We got 6 Rotors for the 6 Rotor!
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  • R Villa
    R Villa

    Thank you Aussies for starting the 6 rotors trend.

  • Caio Augusto
    Caio Augusto

    10 Liter/Km

  • Sal Como
    Sal Como

    No one likes your ending in the videos

  • truck2224

    guys its obvs going in the indie car

  • Patrick

    i requested that you find a 787B motor for that indycar chassis, but now the ending has me thinking you're do this instead. Whatever path you take with your new toy make sure it screams like the indycar it's powering.

  • Zachary Tribou
    Zachary Tribou

    I'd be damned if that bolt that goes through it doesn't stretch within 1000 milrs

  • cafe88 racer
    cafe88 racer

    prob gonna sound better than a zonda r lol

  • Axeman Racing
    Axeman Racing

    going into a IndyCar? Surprise...

  • Diego Ortiz
    Diego Ortiz

    I think it’s going into the f1 car he bought

  • Logan Oke
    Logan Oke

    Rob you SOB, THAT ENDING

  • Pixelers

    Where tf did you found all of this?

  • Pepe le Deux
    Pepe le Deux

    ...footlong sub

  • Drunken Hamster
    Drunken Hamster

    Bro, if you're going this custom, why not do something new and try a 5 rotor?

  • Jlopez

    I'm gonna assume a viper, no way another car can fit that huge motor

  • Ian Clark
    Ian Clark

    10 Rotor when?

  • JoshHefnerX

    Rob thought he was playing pokemon, by collecting all of the rotors...!

  • No Profanities found
    No Profanities found

    What about a Dodge Viper?

  • Jesus with a gun
    Jesus with a gun

    Pulse performance in NZ built a 6 rotor and stuck it in an rx4. Has been done.

  • valhaller100

    that’s so cool

  • Kyle Langer
    Kyle Langer

    Hahahaha! Okay then, you keep your secrets ... 🤣

  • Angel Dust
    Angel Dust

    Can you fit this in the IndyCar?

  • JoE

    Is Rob Dahm the Dragon Ball Z on Rotary content. "Tune in next week to see if Goku can screw this bolt in"

  • Lucas Boytim
    Lucas Boytim

    Yeah it's an inline 6

  • Isaac Bader
    Isaac Bader

    You wanna know the real secret? This engine is going in the... Garden tractor!!

  • Noah Dement
    Noah Dement

    Once you get your billet engines rolling, you should scale up the displacement and make a big block rotary.....

  • Dan Michael Santos
    Dan Michael Santos

    An indy car?...

  • Nathan Cantrell
    Nathan Cantrell


  • Notadaytrader

    I don’t know if that six rotor will fit in an F1 car rob.

  • Wahyu Tomo
    Wahyu Tomo

    Try 12 rotor, 6 on left and 6 on right. Some one alredy did 6 rotor in japan. Wosha... we go to the moon

    • MrRubenvos123

      12 rotor is a thing too

  • scotty rousay
    scotty rousay

    The Imput shaft on the indy car is very low ..but ...lol

  • Angie Mead King
    Angie Mead King

    cliff hanger!

  • Nathan


  • KLEAN_upguy ZA
    KLEAN_upguy ZA


  • Agger753 996633
    Agger753 996633

    build a gocart whidt a rotary

  • bruno morrone
    bruno morrone

    You're not jessie james In monster garage

  • bruno morrone
    bruno morrone

    Honestly if you chop it. Then that makes mine worth more. Probably 6 of them. What number is it t9700 #...

  • bruno morrone
    bruno morrone

    They will laugh at you and say goodbye. I'm just trying to help u out. I get it.. you're creative and you like punk rock

  • bruno morrone
    bruno morrone

    For example Indianapolis. Vintage day

  • bruno morrone
    bruno morrone

    Keith Ducksworth...quack quack quack mr ducksworth. Cosworth. If you show up to a racetrack with that in an IndyCar you actually think they'll let u run it?. Would you re write a stairway to heaven. Like yh

  • Peter Peterson
    Peter Peterson

    You guys are certifiably nuts.

  • Angel Mendez
    Angel Mendez

    Ppre had build a 6rotor a couple years ago sounded crazy....but can't wait to see what u have up ur sleeve..

  • Terence

    Rob is gunna put it in that Indy car back there 👀

  • Wartak. Media
    Wartak. Media

    I yeeted my phone, cursed and flipped the bird at the end Rob! HAHAHAHA

  • William Andrews
    William Andrews

    Great at not meeting deadlines and dragging things out 4x what it should be. I'm done with this crap.

  • Japse Jodel
    Japse Jodel

    I smashed my keyboard :)

  • viperkill3

    You ended the video a little early my guy.. 😂. I got pissed at the end because I thought my internet went out. 🤣

  • BCHonea

    You should to intern with Millyard

  • ZeroTanks3000

    To be continued

  • Nathaniel Escala
    Nathaniel Escala

    Its gonna have the title of "most beautiful sounding car ever made"

  • Barry Gilbertson
    Barry Gilbertson

    Pulse performance in new Zealand made the first 6 rotor sounds angry

  • Banana

    Put it in a modern 787B!

