Isaiah buys his dream car! A Mazda RX-8 that doesn’t run
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  • Fabrication Father
    Fabrication Father

    Wow Isaiah great car the RX8 is gonna be fun!

    • TheReclaimerRx7

      ebay turbo kit the renesis

    • Brandon Nichols
      Brandon Nichols

      Lmfao I’m actually hype asf for this build I wanna see what y’all can do for the ugly duckling 😂

    • Danies Alex
      Danies Alex

      Now you can film RX8 content in your channel

    • Nick K
      Nick K

      I didn't know you had a channel!

    • rotasoljah

      Needs built, common Daddy rob surely theres enough spares laying around

  • DirtyDrifting

    You should get an rx8 and do a turbo hybrid renesis build. Also add peripheral porting as well.

  • tommy gibson
    tommy gibson

    70s Mazda is where its really at. And 80s and 90s..

  • Suspicious0ne

    From personal experience from owning an RX-8. Leave it stock. Wheels, suspension and exhaust is basically what you're limited too. If you want power and a turbo drop 20k and build a Hybrid Renisis 13B like Mazdatrix(google it)

  • rx7racerca

    Non-runner RX-8 - so yet another RX8 LS swap? Or maybe go LF V6 for a little lighter, revvier engine that actually works? It's a shame both the body and motor are rough though, even though 8s are great cars. I do have a question, how'd they get the car up on the top deck front on the car hauler? Do they have winches?

  • Carl Scruggs
    Carl Scruggs

    i LOVE the look of the 2009 refresh...I have a silver one

  • MrDoobes

    “You can fit two fat bitches back there” - god i love isaiah😂😂

  • Hyth Equinox
    Hyth Equinox

    My RX-8 blew up on me the other day. Bought it with great compression and shortly after putting a full exhaust system on it, she went :c Not sure what Imma do with her yet but I think I want to put another rotary in it. Jut don't have the time and money as a 21y/o

  • David Detweiler
    David Detweiler

    I bought an RX8 with 110 psi per rotor. 40th anni with like 40k miles on it....BHR coil upgrade, brand new plugs. good battery. drove it 15 minutes to go to the grocery store and it had hot start issues in the middle of winter. i sold it 3 weeks later. never again. But damn do they look good.

  • TrAvy_K_Malllo

    Man, you really giving him a super hard time for all of those sleepless nights he’s given you over the years lol

  • Dane MacFadden
    Dane MacFadden

    "We" want RX8?? We want a FC build

  • Classy S-Chassis
    Classy S-Chassis

    13bRew swap it

  • Albert Mac
    Albert Mac

    Cant wait to see this get fixed. I have a 2005 rx8 and had the engine rebuilt, new transmission, paint job and rims. Im finally at the point where the upgrades can begin

  • ATKNeverLackin YT
    ATKNeverLackin YT

    Yo bro i have a 2004 mazda rx8 its starts up but has trouble staying on can yall help me

  • Micheal Massa
    Micheal Massa

    taste like broken

  • John Sierchio
    John Sierchio

    Forged Billet rx-8 motor with a turbo nitrous set-up


    Would you ever get a cosmo?

  • Adam Forbes
    Adam Forbes

    Literally knew a preacher that had that car, always seemed like he was shady...I'd laugh if that was his....come out of Phx? Lol

  • Will F
    Will F

    How much money do you have if you got a lot of money you would buy a rotary

  • Sonder Posten
    Sonder Posten

    i ownd the same one... great car! enjoy!

  • Wyatt Lawson
    Wyatt Lawson

    Legend has it, if you hit a broken red rx8 with a truck, a blue running one will pop out in the corner🦫

  • Austin Robertson
    Austin Robertson

    4 rotor lol?

  • VSSinz


  • Sasha Z
    Sasha Z

    Wanna surprise your viewers? LS Swap it

  • darren lyddieth
    darren lyddieth

    What do you call a wrecked RX8 ? Renesis pieces.

  • Jerry Mohammed
    Jerry Mohammed

    Buy the rx8

  • David Z
    David Z

    Very glad to hear you are doing better Robert Frank, will continue to pray for you.

  • Iroh

    Personally my luck with the Renni has been very good :) it’s still kicking at high 90s compression on both rotors across all faces at 113k

  • peter m
    peter m

    N54 gang

  • teammusketeers

    Rob is a really fun asshole 🤣🤣🤣🤣 roasting isiah....looking forward to completing this one ....for crying out loud isiah please do....dont be like @robdahm 🤣🤣

  • L1337N

    I say do an engine built limit yourself to a certain budget and show us how much horsepower we can make on a budget rotary engine For those who want to get into rotaries

  • Eric W
    Eric W

    Tbh i prefer the rx8 look, save it !

