Faster than a Ferrari Pista on old tires. Drag strip next!
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  • Anderson Dick
    Anderson Dick

    So cool to see you're using so many advanced features from the FuelTech!

    • skrotkalle skrotkalle
      skrotkalle skrotkalle

      Wish is a place for sellers who are lying and fooling you! you will never get what you see advertised on Wish! Wish lying you right up in the face and are pretty good at it! Never trust wish sellers or what is written!

    • Glauckoma

      @Bositive _ I definitely think once he gets everything off close tuning wise it will be a lot better. Obviously tuning is about the AFRs and timing but launching a car smooth but fast is a completely different animal. Not sure what Rob is doing about suspension either, that makes a big difference for weight transfer

    • Anon

      @Glauckoma the larger contact patch won't give more grip, but a wider tire will allow for lower pressure

    • Mark Regner
      Mark Regner

      Great product Anderson. I bought one for my mk4 supra last month. Keep up the good work

    • Bositive _
      Bositive _

      @Glauckoma yeah, understandable - i don't know the exact dimensions of that back end of that Rx7 in the wheel space between tire vs coils , obviously he doesn't need to overextend to compensate launch control/power/torque but i'm just asking if he has the leg room to do it.

  • Modified EuroSport
    Modified EuroSport

    Rob Dahm strictly dedicated to the send🙌🏽

  • Onmy grind
    Onmy grind

    What's up with the AWD car?


    Put the windows up for the runs.

  • Andres

    That wasnt even full throttle is his go to line

  • Tommy Bennett
    Tommy Bennett

    I want a this vs that ferrari pista grudgematch

  • Noah Jensen
    Noah Jensen

    I want to see this car vs Leroy

  • naivay

    Get off the meth and adderall aye, go to sleep

  • Kaden Wagoner
    Kaden Wagoner

    "Did you see that guy shit himself" 😂😂 I fucking lost it.

  • Mountain Mafia racing
    Mountain Mafia racing

    Does anyone else see that he's calling the Ferrari back out I think we need to re run it rotor swap the world 🤘🤘⚡🤘🤘

  • Bone head
    Bone head

    Yo what cars isaiah drive if it sik show us

  • BoardWalkToke

    I hope it's just banter and these guys aren't overworked; wishing they could rest more.

  • andrew davey
    andrew davey

    ar you gonna wash it and polish it at one point because it needs and deserves it

  • Jesus Jose
    Jesus Jose

    If you drive by me on my street like that your getting smashed into

  • Dammy O
    Dammy O

    I am LOVING this series! Great work you guys!

  • Edzinator

    looks to be 3/4" too tall in video still

  • Kim Soerensen
    Kim Soerensen

    Ever closer to the rematch!

  • Subifan1

    NO widebody, plz.

  • Adrian Graham
    Adrian Graham

    Few will know the plight of headphone users. I thought half the video was muted

  • Dylan Zrim
    Dylan Zrim

    Is it the same car if you’ve changed every part out? Nope.

  • j in AVL
    j in AVL

    keep living your dream Rob 🤙🤙

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      Living it for us!

  • Kal El
    Kal El

    Can we get rob to one million

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      It's coming!

  • josh balding
    josh balding

    Why is the video that uploaded this morning private?????

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde


  • Stuart Moss
    Stuart Moss

    Spedflow is the best. Wouldn't use anything else

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      So good!

  • Jesse Saarinen
    Jesse Saarinen

    Where wheelie video went rob? Perkele saatana vituttaa...

  • Nathan Hansford
    Nathan Hansford

    Why is the latest video private? Can’t watch it, it just says this video is private Edit (Fixed now!) 😀

  • Ian McGuire
    Ian McGuire

    Don't think we didn't see that Wheel drilling video that ended early! Bad editor... BAD!

    • Ian McGuire
      Ian McGuire

  • 77justin96

    Why tf did I get a notification for a private video I can't watch? Bye

  • Trippin

    You should do a side to side of the 3 rotor launching now and what it was like before the Ferrari's race

  • Jake Evans
    Jake Evans

    I had to do a double take when Rob said 900K. How is this mans not in the multi millions yet? Support your dude! He is one of the realist creators/information providers out here! Everyone loves to talk about their build. Or send it to a shop to do it. Dahm is the one that will show you the fabrication and explain WHY he did it that way. Shout Out to all the other channels that do the same. I don’t mean to discredit anyone else, there are a lot of great build channels. IMO Rob is a master of his craft/love for the rotary and deserves more credit for the work he does. Knowing him. He would just say something like, “the enjoyment of building/driving these cars is enough” Keep up the amazing work my dude!

