The 3 Rotor RX-7 is way too loud! We try to silence it
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  • rdcabal

    Love the practical joke

  • Jonathon McDougal
    Jonathon McDougal

    I thought titanium had to be in a fully purged case what gas and tungsten are you using

  • Doug Clapsaddle
    Doug Clapsaddle

    I wish i could afford to use their stuff on my truck😍

  • Okami Vezani
    Okami Vezani

    So... no muffler but resonators?

  • пг люцифер
    пг люцифер

    Where do I get one of those mufflers

  • Peter Lockhart
    Peter Lockhart

    Which resonators are those? Brand, part #?

  • Autotune Indonesia
    Autotune Indonesia

    Is it 3 resonator you use? How many inches of pipe do you use? Thumbs up from Autotune Indonesia...


    Such a good vid

  • ghazwan573

    Isaiah needs to make sure he keeps the protective welding glasses on, blinking/closing your eyelids does little to nothing. Need that mans to preserve his beautiful sight for as long as possible.

  • Jake Heke
    Jake Heke

    You ever get tired of over hyping everything? "Too loud....too much power...too much down force....too fast....etc" Your damn head is too big.

  • Dan Nguyen
    Dan Nguyen

    That's what she said

  • Kindless Thing
    Kindless Thing

    When are you gonna rename this channel to Isaiah Duran? It's basically his now let's be honest

  • Hard Korph
    Hard Korph

    Gotta love that technician

  • 2glockz Beretamac11
    2glockz Beretamac11

    pretty stupid putting a silencer on a beast

  • Demons Amongst Men
    Demons Amongst Men

    7:33 Lmfao I died, thats funny

  • Darryl Curran
    Darryl Curran

    are they pineapple lumps from NZ?

  • Arzzam Anglerz
    Arzzam Anglerz

    The one who dislike this is a stupid ricer..agreed?? Like abit

  • patt20b

    I’ve got 4 hand made mufflers on my 20b. I make all my own stuff. It’s a s/steal 4” exhaust with 4 6” mufflers and it’s plumbed back and I got it down to 95 db’s. So I can race at lakeside. But if I put my other race 4” exhaust on with only 1 muffler. It’s 115db’s at idle. And I don’t know at full noise.

  • QuadPilot Mike
    QuadPilot Mike

    Can't beat the sound 👌👌👌

  • The Fellas
    The Fellas

    I dig it quite

  • Gregg O
    Gregg O

    How much would that exhaust cost a pilgrim?

  • Focused Hands
    Focused Hands

    You seem like a cool Dude! I'mma check out a couple more videos!

  • Ed Rod
    Ed Rod

    Wear eye protection guys. Be a good role model and potentially save your vision.

  • Joshua Curtis
    Joshua Curtis

    Serious case of Peroni‘s disease

  • dr xqz
    dr xqz

    the way Isaiah just doesn't give a single one

  • Jeremy Lutzz
    Jeremy Lutzz

    I love carporn especially when you start talking about holes opening and closing

  • copternut

    There's just something about Isaiah welding that calms me down......

  • leif52pickup

    4:00 Taste the rainbow?


    "LIQUID ALUMINUM!?" lolllll

  • Zahari Stoyanov
    Zahari Stoyanov

    Fab daddy's twitter is cringy afbut man, his work is ART ! :D

  • Raul van Wilgen
    Raul van Wilgen

    Exhaust sounds perfect 👌🏽 good job 👊🏽

  • Will G
    Will G

    Isaiah is an amazing craftsman, his work is seriously admirable.

  • doT03

    Isaiah is a demon on the sticks. Jesus Christ!

  • Sled_NeckX99

    Captions at 0:01 say music Yup that sounds about right! 🤣

  • H3ntairican

    Like my first pocket poosee 😂😂😂😂

  • That one guy
    That one guy

    A car can never be too loud. You’re just getting older 😫😫

  • rob320is

    Your man's going to go blind tacking like that. Put a hood on ffs.

  • Jose Arteaga
    Jose Arteaga

    That osha approved ppe tho

  • Lemonde Estlol
    Lemonde Estlol

    not easy to support the owner of the r7 ...

