c)(rr)

    • zephyr r
      zephyr r

      are we honestly surprised😂 they’ll upload eventually don’t worry

  • Thomas McCall
    Thomas McCall

    Is that back lash

  • Akiragill

    So the last flight I took I was able to pick what seat I wabted to sit in and I chose 26B

  • Travel The Nomad
    Travel The Nomad

    Mazda gave not one shit about cupholders in the 90s

  • dawveed26

    That thumbnail has some issues Rob.... why does it look like your bro is handling his sausage?

  • MrTilbin

    More power always takes away from driveabily. Always go for drivdabily because that wins races. Also. Proper sport cars don't have cup holders.

  • Majestic Gaming
    Majestic Gaming

    He need some better brakes

  • Yannick Vankerkhove
    Yannick Vankerkhove

    Yooo, it's been 3 days, where is the next video? I need my fix ASAP! **Sweating profusely**

  • Aspire

    Wen you were installing your Transmission your Front Sway bars were not bolted down

  • Teshire

    should do a drag week to show how street driveable it is 😅

  • David Detweiler
    David Detweiler

    Rob, I've been watching you since before your "youtube" channel was a thing on rx7club. People judged you for what you did and do and look at you now. major props. I'm putting together a 3 rotor now adn so excited. What clutch do you run in this car?

    • FukU2222

      @Rob Dahm Ignore my username//the moaning and groaning from the crowd - thanks for the content

    • Rob Dahm
      Rob Dahm

      A 9 inch 2 plate xplate

  • R/CBoi07



    Fart can muffler 😆😂😆😂

  • Jhonathan Gaviria
    Jhonathan Gaviria

    Rx8 spotted

  • 38tech

    Most honda guys wont turn their car off for others.....i applauded you sir!

  • TheCalvinSkinner

    Rob Dahm is a masochist

  • TheCalvinSkinner

    I hope that clutch is really messed up because that seems broken.

    • FukU2222

      It's messed up because it seems broken? I don't think that's why it's messed up xD

  • David Watson
    David Watson

    That cover page got me Nice hot dog man

  • Issac Daniels
    Issac Daniels

    Rob what is your favorite car in the intire world

  • Brandyn Gould
    Brandyn Gould

    Clertus car Leroy has face plated gears in it and he runs race week and other thing so don’t let any one tell you that you cant

  • cocopuff 2
    cocopuff 2

    is this the trans from grannas?

  • Effie Soleil
    Effie Soleil

    And people saying u can't turn on and off to often a 3 dorito because is not streetcar 🤣😂🤣😂👌🏼

  • FukU2222


  • Honda Rob
    Honda Rob

    One day please build a fwd civic with a rotary!!! Please pleasw lol.

  • Brandon Engelman
    Brandon Engelman

    I liked you cause you dig learning and you're pretty entertaining, but making sure you weren't too loud for others to order. AWE.

  • Sean Perks
    Sean Perks

    Dog boxes do clunk. It's normal. Nothing to do with the clutch

  • Gareth Nyland
    Gareth Nyland

    When is the Cup holder install video coming?

  • Scott Millin
    Scott Millin

    Don't know if this has been said already, but aren't all those shift issues due to that last comment about the squeal caused by the input shaft being too long? That'd be the equivalent of a partially disengaging clutch. Would like to see how it does with a bit of an air gap there.

  • Night Tracker14
    Night Tracker14

    Even with the bell on im not getting notifications..... my phone is making your month or roaties look even more delayed lol

  • Jonny91962

    The best street car, I say💪🏽🔥💯💯

  • Rick

    Rob, a video every day, you are lagging man!

  • Gordy Kilcollins
    Gordy Kilcollins

    If you Can't Daily it, it's a WASTE!

  • Gordy Kilcollins
    Gordy Kilcollins

    Jeez ROB, that's VIOLENT! That's gotta be SO MUCH fun!

  • ReviewTube

    You are destroying your mounts, diffs, imput shafts and lord knows what else if you keep driving it like that!

  • Zander 63
    Zander 63

    The sifting sounds remind me of the Apollo IE 🤤

  • dic thunders
    dic thunders

    If the car doesn't have cup holders you cannot drive it daily. Period. Also if you want my respect put in air conditioning.

  • Son Cero
    Son Cero

    Hey rob I know it’s Sunday but I miss you 😢

  • Matt

    "Every cars a daily if you work from home". That's some forward thinking.

  • Ryan Goodfriend
    Ryan Goodfriend

    Isn’t the T-56 the same one in C5’s? So wouldn’t it drive the same(transmission wise) as a c5

    • Cody Ramos
      Cody Ramos

      It's been face plated... no conventional syncros to smoothly mesh into gears.. so yes t56 like the c5 or camaro z28/ss , ws6, early 2000's cobra (terminator)..think vipers had the t56 too for some years.. tremec t56 went into several vehicles.. but this is a modded t56 very race oriented for high rpm shifts but terrible for daily driving

  • Driving Matter
    Driving Matter

    Rob, I've watched your channel ever since you bought the Diablo but never thought the channel would take this turn. As a mechanical engineer, mazda and subaru geek your content is just ace. What amazing R&D you're doing!

  • powcar91

    next up Rob mills out a cup holder

  • H3ntairican

    Cup holders would be the sickest mod

  • Carter Able
    Carter Able

    Those are mickey Ts on the rear yeah?

  • corey foe
    corey foe

    Hass CNC ... No cup holders a good tig welder 🤔 the possibilities .. lol ur welders a nut

  • cody wells
    cody wells

    Every shift sounds like my TTB Ford front end finding a cigarette butt in the road. I wanna see you tear that trans down and inspect for carnage. I get their built like that but something is getting beat to shit in there .

