I build my FIRST Billet Engine Part!
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  • SuperDancingdonkey

    Imagine if he used all this time and energy to do something productive for humanity. I guess recreating what big car manufacturers did 50 years ago to promote old engine technology that pollutes the world is just as good. This is all for his ego.

  • 1997HTAA

    You know Hert is excited over all of this. I can feel it

  • supersevenn

    good job bro! glad to see your personal progress & growth

  • M1911Mike

    I'm proud of you Rob

  • jib jib
    jib jib


  • Lance Miller
    Lance Miller

    Rough form or not it looks perfect great job

  • Lance Miller
    Lance Miller

    Great video Rob I feel that it's very interesting and cool at the same time being able to watch you making your own parts very cool keep up the great work.and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and day to bring us a video especially at this caliber of quality and explaining it all too us.. thanks again and keep up the great work

  • AusDaBoss1985

    He got some slow ass rotaries!

  • Jakob Rickan
    Jakob Rickan

    to ease some chatter id recommend climb cutting with the endmill. much easier on the tooling and parts. so where you were cutting in a clockwise pattern try having it cut in the counter clockwise direction

  • Issac Daniels
    Issac Daniels

    Wonder what happens when you add a pro charger and a turbo to an RX7 🧐🧐 ??

  • Voronwë Calanon
    Voronwë Calanon

    Will you guys make a vid to help spared the word about what the EPA is trying to do and the RPM act?

  • Ryan Wigney
    Ryan Wigney

    Good thing the Haas machinery seems to work better than their F1 cars

  • Op1 zilla
    Op1 zilla

    😆, ggz

  • Blaž Bohinc
    Blaž Bohinc

    How about you finish 1 project. Just one. Anything. And make it reliable. If you can't do that, you're a piece of shit mechanic.

  • Chris Goebel
    Chris Goebel

    Rob, please use your wizardry to develop high hp 13b renesis🥲

  • Ninjacat

    Could you make a custom turbo exhaust manifold for my 1.8N/A passat?😂😂❤

  • Ole S
    Ole S

    Sucki sucki (oil advertising)

  • Jeremy Huston
    Jeremy Huston

    .....when you have more money than brains or ability

  • Jeremy Huston
    Jeremy Huston

    Why don't you make a fixture to hold it

  • Jimmy St-Jean
    Jimmy St-Jean

    As a mechanic and machinist myself this channel is literally the best on FIshows.

  • Jimmy St-Jean
    Jimmy St-Jean

    Rob Dahm is the Tony Stark for cars lol I love everything he does and how he's explaining what he's actually doing. 💪❤️

  • Monkey Base
    Monkey Base

    You cliffhanging SOB, you are amazing!!! :)

  • Wizard Testicles
    Wizard Testicles

    thats a pimp nc

  • TheRustyLemon

    "As smooth as a Brazilian waxed coochie" got me dying🤣, we don't see him enough in these videos

  • jpmc271

    309/310 SS would be the better choice for both machinability and withstanding lots of heat cycling from the exhaust. Similar in Inconel in resistance to oxidation at elevated temperatures. 310 ~ 1100 C whereas 304 ~ 900 C.

  • c.lday44

    I look forward to the day I run a rotary on rob dahm reproduction parts and porsche efuel. Internal combustion is not dead yet!

  • copternut

    Cleetus might have McFarland fabrication but you have Dahm Good Engineering 👏

  • Toy-Yoda

    "this isn't the cheap stuff, this is 304." LOL. Get some 316L if you want the good stuff.

  • Kim Soerensen
    Kim Soerensen

    That's the cleanest hole I've seen in years! I especially like the taper fit shenanigans, very clever. So excited to get my Dahm Industries catalogue in 2025, wherein I can order any damn part for any rotary I could ever think to build :D

  • Mario Perez
    Mario Perez

    Time to get some Kurt vices and parallels and stop creating dangerous fod with that toe clamp set-up.

  • AAAciD !!
    AAAciD !!


  • Josh Schonfeld
    Josh Schonfeld

    Your damn cliffhanger endings haha I'm so pumped for the next stage of Dahm!

