The 3 Rotor RX-7 missed 7s Day but is faster than ever!
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  • Devon Muecke
    Devon Muecke

    Hey Rob, i used to have the same water but i dont think it was any good and it got lost or scrapped. What brand/model is it? And whats involved with controlling duty cycle?

  • David Alejandro Silva Iacobelli
    David Alejandro Silva Iacobelli

    I see an RX-8 in the back

  • Lucas Hernandez
    Lucas Hernandez

    3:32 Rob thinking "I should call her"

  • Aleks B
    Aleks B

    Put a 6 rotor in a helicopter or plane

  • Evan Watts
    Evan Watts

    If I learned anything from heat transfer during my degree is faster flow is not always better for cooling. You need to find the sweet spot between coolant flow and heat transfer

  • Tomas Alvarez
    Tomas Alvarez

    you need air shift transmission!!

  • MagmaApex32 1
    MagmaApex32 1

    By the time I buy a rx7 there won’t be any more spinning Doritos since this dude bought them all

  • altypeRR

    She’s a squirter. Gusher at 60%

  • MoistSnek

    Dyslexic ppl + this thumbnail

  • Don Armstrong
    Don Armstrong

    I can see you're a REAL ambassador of Zip-Tie Racing! 🤭🤭🤭 So many holding that boost pipe away from the rotating assembly!

  • MSEngineering David
    MSEngineering David

    Go race him again then because he was also pulling hard on you ...

  • supersevenn

    be careful with your waterpump on off set up. if its not off long enough, the water does not stop at the rad and has no time to cool

  • Ed Rod
    Ed Rod

    I get frustrated with you builds as I get with my FD build. A+ for authenticity.

  • aaron lidbetter
    aaron lidbetter

    Cracks me up how you’v made the welding/fab process erotic with the music 😂😂😂😂

  • Alex Lyashenko
    Alex Lyashenko

    Yes I would love to see his rx7 do the same race ... on this and that!!!!

  • Miller Engineering. Inc
    Miller Engineering. Inc


  • Giovanni Retiz-Kyniston
    Giovanni Retiz-Kyniston

    Fist couple second *geiser of water comes out* rob “oh jeezus”

  • Jay Are
    Jay Are

    The coolant pump looks like a tiny turbo 😂

  • Turbo Sport
    Turbo Sport

    best thing to bleed a water system is that vacuum bleeder very easy and getting the system bled quick

  • V8 For A Heart
    V8 For A Heart

    14:54 sounded like an A10!!

  • Creator 262
    Creator 262

    "All the bolts on the bellhousing were loose" "This thing is totally ready to go" 🤦‍♂️fuckin basketcase.

  • James Ford
    James Ford

    What’s up with the RX-8?

  • junior rector
    junior rector

    It sounds like a turbine starting up

  • Project Junk
    Project Junk

    if you read the manual you would get the noise filter that is required on some cars.

  • Kenny

    RX-7 finally perfect now for the driver!

  • Joshua Baker
    Joshua Baker

    His neighbors love him

  • mark im
    mark im

    That car has been so full of failures and issues…how do you end up with a bell housing completely loose…but either way it’s all part of building a car that’s pretty much from scratch…..guess we will see if ya beat the rest of the field ..

  • mark im
    mark im

    Dude you didn’t need to soak ya car,lol..

  • Robin Schiller
    Robin Schiller

    I repair pumps (big ones) for a living. Nice to see what that little coolant pump can do

  • Khanyiso Mapuma
    Khanyiso Mapuma

    Damn that 3 rotor wet af

  • Khanyiso Mapuma
    Khanyiso Mapuma

    3:30 I should call her

  • louis hatton-davies
    louis hatton-davies

    12:17 what’s the car in the background???

  • mazda mob
    mazda mob

    Nice wheelie lol

  • Carl Tesselaar
    Carl Tesselaar

    well...first time for everything...i just watched rob dahm make a RX-7 squirt

  • foesublime

    Waiting for the police to make their appearance over the *POPs haha

  • Alex Cronnon
    Alex Cronnon

    2:06 if you squint its mint

  • sieve5

    She's a ripper bro!!!! Holy fuck!