  • Dos Dahrk
    Dos Dahrk PAC PERFORMANCE AUSTRALIA...u are welcome talk to georgy....hes a madlad and the MAKE factory parts perfectly better than mazda facts

  • gucciflipfl0p

    I love how in the beginning when the car is running the subtitles say “music”

  • vmm 2008
    vmm 2008

    Mazda got a new rotary and its called piston rotary

  • rocketsurgeon11

    I'd be interested what the dB is on that versus what it was (of course the old exhaust is now "In the bin!"...shout out to MCM)

  • Le High Spy
    Le High Spy

    Anyone else read his name as "rob damn"

  • Haytham Abdel-Qader
    Haytham Abdel-Qader

    Unsubscribed. you stole my money and never replied to my emails or sent me the shirt.

  • Joel Lamberg
    Joel Lamberg

    Why is no one using gloves ever when working? .>

  • Johnny Nimble
    Johnny Nimble

    👸🏼: "Only 4 inches? 😒" 🧑🏻: Yeah, 4 inches wide ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) "


    I’m surprise that not many people are talking about the thumbnail of this video

  • Racerx

    You guys need to make some metal logos to weld on your work. Stuff is top notch.

  • Monty Van Python
    Monty Van Python

    looks nice by why no format gas

  • ausscorpio

    If nothing else, the Kiwi's know what their talking about when it come to rotories

  • ausscorpio

    Nothing like made at home products, am I right?

  • Konnies Egg
    Konnies Egg

    Louder daddy

  • LayZ

    has anyone noticed the F1 car in background

  • jake

    title of music at 12:00?

  • Catman420

    Billet digestive tract.

  • Friendly Neighbor
    Friendly Neighbor

    Yoo yall like this up so Rob Dahm can see it!! Theres this cool new type of rotary engine called liquid piston and is a pretty cool take on a rotary engine.

  • Christian Pönopp
    Christian Pönopp

    There still place for Shutup 4+5 😬 also place for a bold on Shutup 6

  • aldric faliere
    aldric faliere

    such a fine work is litteraly amazing ! Cheers from France !

  • Kevin Hannon
    Kevin Hannon

    Question... Why put more than one resonator on your car?

  • Nicholas Lenzini
    Nicholas Lenzini

    Rob have you seen the liquid piston engine. Some shop is remaking the rotary. Looks pretty cool. Would be sick if they could make one big enough for your Mazda.

  • dockmanish

    It isnt a fart canon, its a BRAAAPP canon.

  • Bernardo LaCosta
    Bernardo LaCosta

    Isaiah 2021 "so I can get more lip in there so it can hold on more securely" that's what she said!!

  • Jason

    16:42 is what it should sound like 👌

  • Jeffrey Cecil
    Jeffrey Cecil

    Rob, give us some more good shit please! waitin a month to upload an exhaust build for the 3 rotor... Some content is better than none but I know you're doin other cool shit!

  • Naked Zebra
    Naked Zebra

    damn that noise tho. might build up one of them 2k rx8s

  • björn larsson
    björn larsson

    Yes, its quiet now XD

  • krusher74

    It's a shame to fit three resonators and then just a straight section as a tailpipe which just amplifies the sound at the end, fit a decent baffled tip.

  • Zane Forbes
    Zane Forbes

    Over in Australia every one of the built rotors from PAC Performance run AES Mufflers - Not to mention some of the fastest GTR's in Australia (and the world!) Defs check their weld-in mufflers if you ever want to quieten it down without affecting performance :)

  • slickstrings

    i would not describe that sound as a purr. a rolls royce merlin purrs. that thing sounds like 2 boats with outboard motors trying to drive around a swimming pool.

  • Kryptic

    That starter is literally nothing fancy, all it is is a reduction gear... if you paid anything over 200 hell 150 you got scammed.

  • Aito Blitz
    Aito Blitz

    Is porn yes?

  • SUP richie
    SUP richie

    Great innuendos 😂

  • Brad Grech
    Brad Grech

    no such thing as too loud.....

