Did Traction Control help the 3 Rotor? Kinda
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  • Anderson Dick
    Anderson Dick

    So cool when your ideas actually help someone getting out of trouble! Thanks Rob!

    • Jarrett Mertz
      Jarrett Mertz

      Next episode

    • aereovzan

      Agora acertou na escolha !

    • Igor Porpeto
      Igor Porpeto

      When will this car pass the fueltech dino? Quando esse carro vai passar o dino da fueltech, quero ver essa colab dos rotativos no canal do Anderson, RX7 TK e RX7 Rob

    • Thatguywithnopancreas

      @Cdrsan your adopted, they'll tell you when the time is right cause you've allways been anasshole! Google that too by the way ..thats what makes you more of a bagadouch

    • ThEASbO888

      You rock, Anderson!

  • Inpulse Jayzy
    Inpulse Jayzy

    New Brian o Connor got the computer and stuff

  • Logan Wurtz
    Logan Wurtz

    Rob is like the automotive version of Michael Reeeeeeeves. he’s just so excited to innovate and when something works he is actively gitty it’s so fun!!!

  • art R-R
    art R-R


  • Josh Man
    Josh Man

    They make mufflers like this, but if you buy one make sure you weld the rims because they tend to come loose!

  • Josh Man
    Josh Man

    Inside the mufflers would be something like this. drive.google.com/drive/u/2/my-drive

  • pballer2005

    So since this engine kinda relies on its own momentum to maintain boost and thus maintain power, would a full spark cut and wheel speed traction control system not be appropriate? I’ve seen stuff where it basically just cuts spark to maintain say no more than 10% wheel slip, but only on larger displacement engines that aren’t solely relying on the forced induction to make all their power.

  • Liam Roberts
    Liam Roberts

    "Step 1 is 2 Step" This needs to be on a shirt 😅

  • Josh Man
    Josh Man

    Updated Update w/ Air Intake (6/18/2021 2:49) drive.google.com/file/d/1IRvTi_ybdkDJ-IWQhXJ6ESmEGaiSkmUU/view?usp=sharing

  • Northern Performance Group
    Northern Performance Group

    Did you put a spool in that 8.8 if not the stock diff will be your issue my foxbody has a stock diff on drag slicks my car will push hard left the diff opens up and sends all the power to the right rear pushing the car hard left over 700hp you need a spool 400-700 hp a gear style lsd will work you NEED A SPOOL

  • Haris Guhdija
    Haris Guhdija

    Been a while since I’ve been on your channel but are you still using the s480?

  • Creator 262
    Creator 262

    see what happens when you crack open a book for once.

  • Simon Hayes
    Simon Hayes

    This sounds fuckin deadly

  • Josh Man
    Josh Man

    I think the solution for the present is to get a nice new and clean gas tank.

  • Josh Man
    Josh Man

    I wish there was a sensor that could read gasoline quality, because whenever my tank gets down to half full the combination is not as good. It probably needs more fuel when at that point.


    I gnitioncut at 4200 ...thats perfect Start trust me....

  • Rell Rell TG
    Rell Rell TG

    375 needed

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez

    What ever happened to the 6 Rotor project?

  • HeadlessVulture

    Flames warming up the tarmac, giving more grip haha. nice video man.

  • benjamin vandewattyne
    benjamin vandewattyne

    I really hope the F1 in the background is for the 6 rotor 😍

  • Avery Maumasi
    Avery Maumasi


  • Paul Pz
    Paul Pz

    There's something so satisfying about listening to someone speak that only speaks with authority and conviction whenever he KNOWS that he KNOWS what hes talking about, if hes not sure he puts that up front always and speaks speculatively and that's such a rare quality in a person..I thought I was cool because I know how to trick tune a little bit on a yamaha banshee while this dudes reviving an entire genre of car fans..God speed and godlike hair my friend

  • Daniel Bargas
    Daniel Bargas

    What’s with the Indy car rob?

  • Denny

    Dude put some real tires it is not like you cannot afford it step it up put real slicks so that the car can do a wheelie if not you will always loose races.

  • Not Zak Alexander
    Not Zak Alexander

    Keep plugging away! Faster everyday!

  • Theodore Hamshaw
    Theodore Hamshaw

    So when are you gonna start selling rotaries

  • Eliã L2Z
    Eliã L2Z


  • Nick Clark
    Nick Clark

    Everyone should be required to take a calculus and physics class at minimum! Speaking as an electrical engineer, the math always works. It's exciting how electricity, mechanics, physics, nature, etc. all derive from the same basic equations even though they are very different from each other. Ok, nerd rant over.......

  • Aldude

    If you have accurate wheel slip data, you don't actually want to aim for 0% wheel slip (aka slip ratio). Each car is different, but aiming for 10% is usually a good target. Why? Because complicated physics interactions.

  • Donald SwagTrump
    Donald SwagTrump

    I’m a full blown V8 guy, but Rob is slowly making me contemplate buying an old FC for a street car.