  • Billy goat27
    Billy goat27

    11:30 wait is Rob finally going to talk an RX-8?

  • Travis Sikora
    Travis Sikora

    @Rob it sounds like a blade is hitting a zip tie or wire @8min 20 to 25 sec

  • Leif Ericson
    Leif Ericson

    So fun to ser.

  • Luisk

    As soon as the video started, it reminded me of her

  • Jordan Brett
    Jordan Brett


  • DrInsane76

    Cut that exhaust tip PLEASE!?!?!

  • Sam O'Rourke
    Sam O'Rourke

    My company uses PWM on our motors which we need to be very precise; it used to change speed even though the oscilloscope was not showing anything of the sort. It was ripple which we mostly removed with a different value capacitor. Perhaps this may help on your EC motor which appears to be changing speed at random points at one point in the video.

  • steve kissel
    steve kissel

    Isaiah is really getting good at talking and explaining stuff on camera. He's come a long way 👍👍🔥🔥

  • OtterConnor

    I bet your electrical system would enjoy a sub woofer capacitor to supply a more consistent flow with less stress on your battery and alternator

  • Zquez Gaming
    Zquez Gaming

    Dahm has that dream setup 🥺

  • Tanner Shanks
    Tanner Shanks

    I just fucking laughed so hard watching the 60% squirt 😂😭

  • Albert Alby
    Albert Alby

    It's a squirter!

  • GreenBakers

    Finish a car!

  • allothernamesbutthis

    hi, im rob dahm... last night we spent hours bleeding my coolant system, today i let air back in showing you how good the swirl is :D

  • Chris Barnhart
    Chris Barnhart

    wow that paid stunt driver on private closed roads was shifting on time!! theres no possible way thats rob so no worries miss officer that may watch this video :) lmao jk you can drive well screw the haters

  • Apostolis Gogos
    Apostolis Gogos

    Rob please get rid of this PWM crap and put something better. maybe a PC PWM controller would be better

  • Hondas are not bad, people who rice them are
    Hondas are not bad, people who rice them are

    1:45 honestly i'd rather have a F20C swapped rx-7 with pop-ups than have a 4 rotor with the flat lights, pop-ups are sacred

  • Toms Tech
    Toms Tech

    Might be better to have the water pump lower so it can be fed with more pressure (water column above inlet), it'll circulate less air not being at the top of the system so it'll be quieter and live longer.

  • Eric G
    Eric G

    Experience has told me anytime I see my welder blind tacking like it ain't no thang, you're in good hands. Isiah is awesome.

  • HotBoi Troy Builds
    HotBoi Troy Builds

    When shifting are you using the clutch

  • 4DAM

    How god make his greatest things🤣

  • mikey z
    mikey z

    When i seen the pump. I thought it was twin charged

  • Kyle Hunt
    Kyle Hunt

    Can't wait to see this back on This vs That.

  • Vince Ilan
    Vince Ilan

    The new manifold made it sound smoother. I preferred the rougher aggressive sound of the previous manifold.

  • Anti- Hero
    Anti- Hero

    6 Rotor 6 Rotor 6 Rotor 6 Rotor 🙂🍴

  • Rusty

    The money shot!!!!

  • Nikolche niko
    Nikolche niko

    Rob do a collaboration with hard grind pluming co with there rx7 drift trike

  • TheDroidKilla


  • SublimingMule63

    Who owns the rx8?

  • daesyoung

    CALM DOWN, no sir.. u need SEAT TIME my dude..

  • Diaman D
    Diaman D

    does your machine ever drive anything more then the street in front of your shop ? Furiously slow project. Been seeing this talk for way too long now.

  • Glyn Atkin
    Glyn Atkin

    You put new tires on it yet Rob?..sick content as usual mate, keep up the good work!