  • josh king
    josh king


  • JD Freeman
    JD Freeman

    The advancement of this chanel over the years is just nuts! A huge inspiration to just keep striving for goals is huge!

  • Brad Daley
    Brad Daley

    just an FYI, there is a special grade of 304 and 316 stainless called "free machining" or "easy to machine" It is a slightly different spec, and has sulfur added into it, but it makes stainless chip much more easily (when machining) and makes it many times easier to machine. Not 12L14 or anything, but way easier than standard 304 (and especially easier to machine than 316 which can be a nightmare) It's pricey, but if you have something that is giving you trouble, or you need to machine things faster (or you have a bunch of 6-32 holes to tap into it) it is worth the extra cost and then some. and that VF1 is just fine for machining stainless, just use the right tools. (even if you are not using free machining. We just used our VM3 to machine a bunch of P20 tool steel, and cut lots of stainless even on our TM1...) Your "fuzzy" burrs tells me you are using a dull cutter, or a cutter for the wrong material. Kennametal is pricey for tooling, but they have a nice (desktop downloadable) app that lets you spec material, cutter size, etc, and it will filter their catalog and show you your options. Lakeshore carbide is good for the every day stuff, just make sure you have endmills for stainless, and you have different endmills for aluminum. Their cutting geometries and feeds and speeds are VERY different.

  • Chris Stavro
    Chris Stavro

    good start. have you taken a course?

  • StephensonRaceTech

    Dude start making 3 rotor parts! I wanna make one for a miata

  • Cory Kesty
    Cory Kesty

    Interested in seeing you improve you machining skills and eventually creating a designed part that is worth selling.

  • Lokbatch

    Thanks to you and the boys in your shop, Rob, I keep my car dream alive. I'm going to try to get my hands on a R33 GTR and learn about the engine and all the things that comes with the car! Or, Japanease cars in general. You're a huge inspiration and I applaud you for just putting your small tool in holes that might be a bit sketchy. Love it!

  • Adam Edey
    Adam Edey

    Ahahahah you realized after one single order from a machine shop that you can buy rhe fucking tool instead😂🤷‍♂️

  • bobpi3141

    My go to for preventing crashes has always been Dry Run (no part), Coolant disabled, Spindle RPM at lowest override allowed, and Single Blocking through every NC line and keeping the Feed at 0 between lines when pressing NC Start and manually bumping the Feed Rate from 0 to 5-10-20% while watching every motion. If you have a pendant with an NC Start button and Feed Rate dial, do it from the pendant so you can focus on the machine, not the HMI. You can also add some M0's at "important" places in the program to force it to pause even in full auto. Great option if you have a long program and have already stepped through 75% or trust most of it and want to Dry Run at 100% to quickly get to the part you want to check and then select Single Block and step through the program.

  • Jimmy Doiron
    Jimmy Doiron

    Are you programing all thats by hand ?

  • Edgar Ramos
    Edgar Ramos

    Way BadAss. Remember seeing the 4 rotor at Sema the year you unveiled it. Thought it was the coolest car at the show...

  • ibiza kol
    ibiza kol

    I would have used the 3 holes to clamp the plate down that would A give you a better inside finish and you could use a 80mm Ali multi tooth cutter and rough most of the outside off super fast and get rid of the clamp set you are using .

    • ibiza kol
      ibiza kol

      Also on stainless drill out the corners and get the cutter to come down in one of the holes and it won’t kill the cutters so quick .

  • Krak'd Aus!!
    Krak'd Aus!!

    Hey Rob!!! What about Inconel????????

  • Dakota Harrison
    Dakota Harrison

    Here is a short MDI safety line check you can do to double check your work/tool offsets, run this and check with a 6in scale and you can quickly confirm that your offsets are correct. Tool numbers and offsets can be written to whatever you want to check. Running this in MDI and keeping your rapid at 5% when proving out new programs will save you broken tools or worse. T1 M06 G90 G00 G54 X0. Y0. G43 H01 Z6. M30 P.S you can absolutely cut stainless in a VF series mill, titanium too. With the right cutters at the correct speeds and feeds right and you can cut whatever material you want. - Your friendly neighborhood machinist

  • LoudandProud

    What machinist say a VF1 isn't made to run stainless? Speeds and feeds man. You control the tool load. No reason that thing can't hog stainless or titanium once you learn what you're doing

  • RaimanaTV

    How doable is rebuilding a 13b on your own with zero experience and FIshows?