  • Daniel Jessop
    Daniel Jessop

    wouldn't the valving on the shocks be out of sync with those springs.

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      I would have thought so

  • Peachy

    Man uses harbor freight tools and a 30000 dollar cnc machine to make some of the fastest cars in the world

  • Cafaura

    What’s wrong with your eyes man?


    Aussie Aussie 👍😎

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      Straya mate

  • Samuel Thomas
    Samuel Thomas

    Every video he cuts off at the end! F**k you Rob!🤣🤣🤣

  • Rick Moises
    Rick Moises

    *When rob does its first full throttle NLS* “MMMMMMMM SPICY”

  • Jon DiggingUrGuts
    Jon DiggingUrGuts

    Redemption this vs that

  • Goaty McGoatface
    Goaty McGoatface

    so stuck on this wheelie thing. get it to a TRACK

  • sw4gr1d

    You should look into installing a flex pipe onto your exhaust. Since it's solid mounted, with the extra rear squat it might want to bend stuff

  • Corey Massa
    Corey Massa

    When Rob drives his face actually looks like he's $hitting himself

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      haha so true

  • Mateo Santos
    Mateo Santos

    lc500 6 rotor

  • Liam Roberts
    Liam Roberts

    Well.. See you guys in a week for the next daily video

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      Maybe Rob only sleeps once a week so it seems like it's daily to him?

  • Brett Francis
    Brett Francis

    Ive got an rx8 is want swap or do something with to be able to have fun in it again but make more power. I want a 20b but can anyone do a swap and keep everything inside factory

  • John

    Rob walking like a penguin at 5:22. I love it!

  • Corey Black
    Corey Black

    I'm so glad you listened to Herts advice with the squatage

  • Jwayne Donkson
    Jwayne Donkson

    time to go race that Ferrari again.

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      Keen for this

  • Corey Black
    Corey Black

    Pista owner: So how much is that worth Rob: More than you can afford buddy

  • Big D Fitness
    Big D Fitness

    Rob, I hate the way you end your videos, but at the same time it is unique and I've learned to accept it. Although some sort of outro or "The End," would be nice. 👍🏼👍🏼

  • James Mcleod
    James Mcleod

    I'm not sure if he gets he's actually a Honda guy.

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde


  • Bryce Kopansky
    Bryce Kopansky

    "with NO lifting.. okay maybe I lifted a little bit" LOL

  • Big D Fitness
    Big D Fitness

    So, talking about spring lengths/rates, you prefer longer and softer versus shorter and harder?

  • 413xxx86

    Rob, get your own Shop with a drag strip…… Leave if you need too because you’re only going to be able to do so much…. There…. I realize you’re not dripping money but please go get your own not surrounded by parked semis and trailers… although I get it… you’re about to sincerely get really fuckin fast….. Just a bit of food for thought…..

  • Jean Pierre Malherbe
    Jean Pierre Malherbe

    I love what you are doing. But when are you actually going to finish a car properly? Sorry have to ask.

  • Bradley Harrington
    Bradley Harrington

    Dahm that’s looking quick

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      I see what you did there

  • simonhendry1

    Speedflow good Australian product

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      Straya mate! Up there with Turbosmart and Haltech

  • David Kelley
    David Kelley

    Think it’s cool how you got beat by a Ferrari and now your going full kill and turning this car into a full on street spec drag car.

  • Obeth Diaz
    Obeth Diaz

    Wow. Major progress sir... Let's go

  • Arctic Gaming
    Arctic Gaming

    Damn rob must live super close to Mexico 🤨🤨

  • Joe Salinas
    Joe Salinas

    that's one sick RX-8

  • dak r34
    dak r34

    How hard would it be to add 2 more rotors to the six and stick a 100+ mill turbo on it??? Plzzz this iz youtube! Garage 54 would make an 8 rtor out of lada parts in a few days!

  • David Blanck
    David Blanck

    Your acting on the "shit himself" bit was so good. I'm so glad your are dialing in your fleet. Now you are way more likely to finally win a T.v.T. battle. Finally! I'm excited for this.

  • m4dc0w1337

    asmongolds eyebrows rob dahms voice *visible confusion*

  • floodo1

    bro don’t put your face in front of the spring you’re compressing plz. It’s the same as being under a car without Jack stands

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde


  • majcrash

    Rob was sporting the white man's overbite on that last launch.

