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  • Kyoro Kush
    Kyoro Kush

    Get that car some tires and some traction bars man

  • Honda EP3
    Honda EP3

    Need to pay someone to go to the track with you and dial it in. Or a road in Mexico .if it hooks on the street people are in trouble

  • Declan™

    “boop” -Rob Dahm

  • Bely Bob
    Bely Bob

    Seems the Wankel is the perfect engine for Hydrogen burning.... Always thought the rotor-seals are the weakest point. Burning lean fuel only increases seals wear? ...... Interested to see what you take is on Hydrogen in the Wankel

  • Joel Pearson
    Joel Pearson

    That synchronized "Hehehe"

  • Keith’s Garage
    Keith’s Garage

    Can someone send Rob a set of gears for the dif in that vette through fan mail? It’s painful watching that thing try to drive with the gears in it and it doesn’t seem like he’s ever going to buy a set. 😂


    You and rodnock need to do a collab... sure you guys are brothers

  • Nightmare Racing
    Nightmare Racing

    It’s got a special engine in it😅

  • Tommyxp420

    The difference between the vette and FD is so crazy.

  • pdgeman

    Need 70 30 shocks and soft springs in rear

  • Adam Mizell
    Adam Mizell

    Obligatory comment for algorithm purposes.

  • Dan 1371
    Dan 1371

    Just talk to Cleetus McFarland and Jack stand Jimmy on how to launch those cars.

  • TinyEyedPotato

    I feel like I've said this before, but This is honestly my favourite YT channel. It's like Rob is my best friend, he just doesn't know it.

  • Frank Bob
    Frank Bob

    Jeez, it looks like it has a lawnmower engine from the zero-turn mower. Hey Rob can you build a 6 rotor to at least fill up the engine bay? Come on man, the Vetter deserves a six-rotor in it.

  • Scooby

    I’m sorry… did i miss the single seater in a previous vid?!?!?

  • F34RVanz

    Bruh him saying three rotor and four rotor it gives me chills glade u are in and on the way to ur dream love ya rob

  • ADayOnTheLake

    Few vids behind, but HOLY SH!Ti I didn’t know this thing still ran🤤🤤

  • Repurposed Performance
    Repurposed Performance

    I watch this channel to brush up on my excuses. Rob do yourself a huge favor, stop explaining everything every time your car sucks at being a car. There is no doubt you know how to make power but you have no clue how to set up your suspension and car all together to put the power to the ground. Ton of big power useless cars :(

    • Repurposed Performance
      Repurposed Performance

      @Rob Dahm lol I should have worded it different like "stop telling us every episode how your car has no traction. By all means you are correct about doing things nobody has with rotarys. I have a rotary powered stadium truck and I will be the first to admit that you are making insane numbers with your motors. Your awd rx7 is honestly your sickest car.

    • Rob Dahm
      Rob Dahm

      Stop explaining? This is a FIshows channel haha. So im not supposed to identify how to improve? You realize when I study something I get good at it. I studied making power and im doing things no one has done with rotaries. Now I gotta learn how to make a car. No shame in learning. You realize everyone else just hides the footage of them failing. I just like to share it to show my younger audience what really happens. I don’t need the ego boost only showing my best moments

  • Angel Iacovelli
    Angel Iacovelli

    rob i hope you focus on the 3 or the 4 rotor and dial them in,and you get some seat time too,and we can see the cars at its full potential

  • Brody Perkins
    Brody Perkins

    Leave it to Rob to make doing roll races actually somewhat scientific.

  • Navendra Takdari
    Navendra Takdari

    Yes stuck in the 90s. Lol. Awesome decade.

  • Navendra Takdari
    Navendra Takdari

    I love that Vette better than all. Who should it be 2 rotor? No that is no capable of a grand turbocharged.

  • Navendra Takdari
    Navendra Takdari

    Or belt. Replace tensioner?

  • Navendra Takdari
    Navendra Takdari

    Tighten the belts.

  • Navendra Takdari
    Navendra Takdari

    No speedo and tach signal?

  • Shawn Charles
    Shawn Charles

    Rob said that the GPS knows he's 12inchs lol,Rob u a fool lol

  • Derp Ataur
    Derp Ataur

    Ayyyyyy you gotta do more videos like this with you actually driving for more than like 2 seconds lmao.

  • UnitD77

    It's got a special engine. Please don't give boomer advice.

  • Kol Son
    Kol Son

    Rob you decide not to do a car last minute and you look like you slept?!? Should we be worried?