  • Dan Leslie
    Dan Leslie

    I wanna see the 6 rotor in a Gen 1 viper 😩

  • Millbostropobator

    how much ps/kw you can expect from ONE Rotor??? And where the hell is this going tob in what car???


    how many horsepower count you get out of this engine ?

  • Jacob Perry
    Jacob Perry

    Honestly I hope it's an old school square body, and maybe for something that isnt a mainstream vehicle. Gonna be sick whatever it's in anyways!

  • ace trex
    ace trex

    6 rotor awd!!!👍👍👍

  • Xander Bn_
    Xander Bn_

    Its gonna go into a plane, mark my words

  • MR_giffle

    My man taking care lf the cats too true legend nice video ❤️👍

  • Etienne Desrosiers
    Etienne Desrosiers

    In a viper ? Hood would be long enough

  • shug

    I wonder what it'll sound like

  • cnan34


  • Cristian Coriano
    Cristian Coriano

    It's gotta be in the lamborghini

  • Zman0803

    ooooooh Rob that ending. u have no idea how pissed yet happy i am rn

  • bmxriderforlife1234

    6 rotor..... hmmmmmm what will it fit into. Cobra replica car to annoy the cobra nerds.

  • Matthew Kingsmore
    Matthew Kingsmore

    You're wrong for that Rob!

  • greg hernandez
    greg hernandez

    Buy a school bus and see how many rotors you can fit.

  • cody wells
    cody wells

    How much torque do those shaft keys handle?

  • Mazin Balushi
    Mazin Balushi

    Blue balled 💔

  • 081588101

    What exactly do you mean by "resurfacing the housings"?

  • Kārlis Kalvišs
    Kārlis Kalvišs

    into a .. Mazda Miata

  • Tom Venz
    Tom Venz

    I bet its going into a rx7

  • Marlo Breding
    Marlo Breding

    Put a 6 rotor in a Race Plane.

  • Barefoots Backyardbuilds
    Barefoots Backyardbuilds

    A 6 rotor is gonna sound wicked

  • Alaester Nikolai Modern
    Alaester Nikolai Modern

    Into the Diablo. I'm just gonna throw that out there now. That's my logical deduction. He's making a 6 rotor for the Diablo.

  • Randy Adair
    Randy Adair

    C 8??? Do it!!!!!!!!!!

  • giannisgt28rs

    rob dahm 2025: i got 12 rotor:) only in usa gz!!

  • xanzar21

    one rotor to rule em all. Rob 2040 : well guys the four rotor just got certified by the FAA and is now airworthy , tune in for the next episode of the VariEze swap.

  • gemini4lyfe3001

    Its a no brainer the Diablo is getting the 6 rotor

  • Sean Price
    Sean Price

    if that 6 rotor goes into anything other than a 1st gen viper i'll be disappointed.

  • Taylor Jump
    Taylor Jump

    That was dirty!

  • william louis
    william louis

    Just cause the rotors weigh the same dosent truly mean they are individually balanced

  • Allubbi

    Soo 6 rotor and what the gas/mileage was for that? 1:1

  • Tyler Cardinale
    Tyler Cardinale

    The ending tho. Are you serious 😂🥲

  • MF11283

    Very beginning he said basically we have the 4 rotor 6 rotor .... 1 rotor. Thats what intrigues me the most 1 rotor

  • Jerome Laporte
    Jerome Laporte

    Eh Rob, now you are ready for a challenge. The first man who built a rotary V8. After replace a V8 with rotary, you could associate 2x4 rotor side by side with chained output shaft and became the first with this awesome set-up Inline 4? No 4 rotors ! Inline 6? No 6 rotors V8? No 4rotors V8 How do you fell that ? Cheers from France 🇲🇫

  • Eden

    Hmmm interesting the floor is made out of floor

  • Jonathan Riggs
    Jonathan Riggs

    You should do a 6 rotor 6x6 truck

  • Jesse Kerlin
    Jesse Kerlin

    Rob you’re off your fucking rocker

  • Major Destroy
    Major Destroy

    This needs to be in a mid engine layout for sure!!! Its SCREAMING for a mid engine!

  • Skyler Erb
    Skyler Erb

    That ending had me

  • Joshua

    you're about 12 years behind us here in new zealand😂 but nonetheless good to see rob! I admire your passion for rotors

  • Colin Stevens
    Colin Stevens

    How about putting the 6 rotor in the single seat race car and thrashing it up Pikes Peak for an FTD??

  • VWsunroof

    I was thinking a jet boat/some kind of boat. It's very long for a "normal" car.

  • tony Chipelo
    tony Chipelo

    Put into a truck or an old-school Chevy van

  • Napier 17
    Napier 17

    Should go in the f1

  • deez nuts
    deez nuts

    Build a 5 rotor. 5 cylinder engines sound amazing, why wouldn't a rotary!

  • Neuro Breach
    Neuro Breach

    He should just piss everyone off and stick it into a Duramax xD

  • Caffeinated Frostbite
    Caffeinated Frostbite

    hear me out. two 3 or 4 rotors side by side in the engine bay.

  • Norbert Krasovski
    Norbert Krasovski

    Is it not important not to put the crank just randomly on any surfaces? :) or counter weights pitting against things has no affect on balance?

  • vsci79

    "into a Mazda something"