We MAXED out the TURBO on the 3 Rotor RX-7! More Torque than most LS engines
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  • Frasier Scott
    Frasier Scott

    Watching things blow around in the air, praying that turbo don't suck anything in 😅

  • Jays Performance
    Jays Performance

    How much coke do you take?

  • John McRae
    John McRae

    It's all about air density not pressure

  • Steven Preedy
    Steven Preedy

    We NEED to address the open wheeler!

  • connor wherry
    connor wherry

    Is rob putting the 6 rotor in the f1 car in the back or what!?!??

  • Ro Bert
    Ro Bert

    God, so it's been disassembled and reassembled again, since we saw the long assembling episode??? Now I understand your fatigue....

  • xSKOOBSx

    that piece of paper that flew up above the engine stressed me out lol

  • Avery Maumasi
    Avery Maumasi

    The debris from the ceiling possibly going into the turbo is picking at my conscience

  • Rx7man

    I know the full bridge is a big difference over a big streetport.. and the idle sound is just wonderful

  • GettinWhisky

    Fuck that engine oil assembly hater! Sucks to be wrong, the number don’t lie.

  • Just C
    Just C

    These are older than me 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jay Tafoya
    Jay Tafoya

    Keep up the work work

  • xXdonjulio

    good on you for explaining what the real meaning of "boost pressure" is. 30psi and 30psi arent always the same.

  • Bailey Hatfield
    Bailey Hatfield

    Older video, also just re found your channel after my account got yeeted. Love the stuff. I watched Banks power a ton, and he gets into a lot of technical aspects. You can have super hot air, and ram all the pressure in it you want, but where it shines is when the air can get in there, prefferably as cold and compressed as possible, and then give it all she can take. Obviously you know this, but just nice to hear you talk about it. People running 40 50 60 PSI on some engines, (with exceptions) you gotta wonder if they're doing it right or just slap a huge turbo and go.

  • Christopher Curtsinger
    Christopher Curtsinger

    Why is there an f1 car in his shop

  • a_room_without_a_view

    Sounds like Satan laughing

  • Imman

    What type of oil cooler are those?

  • Respectable Piper
    Respectable Piper

    Love you forever Isaiah, no homo

  • lsxmack

    Man i've been watching your videos since you first started with the Diablo stuff. Close to the time you had the video of this car on the trailer shooting huge flames. As much as I love the 4-rotor videos, i'm glad to see this thing back!

  • Scott Kinder
    Scott Kinder

    You know who the real hero is here?

  • itzHip

    But what Steam games are installed on that laptop? The real questions are being asked now...

  • Brandon Foster
    Brandon Foster

    Most ls engines are making 1000+ whp with the same amount of money put in it

  • Joachim Singh
    Joachim Singh

    IF TOU HAVE MORE PRESSURE DO A COMPOUND SYSTEM! TURBO-INTERCOOLER-TURBO-INTERCOOLER! with this setup its like a two step compressor. You compress already compressed air so you sont need to rub The turbos at very high rpm. You can have two turbos running at 75% instead

  • Darrell Green
    Darrell Green

    To much talking

  • reinaldo filho
    reinaldo filho


  • Florian Walter
    Florian Walter

    Please made a video with jp-performance 😬😬

  • Autotune Indonesia
    Autotune Indonesia

    We like rotor engine, Nice! We like it! Thumbs up from Autotune Indonesia....

  • Florian Raupach
    Florian Raupach

    Less talking and more real comparison on the street, please!!!

  • Gulli Supra
    Gulli Supra

    Whats happening with the awd rx7

  • Reignited - Cycle and Automotive
    Reignited - Cycle and Automotive

    Really enjoyed this video, great tech info! 👏👏👏

  • Smrduhci Žibert
    Smrduhci Žibert

    What happened to the paper flying towards the turbo?

  • takemydryfly

    You don't really drive or race it tho?

  • Nay Cee
    Nay Cee

    Soo he has to replace the seals every time he uses the car?

