So much to improve, but I had a blast racing Travis Pastrana!
This was the same day as the Ferrari before you roast me completely. I could only make so many changes. You want more racing content. I want more racing content. You know i dont sit still. Its only going to get crazier from here.

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  • Benjamin Curtis
    Benjamin Curtis

    The sounds of these cars 😊

  • MesaB

    Definitely need to change the boost ramp. Have it come on gradually rather than nothing then all of it.

  • MesaB

    Rob should've had Isaiah steel the gate keys to the property so they could go test there whenever they wanted 👌😂🤘

  • thisguy177

    Yeah give boost gradually. But I think you should go wider maybe wide body? Get some serious rubber. If there is a way to make the shifts in the transmission faster and smoother then it won't break loose every gear change. Keep working Rob we love the excitement and thrill of it. I'm not complaining. I respect the hustle 100 pct. I enjoy watching your car progress. One day your gonna come back and whoop them hoonigan boys. Just wait brother.👍👍👍😎

  • Jonny Treanor
    Jonny Treanor

    Go get a proper gearbox!!!!, The gearshifts on a tractor are faster than this, there’s no point having all this power and boost if your drivetrain is slow and sloppy!, get a squental gearbox!

  • Rhysk94

    I think S1 Sequential should sponsor Rob with their Magnum shifter 👌

  • Chris S
    Chris S

    Talk to bacon motorsports lol that dude has fd traction on point

  • Chris S
    Chris S

    Nobody: Rob Dahm: today we're going to talk about foreplay and boost

  • Sebastiaan Peters
    Sebastiaan Peters

    Is Rob going for a record in losing ?

  • Drive Manual
    Drive Manual

    So much power should have put some Keeps on your tires lol

  • Isaac Ellis
    Isaac Ellis

    Why don’t you have huge slicks on there

  • Master V
    Master V

    Respect to you both, and respect for the willingness to take input, adjust your plan and learn at the end..

  • The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7
    The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7

    A smaller turbo / boost hit with a clean gear change / sequential and that thing would walllllllllk. Need the boys at Haltech or Link to hook up daddy Dahm to get some science involved in these cars

  • dakar318

    I am excited to see some chassis tuning content next.

  • Norman_gt350

    I like the analogy he used😂

  • DiscoPotato

    are all of robs cars just scuffed

  • David Blalock
    David Blalock

    My dude, if your waist gate ain’t cutting it, drill a tiny hole in the pipe. Then drill it bigger until it stays under control.

  • mister robot
    mister robot

    wheel spin control, down force, suspension and sequential...have fun Rob and thanks for the opportunities the tire smoke brotherhood gives to refine and sharpen against other mechanical dream machines.

  • Trevon Rose
    Trevon Rose

    Man I love your videos They feel like they have the perfect serious to fucking around ratio

  • Dave Jackowski
    Dave Jackowski

    I don’t think people understand that kens and travises cars are built by people that do it for a living but effing awesome.

  • Paradigm Gunworx
    Paradigm Gunworx

    When are you going to finish the 4rotor and make it actually do what it’s supposed to instead of half assing it?

  • Curtis1996

    Rob just needs some real slicks 💯

  • Arman Sarkisyan
    Arman Sarkisyan

    "I ran out of talent" must be the best excuse ever said after a race, I love it

  • Epic Garage
    Epic Garage

    Eating ice cream while tuning and metaphor is sex lmfao

  • Curtis Damon
    Curtis Damon

    Does appear that the RX is hitting infinite preload on the rear suspension. Soften it up a little and put the power down.

  • Sebastian T
    Sebastian T

    Why don't you fix the 4rotor up and come destroy these guys at Hoonigan? I'm actually rooting for you hardcore.

  • Chris P
    Chris P

    Time for sequential gearbox

  • albert bahoogadin
    albert bahoogadin


  • myles hasenbroek
    myles hasenbroek

    I'm so glad hert pointed out the suspension issues, I could just tell this car wasnt handling any power so something wasnt right. Awesome video

  • albert bahoogadin
    albert bahoogadin

    Seriously Rob put some aero on it and some half decent suspension ffs man.....getting boring the chassis is a piece of shit so DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT before you die in it....just a thought buddy... Something I will never get with certain car nuts.......tune the fuck out of an incredible motor.....but mount it in a death trap with no grip how fast do you want to be going when you die???? It is stupid dangerous buddy.....just dont...... + no cage yer asking for it man....

  • MiGujack3

    Rob, where is the turbo liquidpiston?

  • SCS Sarge
    SCS Sarge

    You guys when talking inches tells me you have so little wish had it. So you guys need to go and purchase extenders to fill you pee pants.