  • Drew Does Whatever
    Drew Does Whatever

    I love rx8's. it has one of the best handling I've ever experienced

  • Harry Chandramohan
    Harry Chandramohan

    You should get one of those rotor mini truck like frome the car show called roadkill

  • MrKelenek

    whats the best thing to do with an RX8 ? buy a stock one that is running fine from an hairdresser that has been maintained at Mazda for ever.... than strip it to the chassis, put a cage in it, put an exhaust on it, put a huge ass GT wing and bolt some canards on the front. tadaaa ! Track car

  • Mathias Morell
    Mathias Morell

    Before the project is finished Rob will have admitted it's not that bad that he actually kinda like it 😂😂 that would definitely be a classic Rob 👌

  • stage3muppet

    I’m no Karen rob but if you even joked about pissing on my car I’d jump on roof of your car and take a shite on the hood ffs 😂😂👍🏻 Even if it was a piece of shite

  • HotGritz910

    Hey Rob you do understand that's the best handling car in your garage right? I agree the renensis is the down fall of the car..but they make near the same power as a 3rd gen in stock trim..

  • Sasha M
    Sasha M

    Cool kinda exciting to see an rx8

  • RoydonA

    All you have to do after every modification is ensure its still safe to drive and it’ll be better than any of Rob’s builds.

  • Akwavitae

    Pls rew swap a Rx8 sometime

  • Danny Thomas
    Danny Thomas

    Put electric in it

  • James Hacko
    James Hacko

    I made it exactly to 3:07 before I had to finally stop and comment. Rob I love ya. Your videos helped inspire me to start doing my own work. My beater rx8 looks almost identical to Isaiah's. Its red and has seats. My seats are red and black though. That 8 gunna carry the channel. 😘

  • Alex Haslett
    Alex Haslett

    Ohh yes rebuild with the cheapest stuff you can get, Inc an eBay turbo or nitrus injection, do something daft with very little money then take it to do the 24 hours of lemons 😂

  • Jaxon Tanner
    Jaxon Tanner


  • Jonny B
    Jonny B

    Ls swap the rx8

  • Zachary Perkins
    Zachary Perkins

    Love it. Love rx8

  • R Wall
    R Wall

    Say it with yo chest!!!!

  • The Truebro
    The Truebro

    More of this please

  • Mazda626gtturbo

    Time for the Corvette coil packs and a faster starter motor and of course that separate oil system you talked about a while ago.

  • Kodi T
    Kodi T

    The sound of the renesis cranking gave me ptsd…

  • Runoratsu

    „Even the [Lamborghini’s] headlight is worth more“ he says, knowing full well it‘s just a repurposed Nissan headlight. 😂

  • Dracolegacy

    damn, not the one i was hoping you would buy lol oh well, have fun guys

  • amicloud

    YAY! I love RX-8s. I might (err... definitely will) get some flak for this but imma say it rx-8 looks better than rx-7 she's beautiful isaiah don't let them tell you otherwise

  • Carl Winslow
    Carl Winslow

    Next vid should be...We Put some ATF in the spark plug holes will it start?

  • Red Burnors
    Red Burnors

    finaly rob think about rx8

  • Red Burnors
    Red Burnors

    Rx8 is such beautifull car i dont know why people dont like rx8 this car won many awards and also redbull drift car park world champion beat many big bad ass beast

  • shaun bauer
    shaun bauer

    LS swap it.

  • Fullboost

    Oh boy... :)

  • Francois Combrinck
    Francois Combrinck

    RX8: like a RX7 ... but from Wish.... lol

  • Wrecked Revival
    Wrecked Revival

    Already know Isaiah is going to make this thing badass “rx”8 or not 😅. Ngl always wanted to get a cheap blown up 6 speed rx8 and Rew-TT swap it lol.

  • Dr Tal
    Dr Tal

    Lol I thought yall were trying to find one near you guys that did run. Saw the post in rx8 club fb

  • BKStmo

    Omg, I miss my RX8 so much.

  • The Anime Otaku
    The Anime Otaku

    Maybe make it have 3-4 rotors and turbo charged

  • XezzonE

    rx7's are so expensive I like rx8's more

  • Jay Nieves
    Jay Nieves

    Put a 3 Rotor in it

  • Tony Tsang
    Tony Tsang

    The fact that Rob's brothers sound and act like terrifying.