  • Nate Rist
    Nate Rist

    Whenever I drive my SA through the drive-thru I have to turn it off as well and it’s relatively quiet at 1200rpm but still has a lopey idle as it’s streetported with a lot of overlap. Also I’d love to see you shut the pathetic automatic scum DCT losers up after you dial this car in fully.

  • Moldovan Vlad
    Moldovan Vlad

    900k subs congrats

  • Alex Goodchild
    Alex Goodchild

    Love your shit rob Just what’s with the eye-poker tail pipe?

  • marcus isaacs
    marcus isaacs

    We use a samosas gearbox in rally cars you don’t need to grab the shift lever and move it so aggressively and fast between gears

  • WickedTRX

    When stopped shift it in to 5th, ou don't need to fully engage the gear, just enouth so the synchro engaged and stops the main shaft, then quickly shift it in to first, the drag of the clutch will start accelerating the shaft again, perfect to engage the dogs. My first daily had a broken trans, only 4th gear synchro was there, I did this every light!

    • Cody Ramos
      Cody Ramos

      The trans rob has doesn't have syncros...

  • Drum44er

    This is the gayest thumbnail I have ever seen 😂😂😂

  • Leslie Nordman
    Leslie Nordman

    Hysterical. Thanks!

  • JLJoe_

    your transmission is essentially a motorcycle transmission now and speaking from (limited) experience it doesn't like shifting w/o clutch, if you wanna clutchless shift you either need skill or quickshifter

  • Josh Meadows
    Josh Meadows

    I can respect neal and the guys for the dct conversion but there's no way in hell I'd ever want one, shifting gears over flappy paddles all day forever. Fun video!

  • Dammy O
    Dammy O

    "Streetable". Can't wait to see this bad mamma jamma run in anger!

  • Ant Kop
    Ant Kop

    Push the clutch in count to 3 then engage gear.... Dogs slowly crying... BTW I drive a H pattern straight cut ppg dog box daily


    puuh for me as a dayli,,and that is my dream,,,is that Drivetrain horrible Rob.... thats not smooth or Me sorry...it works but how.... puhhh to hard

  • GordoWG1 WG1
    GordoWG1 WG1

    What Neil means is "I drive an automated manual transmission because i can't change gears myself". There was a time when ALL gearboxes were dog engagement, and since they were in street driven cars and heavy vehicles, they were by definition "street driveable". With a bit of practice, Rob, you'll be slipping up and down the gearbox with narry a sound. Hint, a little blip should ease downshifts, especially if the (correctly adjusted) clutch isused on them - it's called "double declutching".

  • ruan greeff
    ruan greeff

    Come on everyone share Rob's vids we need to get him to a mil subs

  • MikeOrkid

    Stoked on the everyday uploads!

  • Strong man
    Strong man

    Hey rob your valve seals and exhaust is broken its sounds and smokes a lot

    • Cody Ramos
      Cody Ramos

      I can't tell if this is a joke... valves in a rotory lol.. might as well check the pistons rings too while looking at valve seals.

  • Fuchteljackson

    i know the struggle. i tried going to McAnheurism to get a bunch if CheeseStrokes and a BigClot ONCE in my FD and it was terrible since the dude taking my order refused to hear me over the car. i ended up parking it and going in to get my food. kinda miss that car but experienced rotary mechanics are extremely rare in germany

  • knation92

    Plllleeeeeeaaaaassseeee tell me you're doing something cool with the rx8 in the back

  • Dat Finnish Guy
    Dat Finnish Guy


  • fabio tiburzi
    fabio tiburzi

    is it possible to push a single rotor up to 300 hp?

  • Zelos Photizo
    Zelos Photizo

    This reminds me of British cars from the 70's and 80's

  • Ant Ursino
    Ant Ursino

    It sounds like you have stuff up the gearbox

  • Anthony Ciccariello
    Anthony Ciccariello

    I'll go first you should totally have Isaiah and make you cup holders for the FD

  • Jake Adams
    Jake Adams

    I’m sure that trans kicks ass but I would feel all self conscious like bystanders say dang cool car then u clank and bang in and out of gear. “Yo that’s a piece of shit”

  • mat werry
    mat werry

    the dog gear is engaging way too hard on the dogged gears... check the spacing on the shims to the clutch...

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore

    My clutch did that….realized the transmission bolts weren’t tightened

  • Paul Jackson
    Paul Jackson

    Street able? When's Drag-week?


    I love it Rob. Haters gonna hate about whatever they see online. The gear shifting and some of the crunches reminded me of my late father who would always have a dig at my brothers and me if we missed gears and say “ It’s no use having teeth unless you clean Em boys” hahaha or the typical dad joke reply “Don’t worry we’ll pick that gear up on the way home” lol 😂 loving the flood of content bro. Cheers ✌️🚕💨

  • themadscientest

    It's a "street car" in that it passes inspection, it's registered, and plated. It isn't a "daily" if it does not have heat and AC, and depending on where you live RWD is not really an option for a daily.

  • Cooper Huete #4
    Cooper Huete #4

    Every time the shaft grids it makes my body recoil 💀

  • Sasha M
    Sasha M

    It seems like that transmission could benefit if you double clutch, it’s basically similar to a big rig, slam into each gear at the proper rpm for a smooth transition from each gear

  • Jean-Pascal Gagnon
    Jean-Pascal Gagnon

    Driving with a cold one between his legs ...