  • Smokkedandslammed

    What happened with the Penzoil sponsorship?

  • Rnie Jx4
    Rnie Jx4

    Heres a list of CNC mistakes you made: Learning is never a mistake...this is why Rob is my favorite car youtuber.

  • Dugg117

    Need a big 'ol shell cutter for them facing operations.

  • linh tran
    linh tran

    You need to make a fixture plate for those flanges.

  • sube tube
    sube tube

    This whole time, I was thinking he had made like an entire engine already

  • Creator 262
    Creator 262

    Face off one side. Flip. Face to thickness and drill bolt holes. Bolt it to a fixture plate. Finish profile.

    • Creator 262
      Creator 262

      Finish the profile from the outside, working inward. No chunks left over, no chipped endmills.... And no bandsaw...wtf why are you bandsawing a milled part

  • D R
    D R

    @RobDahn you should make that flange using inconel metal, I'm sure more expensive but lighter and dissipate heat way faster, killer work by the way!

  • Padme 17
    Padme 17

    Stainless isn't the best with dealing with heat cycles, make sure you weld the shit out of it lol 303 is easier to machine but crap to weld. 304 is pretty run of the mill stuff and easy to weld but the frequent and dramatic heat cycles it will be subjected to mounted to the side of a rotary might result in cracking.

  • kim kat
    kim kat

    nobody is gonna talk about the fact that he said 6 rotor ?

  • Norman Guzman
    Norman Guzman

    Rob can make a lot of money with that machine and doesn't even realized it. It's like Willy Wonka with all his inventions but all he can think of is about candy.

  • Frank Derksen
    Frank Derksen

    Why is elon musk not coopin with you hahaha both crazy engineers....its a joke tho...but ehhh you never know🤣 would be crazy to see a lil hybird engine in 4 rotor🤣🤣

  • memedaddy34

    oh no deposits are so terrible please don't deposit enough money into my bank account that i would never have to work a day in my life again

  • ExStatic Bass
    ExStatic Bass

    6 rotor?!?! All I want to know is what it's going to be built into...

  • Delta Charlie Echo
    Delta Charlie Echo

    The coolest part about this is that it’s a machines part that looks cast

  • DJhenderlong

    Think about making individual flanges per runner. You may start failing the exhaust fasteners due to heat expansion. Just my 2 cents.

  • Ben Devlin
    Ben Devlin

    Trying to get that family friendly lol ????

  • Maximus Gameplay
    Maximus Gameplay

    I love how Isiah came in as the hired fab guy and overtime became Papa Dahm's partner in crime

  • Josh Acklin
    Josh Acklin

    It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it 🤟


    Rob 30000km OILchange is crap ans shit 10000miles Point...

  • fc3s rotory
    fc3s rotory

    Feeding to slow rob. Once proven bump up that feed and throw the c chips out of the hole.

  • Steve Van Der Vorst
    Steve Van Der Vorst

    Rob is very confident with his cnc machine.... I'm afraid for the "i crashed/broke my cnc machine" video. I'm sorry, but i'm afraid for this Edit: i do respect his balls to the walls "i'll teach myself aditude" even notice he uses f360 for this, so had to learn new cad software to!

  • sam 9952
    sam 9952

    hey man, love the work. quick question do you still have the Prius because I like to know how the 20$ car stereo is holding up

  • Joseph Matuszak
    Joseph Matuszak

    For advice to reduce that chatter, you can set the first three holes for exhaust, and then bolt the flange down thru the holes (mid operation procedure). It's the plate that vibrates as well as the tool. It will also pre-set the operation before cutting the excess off. Good stuff Rob!