  • Gerard Patrice
    Gerard Patrice

    Ha ha very funny bro. Seriously tho I believe the rx8 is misunderstood. I love the rx series cars and it's engine. I personally hope and praying a new rx does come out. Rx8 is a great platform for a daily. As for a new rx I would just do a hybrid system to pass both performance and emissions. Maybe a baby bmw i8 or a Prius like model with better driving dynamics

  • Devil2jz

    Isaiah is gonna 4 rotor swap that car overnight do some pulls and put the 4 rotor back in the rx7 before morning.

  • Tom Y
    Tom Y

    Well, its is a facelift S2. Slightly better, how come US never got the uprated interior though?

  • vanepico

    Doesn't the renesis stock make the same power as the turbo RX7 stock though? Shame it's one of the highest road tax brackets here in the UK, I'd love to own one at some point.

  • beargibson3100

    Good thing he works at Robs house of Doritos

  • Peter Warlock
    Peter Warlock

    @ROB DAHM - where is the Lincoln Continental???

  • Keaton M.
    Keaton M.

    It’s like Rob built a cloning device in his CNC machine and made 2 extra Robs just to laugh at Isaiah

  • MrTilbin

    RX8s are great. For everything but that engine. Seriously! I like everything about them except the frail Renisis. I was looking for one myself as a DD but found a screaming deal on a 2nd gen speed3. My vote is GTR swap it! Everyone does LS, 2JZ, and RB.

  • Dylan Witt
    Dylan Witt

    This is why I have been converting my RX8 to electric

  • Secton

    6 rotor RX-8. Neee i say more?

  • Bruno Miramont
    Bruno Miramont

    he bought a dead engine !!!!! Rob is going to save the day

  • Ryan

    When Rob bumped into it bringing the truck around, total old school Top Gear vibes

  • Michael Blokland
    Michael Blokland

    Omg.. there is three of them .. Family Dahm has the same laugh .. i'm sitting here shitting myself everytime they all laugh simultaniously whaha

  • Barns bustillos
    Barns bustillos

    “I think you have negative compression”😂 of course his Rx8 is blown haha ,Hope the build Goes well tho:)

  • Zahari Stoyanov
    Zahari Stoyanov

    Aand right away parts start going... IN THE BIN ! :D

  • Cheap-Nasty

    Seems to be a lot of tonge touching things in this video.

  • Michael Wearing Pants
    Michael Wearing Pants

    The headlight in your Diablo is out of a Nissan 300ZX so its worth nothing. RX8 owner here ;)

  • Jason


  • Glenn P
    Glenn P

    Wow rob dahm....... what a let down. and the NISSAN headlamps in your shitty lambo. am very dissapointed right now.

  • nando jayy
    nando jayy

    When should we expect some 13brew action?

  • Haziq Mirza
    Haziq Mirza

    Hehehe,been waiting for this...

  • CallmeBird

    Make this thing sick. *I DOUBLE DOG dare you*

  • Bea Jay Parker
    Bea Jay Parker

    If youve got the spare housings, Id love to see the renesis exhaust ports welded up, and for this to use housings with peripheral exhaust ports (normal exhaust ports). The renesis inlet ports are good. Its just the exhaust thats garbo. So you could make a best of both worlds engine out of parts.

  • Nora Kallabat
    Nora Kallabat

    Lmfaoooo he goes “…there’s seats.”

  • Kyle Spradling
    Kyle Spradling

    My RX8 hasn’t been started for a year 😅 40th anniversary just sitting there in the hot sun. Can’t wait to see some RX8 content on this channel 💪🏻

  • Danny Ruiz
    Danny Ruiz

    I love the RX8. That car was the one I first used to beat Razor with in Need For Speed Most Wanted when I was a kid. Ended up buying one in 2014 when I was in high school. That car is the reason I discovered Rob Dahm. Ended up selling it to Full Function Engineering. I believe they still own it. I will own another RX8 one day.

  • Mike D’Ambrosio
    Mike D’Ambrosio

    This had me crackin’ up - felt like I was right there next to you guys 😅 @RobDahm

  • Random

    MOAR 😍

  • Zellar2020

    I say go for it, Isaiah seems like a good dude; whoever he is.

  • K9 Man
    K9 Man

    I've never liked the way rx8's look but I'll watch it.

  • JB86

    I hope this rx8 smokes ur 7z one day

  • Mr. July C
    Mr. July C

    Finally, what we have all waited for 😭

  • Simon Smith
    Simon Smith

    Mix it up and LS swap it…

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