  • State Farm
    State Farm

    I know what you can look for. A new trailer!

  • ACE F_Performance
    ACE F_Performance

    You can buy your own dyno for 25,000

  • Chris Lambeth
    Chris Lambeth

    And this was the day when Rob realized just how badly he needs a AWD dyno in his shop.

  • Dhir C35
    Dhir C35

    Torque at 1000rpm has left the chat

  • Brad Wilson
    Brad Wilson

    If you know your shits guna run there is absolutely nothing wrong with using good thick engine oil. You should line it up beside Leroy or ruby if you think it'll out torque an ls! Lol

  • Benjamin Wilkins
    Benjamin Wilkins

    I think it's time to make the leap, hire a body shop, and make something actually look complete...you build some rowdy things but they always look like they're picked out of a dumpster...take it next level boys!

  • Daniel Reynolds
    Daniel Reynolds

    Build the truck next! 😂

  • miffy010

    ive put up with adds for years this video has pushed me over the edge adblockers it is then

  • Bartosz ktoosiu
    Bartosz ktoosiu

    omg dat sound

  • Plutselig Pilegrim
    Plutselig Pilegrim

    This is for me....the most informative vid I’ve seen in a long time....dyno session commentary very nice.....soundstage on load...?...good work gents👍

  • Oscar Thorpe
    Oscar Thorpe

    cleetus invented the 4 seat drift car with Neighbour

  • nowayjose596

    All the power of an LS with none of the reliability.

  • DarkWatcher01

    Wheres the four rotor?

  • T K
    T K

    Fueltech is the best ECU with the best support on the market. We have been using this in Brazil since the late 90's, putting down 6s on FWD 4 cylinders cars

  • Murgledoo

    It’s really cool to see how much Rob’s knowledge has grown over the years. Just thinking back to when he got the Lambo to now is really admirable.

  • vmm 2008
    vmm 2008

    Finaly i can watch the god of rotaryes

  • JC Dropshot
    JC Dropshot

    Okay is anyone going to ask about the red and white elephant in the background?

  • Lifted_Above

    "Amazing street cars" stay in their efficient power more than 5% of the time.

  • Dark Day’s Ahead
    Dark Day’s Ahead

    Maybe more torque but 100 times less reliable.

  • NaturalGamerr

    He's getting close to 1m

  • Rebel Kline
    Rebel Kline

    We are all waiting on that 3rd gear pull.

  • Chrixz1

    Are you going to swap some rotors in that Indycar? That would be sick!

  • Maxime Vhw
    Maxime Vhw

    so much garbage flying around near that dyno. thank god nothing got sucked into the turbo

  • Nick Marlin
    Nick Marlin

    Time to stop paying by the hour and put in your own dyno

  • Joshua Plantan
    Joshua Plantan

    Rob has an IQ of like 200

  • OvAeons

    Objects in the mirror are more Daaahm than they appear.

  • TheFoyer13

    Uh did I miss something? Why is there an indycar parked under the 4 rotor?


    Black beauty....

  • Brandon Beneficial
    Brandon Beneficial

    Love the car man. And I STILL watch the half mile record video from time to time

  • djdan890

    Does anybody else think he looked like mr brains from thunderbirds with glasses on driving lol

  • eric zeigler
    eric zeigler

    good O" Isaiah to the rescue!!!


    You sould try to make a new oil pan for the wankel's, you got the tools to do rather than reuse part you sould create and become an inspiration for this channel ❤️

  • TheWHEATISH weet
    TheWHEATISH weet

    Yo, free oil coolers?

  • DrGibs Gaming and Car channel
    DrGibs Gaming and Car channel

    I'd like to see this soo called torque... ive never seen a rotory make any measurable torque.. I've seen 1400hp rotory engines make less than 400 foot pounds of torque.

    • Ben Fennell
      Ben Fennell

      That's ~19,000 rpm Ok damn.

  • Elias Haddad
    Elias Haddad

    I realized I'm getting older when I thought the thought that you should put a quieter exhaust on.