  • VacFink

    I believe its NYCNC develops speeds and feeds for machines, tools, and materials that I bet would be very useful for Rob. It would remove a layer of the guesswork and a more controllable finish.

  • RealityCheck✓

    Quaranteed Rob Dahm outro 😂😂 Like always 👍

  • 1979 Augustine
    1979 Augustine

    Excellent work my man

  • andres marquez
    andres marquez

    When rob sells a full out rotary engine is when i will begin a rotary build

  • HeartFire

    Been a while since I worked with machining but I hope you're using the proper calculations for tool rpm and feed rates for all your tools. Having those right will get you the optimal surface while utilizing the tool fully and making sure the tool lasts as long as it's supposed to. I have a workshop manual for all this and I'd gladly send you information from it if you are interested. Also couldn't tell if you did or not but make sure you use a center drill bit first when using a conventional style drill to keep it from "walking" and potentially snapping. Anyways love the content my dude

  • robby gui
    robby gui

    “One day we’ll do it all aluminum and see how that melts” 😂

  • carlos vargas
    carlos vargas

    Why use 7075 for a test piece? That's an expensive alloy. I'd use 5052.

  • guido heeling
    guido heeling

    Isen't 304 just basic stainless? I have never heard of 303 stainless, was not even covered in my material courses on univercity..

  • Archer Aero
    Archer Aero

    Just an idea, but would it affect anything to put something like RainX on the inside of the CNC door glass? When the lubricant hits it, it would just glide right off and might make it easier to film while you manufacture? Although I understand hesitating to have anything else introduced to the lubricant loop.

  • justme

    3:36 wtf? this guy has had this machine for how long and he still didn't spot drill those holes?

  • Ramiro Ramirez
    Ramiro Ramirez

    Have you tried Amsoil? That oil scored better on tests compared to other oils in experiments. There’s a video on the Channel Project Farm on it.

  • Josh Man
    Josh Man

    I feel like a horse tamer, don't you?

  • Bas e
    Bas e

    This is not my area of expertise, but this looks like some pro stuff. Great job guys!!

  • jesus saves cars s
    jesus saves cars s

    You should share how your a millionaire and how you made the millions I call family is rich well I know they are but tell the people the deal what you and and what you show doesn’t add up your ether cartel or family money

  • Killbonilla4life

    Smells like a Rotary Diablo to me. Imagine the possibilities

  • Jessie Coblentz
    Jessie Coblentz

    Lmao what machinist told you that Haas VF isn't meant for stainless? It can't just hog through it like the aluminum but its more than capable. If some shitty old knee mill can do it than that CNC can do it just fine.

  • Stavros DN
    Stavros DN

    Sheeeeeesh that wide body on the 4 rotor

  • Abe Boeve
    Abe Boeve

    Nice 80s

  • Евгений Бурлака
    Евгений Бурлака

    where are subtitles?

  • Rémi

    I dont know nothing about Royalpurple but it almost completely removed ALL the oil deposits i had in my 300K milles 4.8 vortec. Im gonna switch to rotella before throwing boost at it.

  • Dean David
    Dean David


  • Brad Hughes
    Brad Hughes

    I cut stainless day in and day out for 18 years. Upgrade to an Okuma and never think about Haas again.

  • Nathan Dean
    Nathan Dean

    wood wwouldve been cheeper product to test on.

  • its stocky
    its stocky

    All the billet with extra billet! Rob you got any billet? 😂 In all fairness that's a pretty nice piece though love seeing the process

  • Robert Jung
    Robert Jung

    @fabdaddy, 6 rotor, 4 rotor, 2 rotor... Isaiah, you make sure that Rob is on his toes at all times!

  • Mahdi Alsadiq
    Mahdi Alsadiq

    Always my hero

  • Louie Barwell
    Louie Barwell

    What if, this vs that Robs 3 rotor vs Adam lz’s r34

  • Paul Hevesi
    Paul Hevesi

    Nice work Rob, I remember my machining days.

  • Jens-Erik

    So when are we making this out of Titanium Rob...?

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