  • Giacinto Derenzo
    Giacinto Derenzo

    I usually put the GPS antenae under the dash. Mount it on top to something metal, and it will shoot right thru the plastic dash, and the windshield. Much cleaner install. Also, side tip. If you didn't have a cigarette lighter receptacle, soldier wire to leads on plug, hard wire to switched power, and hide it, will also look clean.

  • Fuchteljackson

    i mean i follow this channel since a loooong time now, probably around 5 years or something? and i think the time has come to say: what a shame that money cannot buy talent :/ its not meant in a mean way or something but rob, you should focus more on fabricating, less on driving i guess. build sick cars and get a sick driver lol. maybe meet up with cleetus and get some driving lessons? also your 3 rotor is indeed a sick car, but its not "wheelspin all the way through to 5th gear" kinda sick, you need to adjust your rear damping a looooooooot.

  • Dan Letkeman
    Dan Letkeman

    I have to wonder if the suspension setup is the issue. Contact Kevin from KSR.

  • Daniel Stewart
    Daniel Stewart

    Rotary Vette vs Suppy’s LS RX7!!!???

  • Huron

    The amount of jump cuts is a bit much Rob. Trying a bit too hard

  • Kris Ninnim
    Kris Ninnim

    Someone get this man a god damn detail and ceramic coating.


    The number of repetitions and different angles of the same launch are just perfect.

  • Qstua 11
    Qstua 11

    When is the six rotor?

  • M K2
    M K2

    rob is learning how to drive....bravo

  • bossman jakes
    bossman jakes

    U take to long to change gear

  • Thatguywithnopancreas

    Your pus ssy footin it Rob, out of anybody you should be the least scared to break ANYTHING you ALLWAYS SAID I wanna just take my foot off the clutch and side step it.....,and your scared of breaking anything dude,your have the best opportunity to race 🏁who you are sad

  • Thatguywithnopancreas

    That sensor NEEDS TO BE ON A MAGNETIC PLATE ,Put it on the top right of the dash on stick on magnet base

  • ProjectFourTwo

    Is it just me or does Rob look like Charlie Cox

  • Thatguywithnopancreas

    That car shifts WAY to slow to keep up with Anything!

  • Joel Robles
    Joel Robles

    Mr.Dahm keep up the good work you have an amazing channel and I love watching your videos, Godspeed Sending a shout from Tx

  • Gio Dezera
    Gio Dezera

    "Meow" "Oh oh the boss is here." ROFL

  • j r
    j r

    Rob get some hoosierss n stop playing u spinning to much

  • Ari Dehghani
    Ari Dehghani

    Keep it up! This was solid content, as usual

  • El Jibarito
    El Jibarito

    Why not make the corvette AWD 4 Rotor?? Just an idea

  • Damian Smith
    Damian Smith

    Hey, those are the same magnet USBs I use for my phones! Fancy that!

  • jesus saves cars s
    jesus saves cars s

    They thought u had a ls turbo😂😂🤣🙌

  • Mr Made in the 80s
    Mr Made in the 80s

    You need Kevin from KSR.

  • Alwayne Foster
    Alwayne Foster

    Rob the gear sifts are too slow, you need to upgrade to a sequential gearbox and maybe all wheel drive system 😉

  • Colin Jolivet
    Colin Jolivet

    Was that a commercial video for race box ?! :-D

  • Me

    Loosen up that rear suspension, car needs to squat in order to transfer weight to the rear,

  • Johny Sv
    Johny Sv

    Uh oh the boss is here! Hahahhaha😂

  • Trogdore3 Games
    Trogdore3 Games

    Love ur channel and your content but it really looks like your clutch hates you some of them one to twos looks like you can smell it

  • Redhot99t/a

    Damn. The 3 rotor sounds so damn mean with the new exhaust....It actually makes me think or the 2f2f skyline a bit.(yeah yeah)

  • Karl Paljev
    Karl Paljev

    best part 3:06 kid is smiling 7:46

  • Lucky Goose
    Lucky Goose

    Rob, your next race needs to be against that Vise Grip Garage guy. Im sure you can spank any of his rust boxes. You have to win something for god sakes. Give me some hope here.

  • Minas Cholevas
    Minas Cholevas


  • Adrian Jamaal
    Adrian Jamaal

    Got to love the guy who knows absolutely nothing about this car telling the guy who built it whats wrong....Sir go back to work.