  • Josh Man
    Josh Man

    She seams like, she'll be be a Max speed queen. Guide Her take the crown 👑

    • Josh Man
      Josh Man

      What's her max speed? How fast can she reach her max speed?

  • Traceur Snow
    Traceur Snow

    Anyone else feel altamanic vs Hoonicorn drag race round the corner?

  • Michael Adjetey
    Michael Adjetey

    Loads video to see a maxed out 3 rotor, ends up looking out for Larry Chen & Donut Media in the background

  • Cem Turyan
    Cem Turyan

    @Rob Dahm Awesome build. Why was the turbo changed from the GTX4202R to the GTX4508?. What rear housing do you have on it?

  • Seth Fisher
    Seth Fisher

    Time for a grown up trailer rob......no more Beverly hillbillies u-haul

  • Austin Jacobs
    Austin Jacobs

    So much debris flying around that dyno shop sheesh smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • David Lee Froth
    David Lee Froth

    Fab Daddy is MOST displeased

  • Giorgio

    next stage Rob... is purchasing your own dyno :D

  • UncleManuel

    Rob is the embodiement of "Fine, I'll do it myself!" 😁 And he is using science, asking the wright questions and comes to genious conclusions. 😎👍

  • Juiced_mz3

    ROB please get a turbo guard! all that trash floating around is gonna destroy your TURBO!!!

  • Jaybruhh

    *_Has more power than a piston, now has more torque._*

  • Lucas Bakker
    Lucas Bakker

    Lucky7 should really replace their roof someday 😂 3 rotor ate a piece of it after pretty much every run

  • Sean Price
    Sean Price

    lmao bro just recirc the wastegate and finally grow up.

  • A K
    A K

    Reminds me of the south park hoarders episode.

  • Johnathon

    All this time just to see a tiny tire spin jeez

  • Elmwood Homestead
    Elmwood Homestead

    Always love it when Isaiah is back

  • Ed Rod
    Ed Rod

    Lmao this video had good vibes. Nice work bros

  • Trevor Frazier
    Trevor Frazier

    The turbo isn't "maxed" until you try to add boost and it doesn't make any more than it did, unless there's a boost leak or something.

  • zenmark42

    I love that jeremiah is always pushing you to de-shitbox and do things the right way. He's doing god's work.

  • Colin K
    Colin K

    Builds a mean car... drives it like a Prius 🤦‍♂️

  • Amar

    Rob needs his own dyno

  • 3D Drew
    3D Drew

    Rob has a huge Bolt on/strap on turbo 🤣🤣🤣. Can't wait to see the upgrade.

  • Angelo Lamigo
    Angelo Lamigo


  • Bda Bnd
    Bda Bnd

    You should hook up with Gale Banks from Banks Engineering,,, he's really smart and good at Turbo Engine Tuning,,,

  • travz209

    I love these videos because there is no stupid, long intro or outro with flashy graphics, no "hey remember to please please please subscribe, comment and like all my videos, blah blah blah", he gets straight into the meat and potatoes, and then the video is over. Love it!

  • Vladshock

    Sometimes an intervention is required with an addiction.

  • Giddy Up
    Giddy Up

    Last video I said the engine would need a rebuild after 5 dyno pulls, turns out I was wrong, it was 1 session on the dyno and the corner seals need replacing... youre the best engine builder robbie!

  • Seer

    Where do you get money to pay for all these parts?

  • Adam Vin
    Adam Vin

    Anyone see the kit on the 4rotor in the back?👀👀👀

  • David Speck
    David Speck

    Find an episode he doesn’t say “really good” at least 50 times or have an excuse for not doing something.

  • Ob

    Cant wait to see both cars fully completed!!

  • Aldude

    I have a bit of experience tuning a single cylinder, single stage fuel injection system using injector pulse timing. I can only imagine how insane it must be to do it with three rotors and dual stage injection. You are a good tuner, Rob.

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