  • Know Bull5hit
    Know Bull5hit

    “I want liquor and i want it to hang from my neck” lmfao

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo

    Xiiiiiiiiiiii Eu não sabia que os gringos diziam assim também KSKSKLSK

  • Nicolas Moran
    Nicolas Moran

    normal people : lets adjust the suspension to have more grip rob: lets put traction control that wont make the car really much faster instead!!!

  • Kenny Reynolds
    Kenny Reynolds

    The guy is to Smart for his own good

  • Andy Wybrew
    Andy Wybrew

    Love the engineering..... but my god does rob need a serious driver mod.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith

    7:32 - I'm built different.


    Manual with TC ??? Just no. Loose those rear springs already. ...pls

  • Brennan The Wizard
    Brennan The Wizard

    It baffles me how people don’t call the fucking cops when you just even start these cars… let alone anti lag late at night 😅😂😂 @rob damn

  • wewe ewew
    wewe ewew

    Bigger tires

  • Ryan Spillman
    Ryan Spillman

    Technically you can make, at best, a guess on where you are/how far you traveled based solely on accelerometer data. Lots of error integrating twice. Not relevant to what you are trying to do. Just wanted to keep the kids here from trying to make a dead reckoning bot based solely on accelerometer data. It doesn't work very well.

  • Harrison Terry
    Harrison Terry

    Thank you so much *smythtech* IG for helping me to recover my stolen car that dude is to be trusted...

  • Jack De Reeper
    Jack De Reeper

    Does this thing have boost by gear?

  • MrSuperbailey

    and this is why a drive by wire throttle is GREAT for traction control on high hp builds

  • Don Holland
    Don Holland

    Hey Rob, you have to get together with Brent at PFI Speed, you two would be an excellent combo!!

  • antfct2

    Have you gotten a proper alignment? Suspension tuning will get you a long way

  • Pedro Ibañez
    Pedro Ibañez

    hey, how about a cvt? i think nissan made a stong-ish cvt for a rwd

  • Neverson Mützenberg
    Neverson Mützenberg

    Muito legal

  • Hady Mhanna
    Hady Mhanna

    How about doing the traction control on the 4 rotor 😍

  • super pepper
    super pepper

    This is so cool

  • Honza Strnad
    Honza Strnad

    Traction control is cool, but I would start with suspension and then call Cleetus. They do boost by time(like all dragracers) and works well.

  • Gary Gumbs
    Gary Gumbs

    What software you using??

  • Mr Robota
    Mr Robota

    What happened with the 4 rotor?

  • Lucas Xavier
    Lucas Xavier


  • MrZerocool5000

    maybe try different tires and suspension adjustments to aid with traction just my thoughts

  • Trent Thinks
    Trent Thinks

    Clearly these tires.. Don't work...

  • Rayyan Siddiqui
    Rayyan Siddiqui

    is it possible he detunes the car more than it needs to rather than fixing the suspension first?

  • krusher74

    You should be maximizing the suspension set up first.

  • Deadshilz

    Ok little freaky. I was just literally thinking of the hooningan race with the 4rotor and thinking of the hood flying up in the middle of the race and thinking of maybe rob should 3d print a hood so it doesn't cripple. Then not 5 seconds after thinking that he shows the hood. Just a lil freaky, lol.

  • titanary68

    Are you a good driver? I don’t really know, you seem to be better than some and worse than others, however as a driver you aren’t anywhere near the level of the 2 men you had to face on This Vs. That. But I highly doubt that had fuckall to do with the results. You had a car that could beat TP, the Hoonicorn race, I honestly wanted you to win but ultimately I believe the losing factor is neither of your cars in those races were anywhere close to as sorted out as the cars you were racing. I do respect that you knew this and still showed up, that’s called being a man of your word and it’s admirable. I personally think you have too many irons in the fire, fully finish one car before you fuck with the other. I’m not a rotary fan by any means but I do know you will eventually be fast AF once you get your shit together but as a public figure people don’t give you the credit or grace you truly deserve. I want to see you kicking the shit out of big names on the track. I want to see your rotary C8 mop the 1/4 mile with Emilia’s C8. I think people can’t understand what it is you are truly trying to do here and I wish you the best of luck

    • Rob Dahm
      Rob Dahm

      Well said. Yeah I know the 4 rotor would win against Travis. I didn’t want to bring it because it’s halfway through body work. I wanted the challenger of the 3 rotor. But it was not as drivable as I assumed. I didn’t want to be reckless and take it on the street so that was my first change to shake it down. Bad move.

  • Chance Callahan
    Chance Callahan

    Make a dorito shaped exhaust tip!

  • Ibrahim Daher
    Ibrahim Daher

    I am in love with everything you do. Can I marry your brains?

  • The Codex
    The Codex

    Rematch now?