  • Ky J
    Ky J

    Vette - "Yeah Rob if you could get that TPS rerport to my ECU today that would be greaaaaatttt"

  • Nathaniel Barbeau
    Nathaniel Barbeau

    Truck driver was just trying to help 🤣. Bless his heart.

  • Arthur Sperotto
    Arthur Sperotto


  • Tweak back
    Tweak back

    Dude, can you finish at least 1 car? Like dile it in.

  • free juice
    free juice

    good times

  • Bababooey

    I wonder how long before rob creates some sort of unholy off-road rx7

  • brandon jackson
    brandon jackson

    that corvette is a complete turd.

  • E_CASSIS153

    how about a sequential for the 3 rotor beast? that way quicker shifts, quicker 0-60 times and an advantage when it comes to racing for hoonigan

  • necro rymster
    necro rymster

    Keep it up rob the best part is that its built and not bought

  • bo matt
    bo matt

    “It’s got a special engine in it”

  • painedinks

    We need a test and tune day at the track, C'mon we wanna see that 3 rotor rip to its full potential!!

  • Paul Aguirre
    Paul Aguirre

    that belt squeal is a nice's got a special engine in it lol...

  • Vincent

    3 rotor needs more tire. Poor thing is on bicycle tires.

  • Justyn Gilliam
    Justyn Gilliam

    For the love of god adjust the 3 rotors suspension

  • Kim Soerensen
    Kim Soerensen

    It DOES have a special engine in it!

  • Aldi Pratama
    Aldi Pratama

    4wd now

  • FireFly

    So when are you gona finish a car? :)

  • Chris B
    Chris B

    It's still so weird seeing a Vette but hearing it Brap Brap. I love it.

  • Chris B
    Chris B

    This is the ONLY Vette I'd ever own. When I had my 2 FC's everyone said LS swap it and I refused, I got RX7'S instead of a S13 or something bc the rotary, but they wouldn't LS swap their 240s, so I always said a Vette should get rotary swapped. Was so glad watching this beauty get built.

  • Colourless sky
    Colourless sky

    Channel.. There i said it.. That end was incomplete

  • Ruben Braekman
    Ruben Braekman

    The bald eagle screetching is the sound of freedom

  • Deviouss

    There's 3 feet in a meter rob. Hehe

  • JBNL1972

    Rob: "I'm so stuck in the 90s" That's OK, it was a great decade no harm here!

  • Zayed G R
    Zayed G R

    try 4 rotor

  • Manuel Sahli
    Manuel Sahli

    On the screetch, Cleetus calls it the Bald Eagle screetch, so you have just proven, that the screetch does NOT come from the Engine, but from the Vehicle (a Corvette) :P


    Corvette? I saw only two mazdas in video


    Go to a drag track and get grip dude

  • Tim Nowotny
    Tim Nowotny

    Are there any adjustments planned to increase the downforce of the 3 Rotor? @RobDahm

  • Gameanator05

    Im so glad that you are also making the cars race ready. So many channels build cars and in the end when the projects are "finished" they just get parked and rarely seen again. Get some new slicks, set up the suspension and be ready for the next race Rob.

  • Lorenz Mlosch
    Lorenz Mlosch

    i hope you do what hert said and get the suspension dailed in before doing anymore pulls and complaining about it not hooking

  • JackoTJK

    Come back when it doesn't have the same suspension travel as a go kart

  • Martin Mortensen
    Martin Mortensen

    when 6 rotor 69 charger ?

  • Riccardo Hsq
    Riccardo Hsq

    we need the 4 rotor

  • AdamsS12345

    Could u finally set up one of ur cars perfectly and go drag racing or something? Or get an expert on board which will help u/teach u how to set it up with the suspension and tune etc? I believe that if u had been doing videos more often with more action in them and progress, you would be past 1 milion subs by now.

  • AdamsS12345

    Finally a video outside of the garage with only little "live action". We want more LIVE ACTION!

  • Paul Cek
    Paul Cek

    PFI Speed #rpmact

  • poorfellamycountry

    Sorted the suspension yet?

  • Emil Nørgaard
    Emil Nørgaard

    Would you consider dragweek, that would be cool to see

    • Emil Nørgaard
      Emil Nørgaard

      @Jesse COC no, ofc not, but it would be fun to see him try, and then try to fix the car on the roadside on day tow

    • Jesse COC
      Jesse COC

      He is getting better at everything but i dont think he would make it more than 1 day

  • james himself
    james himself

    Wider and stickier tyres for the 3 rotor urgently needed