  • Outside Duh Box
    Outside Duh Box

    Jeez about overdone sex jokes...borderline cringe/creep status

  • Lance Yabut
    Lance Yabut

    It sounds like brians r34

  • Tyler Sommer
    Tyler Sommer

    {make somthing happen with these dudes!!! mazda rotary revised and more HP

  • Dave j
    Dave j

    The real old school bandsaws had a special built-in welder and grinder right on the front so you could make your own blades right at the machine.

  • Two Ticks
    Two Ticks

    Bad ass welds lol keep you on bro nZ hard!! rotang clan NZ

  • Nelson Sandovaljr
    Nelson Sandovaljr

    To many shut up pipes??

  • OspreyBravo18

    This shit sounds insane.

  • Kenneth Albert
    Kenneth Albert

    Hey ! How about a link to JMD ?

  • Captain Coffee Cake
    Captain Coffee Cake

    Would it kill you guys to wear squints even if just for the parts in the video

  • KBros

    can we take the time out to appreciate how crisp those welds came out!!! SHEEEEEESH!!!

  • K9 Man
    K9 Man

    Rob "It has a hint of pineapple I think" Dahm.

  • Datus Alexander
    Datus Alexander

    Aluminum poisoning....

  • Alex Boodram
    Alex Boodram

    Link the dumpster location🤣

  • Archer Rise
    Archer Rise

    That exhaust makes the car sounds refiner than before

  • Artur Eestlane
    Artur Eestlane

    no dude xd this isnt looking right

  • Corbin Marks
    Corbin Marks

    Explains how to hit your exhaust to see if it rattles( hits solid mounted exhaust section that doesn’t move) EDIT: Me:PROCEEDS TO WATCH REST OF VIDEO AND SEES HIM GRAB THE TIP, SHAKE IT AND HEAR IT RATTLING THEN CALLS IT PERFECT lmao.

  • Pyrodrifter12

    i love when people talk about titanium

  • HiSpdMgcnLady

    @Rob Dahm and I guess everybody else, I just came across this very interesting video in my recommendations and figured I share just in case it went under the radar somehow. This is pretty sick, that johnny guy should try making an rc 4 rotor next

  • Eric Ernst
    Eric Ernst

    5:48. Bend the flaps up instead of down.

  • GoblinPhreak

    Toss a Cherry Bomb Vortex on the end. Sadly they only make them up to 3" in and 3" out. Maybe the dual 2 1/2 in and dual 2 1/2 out would work because you could turn the 4" into dual 2.5" and then it will exit as a dual 2.5"? too lazy to do the maths on that. HOWEVER. The Cherry Bomb Vortex is NOT a glass pack. And YES, it has extremely high airflow. In fact, the last time I was able to find the image, the Vortex flow'd MORE than the actual cherry bomb glasspack which is similar to JDM exhausts. And only slightly less than straight pipe. NOT TO MENTION, it actually tunes down the exhuast note to make it deeper. You thought subaru rumble was low? its EVEN LOWER/DEEPER when using the vortex muffler. Its insane (did my own 3" exhaust to 3" in/out CB Vortex muffler). seriously. its eargasmic. its a shame cherry bomb has a bad rep for sounding like ass, because the vortex is the best muffler on the market hands down. Extra added bonus note, I hate loud cars. I used to love it, I would rice the fuck out of my cars. But now I prefer quite AND fast. And anyone who says you NEED straight pipe to make power, is full of shit, and doesn't understand anything about cars, they just continue the meme because everyone follows it. but mass acceptance of a lie doesn't make it true. The only counter to having a quiet exhaust and going straight pipe in my mind, is weight savings and being anal about perfect weight.

  • themadscientest

    If that guy gets Alzheimer's he knows who to blame, that shit is probably toxic as hell.

  • GWBuffalo _307
    GWBuffalo _307

    I want one of those just so I can sit in my driveway and rev it haha

  • Alex Freedman
    Alex Freedman

    Probably shouldnt be welding next to a can of brake cleaner XD

  • birdman

    man wear some PPE haha

  • Nick Gibson
    Nick Gibson

    Pineapple lumps tho bro.

  • Five dots Dave
    Five dots Dave

    If the new exhaust had about 300mm cut off the tail pipe it would look so much better.....