  • PvtBoomer

    "I let off because I ran out of talent" is the best thing I have ever heard

  • FN2S14

    "More sensual" 😂😂😂😂

  • Erik Larson
    Erik Larson

    Ok it's cool But you can stop racing people until you at least get this thing faster than a stock 82 Chevette. It's painful watching you attempt to "launch" this thing. Oof.

  • daniel degg
    daniel degg

    U got waxed on the long end by a car that started waaaaay late.... garbage.

  • daniel degg
    daniel degg

    U got fd lol

  • Corey Black
    Corey Black

    Wait, the 3 rotor's a work in progress, you don't say LUL

    • Corey Black
      Corey Black

      And Hert's not wrong, listen to the pizza daddy

  • Easy Garage Life
    Easy Garage Life

    I think you should try putting S1 sequential sifter to your 3 router it shoul make huge difference.

  • Scruba_Dub ///
    Scruba_Dub ///

    haha good stuff dood

  • Pedro Lucas
    Pedro Lucas

    maybe you need to invest on down force.

  • vincent delmonte
    vincent delmonte

    Rob is like every you tuber. Never finishes a car and never builds anything that wins a race and is useless in every way and yet I enjoy watching

  • MJay M
    MJay M

    Is it too much boost or not enough grip? Reckon your chassis needs a better set up by the look of things

  • Josh Lloyd
    Josh Lloyd

    What was that jump!!? 3:34 WOAH

    • Josh Lloyd
      Josh Lloyd

      Oh there's a ramp there - makes sense.


    Boys: "Lets doing some crazy azz s... " Father Hert: Excuse, wait a second .. staring. No - youre not doing THAT" Boys .. okey okey ,once? Hert: Becoming mad .. =D

  • Sonny

    Screw the haters. Love your passion and willingness to throw yourself in the deep end.

  • Juan tabby
    Juan tabby

    Diesel Camaro vs westen champlins diesel mustang!

  • jay rios
    jay rios

    Sequential for 3 rotor is next

  • Lloyd V.
    Lloyd V.

    Every video has a sexual innuendo. Maybe there’s more of a problem than being an engineering illiterate......🧐

  • Nick K
    Nick K

    "youre not even gonna watch this" hahahahahaha

  • CoolRaul

    your shifting is really baddddddd!

  • Gavin Helms
    Gavin Helms

    rob- honest advice from someone who also tunes their own cars. I know it's nerve-wracking that something could go wrong, but trust me just send it and ignore the gauges. Yes, the horrendous shock setup isn't helping but being 100% on driving will help so much. DATA LOG every run and review after. Don't worry about any data while going.

  • Boog Ste Lici
    Boog Ste Lici

    gear changes are killing you

  • Jacob Rudolph
    Jacob Rudolph

    Awesome video! You should reach out to FatCat motorsports for shocks/springs custom tuning, he is awesome.

  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor

    That super long rear muffler tip looks great

  • ore121985

    I am almost certain your 4 rotor will also lose to the Subaru. "Light work" lol

  • Sauce ///M3
    Sauce ///M3

    It needs a lot more tire

  • Big Dad Energy
    Big Dad Energy

    Rob you make rad fuckin content my dude. Expectedly the internet has 10 ways they would’ve done better than you which is pathetically naive. The 3 rotor solved the power issue, clearly now you’re gonna solve the power Delivery issue and once you get this car to hook its game fuckin over. I admire your passion friend so keep at it and CHARGE FORWARD.

  • free juice
    free juice

    more, more crazy shit please

  • Alonzo Herbert
    Alonzo Herbert

    You need a sequential gear box.

  • Rnie Jx4
    Rnie Jx4

    Change that rear gear ratio. You are making 800+ LB-FT, you dont need a 5.xx rear end ratio anymore, give the engine something to work against.



  • Off Grid As
    Off Grid As


  • Kim Soerensen
    Kim Soerensen

    Hert over here dropping the truth bombs :D He's right though, the car isn't lacking power at this point, only traction. Excited to see what happens when that's sorted!

  • Ryan E
    Ryan E

    Wonder how the 3 rotor compares to Kyle Mohan’s rx8.

  • Lucas Siemer
    Lucas Siemer

    You thought about an Rx9? They say its gonna have a 6 piston turbo engine Would you do justice to what Mazda couldn't do ?