  • Ben Vaughan
    Ben Vaughan

    What are the taillights he has for the four rotor

  • David Blanck
    David Blanck

    Definitely sounds like a fan blade is contacting somewhere. Probably won't sound so shitty without that problem. Definitely a tough product to adapt.

  • Lil Mike
    Lil Mike

    Isaiah raise!!!

  • Adam Miller
    Adam Miller

    "we do pop ups here, and speaking of pop ups, our sponser top is for hims, where you can get pills to help your pop ups, well, pop up too."

  • Cole Campagna
    Cole Campagna

    He’s still got new tires too

  • TrAvy_K_Malllo

    Is anyone else on here ready to see Rob get out of the garage and put these cars into action? The Hoonicorn Race was literally the only video of any car driving outside his parking lot. Get these mofo’s to an event! I’m ready to see these cars put some power down instead of constant build...dyno...scramble for event...miss event and start another random project. C’mon let’s see the work play out!

  • Rotor Ryan
    Rotor Ryan

    Fuck it I'll call derali and figure it out for them.

  • komoru

    Only fans sees a downward spike in activity every time Rob Dahm releases a video. Hats off to Rob for really pumping out great content.....and for getting more views on his videos....faster....than all those Instagram butt models.

  • Rotor Ryan
    Rotor Ryan

    The suare wave isn't good for the inrush, get a vfd.

  • Rotor Ryan
    Rotor Ryan

    Sounds like the pwm is shit. Don't use them. We dim led with them they are unreliable. Brushless motors need ESCs or vfd.

  • Anthony

    Be mindful of resting your hand on the shifter between shifts with a strain. You’ll end up causing it to try and cut ignition because it thinks your starting to shift. You’ll probably have seen this on the logs by the time you’ve seen this comment LOL

  • Jovenell Moly
    Jovenell Moly

    That ending was a bold statement but I’m with you on that you’d whoop that Ferrari lol

  • Kevin Brock
    Kevin Brock

    What's the name of the song at 2:15?

  • Jason Sapp
    Jason Sapp

    Now I say SumBitch...he done said "With all we have done , we can WHOOP that Ferrari's A$$!" ...... I ...popcorn .....because i believe him

  • Jon Cooper
    Jon Cooper

    I love how you always devour your bottom lip when you're rippin it.

  • Galixia

    What does Rob replace his oil metering pump with?

  • Jon Cooper
    Jon Cooper


  • miguel plaza
    miguel plaza

    Suspension rob remember to that after these changes glad to hear it rip

  • Don Gonzulman
    Don Gonzulman

    this shit makes me happy af Thanks Rob (and co), for allowing us to live vicariously through your zany rotary adventures!

  • gw3 Extreme2
    gw3 Extreme2

    We all can finally say Big Cat Daddy Rob made someone squirt LMMFAO.

  • Tayshin Campbell
    Tayshin Campbell

    Saw that ig comment Isaiah made 😂 But still waiting on the video of her in fresh paint

  • Zander

    the rx8 though... next build maybe🤷🏽

  • Sayd Wolfe
    Sayd Wolfe

    start the video off squirtin lmfao

  • Joe Fro
    Joe Fro

    Intro reminds me of my ex

  • ceasarstitts

    Idk how TF to get more but I want more 😂

  • Denis O'brien
    Denis O'brien

    the bmw electric water pump... should be the lowest point in the system just like bmw fit it. you get a small leak or airlock, that pump wont do a thing.

  • casey thompson
    casey thompson

    let your workers drive the car

  • Austin Hunt
    Austin Hunt

    That's a thick red sway bar!

  • Brother2JiS_27s4 216
    Brother2JiS_27s4 216

    While everyone else stays stagnant with their skills and dont try to learn more, there you go pushing the current boundaries and redefining what the limits are. All of these other people spend years learning and you're accomplishing greater goals than most of them wish they ever could. I cant wait to see where you push this in another 5 years. 🤔🤙✌

  • Wolfe

    I see the superior chassis vehicle has made its appearance finally.

  • Andrew Foster
    Andrew Foster

    Talk about slow

17 t.