  • water

    Even Rob's laugh sounds like a rotary Lol

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      haha classic!

  • floodo1

    I’LL SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU HOMIE lolololololololol

  • Iseenoobpeoples

    Will they use slicks vs the Ferrari? Slick vs non slick

  • Fun & Family
    Fun & Family

    Rob! Try and pull off a hydrogen 6 ROTOR!!

  • Jerrin Klein
    Jerrin Klein

    Rob who’s rx8 is that?

  • Zcypot

    this car got me hyped

  • LeMarkD Media
    LeMarkD Media

    Like the Jeremiah Denton reference with the blinks there 😂😬🤭

  • Lil Mike
    Lil Mike

    Uhhhhhhh didn’t you say the tires are expired? Maybe should have done that before but I am not soooo good at maths ?.. j/k best of luck

  • jon lipton
    jon lipton

    How far do you rev the 20B? I feel like it’s going to 9

  • Adrian Jayne
    Adrian Jayne

    the blinking at beginning spelled out "feds" in morse code...

  • OBK

    Please treat her to a paint job that car is why I’m here seriously been watch since you bought it

  • cloves sousa
    cloves sousa

    makes the subtitle available, because I don't know how to speak your language, I'm Brazilian, and I really enjoy your projects with rotary

  • Bryan

    Filmed in Mexico

  • Douglas Fehler
    Douglas Fehler

    Is it your goal to set up your shop to machine and build 2 to 6 roto Engines? I think that if you like that all the power to you chain sway with vengeance will cut through pavement just like shaping you fingers stay Safe and remain healthy bye for now from Regina Canada.

  • Stephen Brown
    Stephen Brown

    Would love to know what these mods cost. What the car would go for, on any given day, is a complete variable but the parts SHOULD be somewhat static. Not asking what you paid, more of what are list prices for these items to give an idea of a rough total build cost. Any thoughts of making a build cost video/series? Your team's $ and your time $ aside.

  • Sasha M
    Sasha M

    All rob needs now is a dyno

  • FR33W0RLD2345

    Says he doesnt wanna ruin his videos yet he still leaves us on a cliff hanger lol

  • junction13pirate

    Say goodbye one time 🙏🤣😁

  • MajorStaticX


  • chris bear562chris
    chris bear562chris

    as soon as the video started i had to pause and show my wife that we were wearing the same shirt. HOONIGAN

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford

    those coils with those springs will not work right

  • steve allam
    steve allam

    Did you fix the clearance on the fan that was rubbing when you turn them all on at max speed? Drill a hole on the coolant pipe and weld a nut on and use a bolt with a gasket on it to make a bleeder screw. Dam Rob your rocking a monster car add 3 stage Nos

  • skyrexx7

    Oh boy you had to go through all that just to beat a ferrari. I bet you still loses the race again. 🤣🤣

  • Eric Chuhanic
    Eric Chuhanic

    Rob: I didn't lift at all this time! Rob 1 second later: ok, I lifted a little..

  • Justin Robertson
    Justin Robertson

    Not as fast as you try and make it sound way to hype for what it is

  • Bryan Paul
    Bryan Paul

    Almost 1 million😏😏

  • RX7FDfreak

    I feel honored to follow such a person. What you do for the rotary community by showing us the amount of engineering you’ve conquered to better it on every platform has been astonishing. I just rewatched your interview on VINwiki and now im all emotional 😭

  • Tayshin Campbell
    Tayshin Campbell

    First of all you can’t tell me you didn’t get blue balls every time it launched And just small adjustments goes a long way I’m still waiting on the look after paint

  • Ari Dehghani
    Ari Dehghani

    Missing the daily videos... But damnit you can drop content lol

  • mpoll1016

    Do you really know morse code tho?

  • Collyn Falzitto
    Collyn Falzitto

    Boy do we need to start a go fund me for some new tires for you. ❤️

  • Itsnevo

    @robdahm Will there be a rematch with that Ferrari?

  • MrMcNorm

    10:13 Rob showing us his balls of steel (or lack of f*cks given) by sticking his fingers amongst a spring compressor. I know he'll be fine, I know he'll be fine... but it just messes with my damn brain after seeing what can happen lol.

  • G6C 916
    G6C 916

    Plz get sum tires😭

  • jib jib
    jib jib


  • Ayden Kennedy
    Ayden Kennedy

    This video was great, its great to see the 3 rotor crouch down under all its power