  • Lukas Hampel
    Lukas Hampel

    if you would anyone drive on of your RX7s I would love to see the 4 rotor race the 3 rotor just to know how much of a difference there actually is

  • bimmer lover
    bimmer lover

    really appreciate bro because your show true always keep it God bless happy to see improvement always

  • Ameer DASTAGIR
    Ameer DASTAGIR

    Could u perhaps do an update in the 4 rotor

  • ETIT

    Hertrech schooled him on his suspension. He was like yo your shit bad yo.

  • TomKham82

    Next is suspension tuning?

  • Darien D.
    Darien D.

    so you're edging boost...kinky

  • Jarrett Oates
    Jarrett Oates

    Lmao sex talk an cars

  • UnitD77

    Yes, listen to KSR. Suspension is important in grip.

  • Carl Lindgren
    Carl Lindgren

    . :)

  • sem suderée
    sem suderée

    Who called him nerd at 0:38

  • Tyler Miller
    Tyler Miller

    Anyone else think its not just his suspension that needs work? You are staying in each shift for way to long especially at redline. I love what you have done here and your videos but quit looking at your computer and listen and feel the car!

  • DrInsane76

    Come on!! Give this car some traction man. :-(

  • Meowki

    put 305's on the car

  • junior rector
    junior rector

    One day i will have a rotary motor amd it has to be a 3 rotor 👍👊 so muxh boost 😳

  • Alihezer Soto
    Alihezer Soto

    You need a big ass wing😂😂

  • MrTilbin

    "Not another Subaru" vs a classic JDM car. What would you actually really want. Too easy of a decision.

  • Xpress Beats Djs
    Xpress Beats Djs

    How much $$$$$ is on the Subaru Travis drive.

  • ekgmedia

    The reason I like watching your videos, is I love to watch videos while I'm working, and what you're doing with rotor engines is very impressive. However, I just have one request. Would you kindly consider cutting back on all of the sexual references? Now, This is not intended to be a holier than thou type of post. Because honestly I'm simply a flawed believer in Christ that struggles with various things, one of those is lust and in the past, pornography. However God has set me free from that. So I make it a point to filter things out that open doors to the past I've been set free from. Other then that keep up the great content.

  • Falcon Patrol
    Falcon Patrol

    Buddy I like your videos a lot. But don't you think that engine is too fast for a manual transmission? That thing deserves at least a sequential. Preferably a paddle shifter. Otherwise a superb car. Hats off to you.


    At the end of the day whole power isn't getting on the road. Traction need to improve. I noticed that shifting gears is slow. Is that not a Closed ratio gbox?

  • Gabrijel Toman
    Gabrijel Toman

    that manifold must be redone at all means,seriously you gotta so some software animation stuff and build your manifold off of that because that wastegate is doing jack shit 95% of rev range and what else you need to work on is yes that suspension travel at back should be fixed while adding more tyre which is again wide body the car and aero needs to be software simulated and worked off of that for 60+mph

  • Surveillance Dimensions
    Surveillance Dimensions

    Hi Rob.Would AWD assist with the traction or would all fours light up when the boost comes in?

  • Surveillance Dimensions
    Surveillance Dimensions

    This is the best FIshows channel.Where else do you get to learn about sex, rotories, climax and boost in the same sentence.

  • Tanner Harcus
    Tanner Harcus

    Daddy dahm with the content 🥺

  • Devaughn Davis
    Devaughn Davis

    @robdahm get in contact with lenn bacon outta of Ny see if he can give you suspension tips, his Fd is a squat master

  • M K2
    M K2

    you need a driver ROB!!!!

  • M K2
    M K2

    dont show your driving l

  • Sean.S Super Tuber
    Sean.S Super Tuber

    Almost everything with wheels with any performance package on it will beat this rx 7 that makes over 1000 hp...You need to put all of that torque to the ground...and this car puts almost nothing to the pavement....So that means "you need proper weight transfer to the rear wheels" (suspension abit too stiff..proper suspension work needed) and sticky tyres that's wide enough..."may need to tub it." Why continue to challenge cars publicly you stand no chance of competing with because your not ready???

    • Patrick C
      Patrick C

      Because he thinks he knows what he is doing, but has no clue.

  • Cyrilou

    good point from Hert :) Kevin from KSR would say the same :)

  • Gage Lindsley
    Gage Lindsley

    How much addy you on bro! ❤

  • Matthew Pearce
    Matthew Pearce

    Love the videos! The constant jump cuts in conversation make it difficult to follow

  • kingkong bodol
    kingkong bodol

    where is your 4 rotor AWD RX7 rob ?

  • Efspeedworks LLC
    Efspeedworks LLC

    Rob put a real tire set up on that thing

  • 13geeky

    Tbh all that’s next for the test chassis is a sequential lol dude seeing you out there is awesome