  • Braeden Smith
    Braeden Smith

    You know what this reminds me of? It's like what Cosworth did when building their V12 engine for the Valkyrie, design the best possible 3 cylinder engine and then scale it up to 12. Rob is building the best 3 rotor he possibly can so that the process of designing, building and tuning the 6 rotor goes super smoothly. As an extra bonus, we won't have to wait 4 years : D

  • Nicolas Gibson
    Nicolas Gibson

    I think you might need a shift light, I love pinging limiter too but that isnt the best for racing

  • No Yes
    No Yes

    Tom cruise doppelganger

  • BlueDually4x4

    Hear me out a minute, but what if you built a mount to hold the laptop so it sits where you can see it and it stays put? Like to the right of the center console at about dash height, its easy to glance at without fully taking your attention off the road in front of you.

  • Elmwood Homestead
    Elmwood Homestead

    That was awesome seeing you drive it in the traffic!

  • Jacob M
    Jacob M

    Time to go all NHRA and put some balloon tires in the rear 😂

  • VREMM Motorsport
    VREMM Motorsport

    What program do you use for tuning?

  • Gregg Rizzla
    Gregg Rizzla

    Rob, you may want to use a clutch pedal switch to temporarily disable the traction control during shifting and when letting out the clutch while launching.

  • skeet yeet beat
    skeet yeet beat

    U rlly r saving ur self from a lot of cringe from not rewatching what u looked like when u did the sheeeeeesh, I only wish I didn’t have to see it either

  • freemanpl23

    Rob fix your suspension setup. 3rotor doesn't squad(to stiff or weird angel somewhere?) so it will burn robber in any gear at any speed.

  • graham laursen
    graham laursen

    Still feel bad that there was plotting against you in the earlier days by everyone (pro and non pro) that was jealous about the 4 rotor:/ I hate the community for that

  • BadBeaver

    So its not dumping some boost while ignition cut is happening? Even with 100% open wastegate its still boost creeping up to 9 psi!? You have the electronic wastegate, right? I wonder if they are going to make an electronic blow off/compressor bypass valve...that could allow a whole new crazy dimension to tuning turbo cars...

  • Joe Lee
    Joe Lee

    Honestly love watching you nerd out on this man, keep it up!

  • Andrew Ayers
    Andrew Ayers

    Rob needs to do more/bigger burnouts. Get the tires hot🔥

  • kalomeon

    Man, those mountains in the background are beautiful. Can the C5 get active traction control too? What's keeping it from being reliable?

  • Lonzo Smith
    Lonzo Smith

    why it sounds like a single turbo rb26

  • someguy325es

    Power management first then traction control

  • Oki_bumkp61

    Does that guy do voice overs for Scooby Doo?

  • Night Shift240sx
    Night Shift240sx

    I cant believe he just did that 🤣

  • Uncle Doug’s Gaming
    Uncle Doug’s Gaming

    Why not do a shakedown on a drag strip?

  • kolten carden
    kolten carden

    0:17 my boy turned into Scooby doo for a second

  • Joe Lee
    Joe Lee

    Oh man his FACE during acceleration!!!! SO Funny!!!!

  • Tu Bby
    Tu Bby

    Sheeesh 👌🥵

  • Natefrm860 -
    Natefrm860 -

    Saw that mans gums the entire fire part of the video 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Trevon Rose
    Trevon Rose

    Are the large firing on all rotors hoodies gonna get restocked?

  • Jackson L
    Jackson L

    rob talking about calculus gave me a flashback of learning pva

  • Akihiro zheng
    Akihiro zheng

    Race again with Travis Pastrana at hoonigan...😁😁😁🙏🙏🙏

  • Nick Osmond
    Nick Osmond

    I love the Rotary engine and Honestly I can see you in the near future selling crate rotary engines in your shop

  • HoneyBadgerflys

    4:15 is the money shot

  • Linus Phillips
    Linus Phillips

    Can we get some 100-200kph figures please, for the Metric boys. Love the content!

  • Angelo Eder
    Angelo Eder

    Almost got a Scooby-Doo laugh in the beginning

  • Carlos Matos Torres
    Carlos Matos Torres

    You should race Vargas Brothers 20B Rx7.

  • Paul

    i loved the calculus section of the video, my inner nerd came out, i am in grade 12 calculus to give context

  • Stephen Littlehales
    Stephen Littlehales

    Please please please. Invest in suspension setup. You are leaving so much on the table

  • Josh Underdown
    Josh Underdown

    You guys need to set up the suspension now for drag race softness. Or have different street and track settings

  • CringeThingy 3001
    CringeThingy 3001

    7:15 so we're just ignoring that thing in the background? Okay then

  • kerriwyd

    Rob finally gets traction control, fully tuned, ready to go... then switches out old dry tires for new sticky rubber and ends up peeling his face off with the launch

  • Rhysk94

    Love your vids, but there are many things you're wrong on haha 2-step or ignition cut is no where near antilag or anything like it one bit But each to their own, it makes sense to you, its your car and your tune so thats alp that matters 👌

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