I bought half of a C8 Corvette in parts!
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  • goodboycoy

    whens the next vid?

  • Jarno Saarinen
    Jarno Saarinen

    No way this car will be better then a stock C8, no way!

  • Daniel Marquez
    Daniel Marquez

    C8 - 8 ROTOR !!!!!!! 🚘

  • 5.0Rx8

    How's this going?

  • Fadedredx

    Did he say SIX ROTOR at the end???

  • Jaybruhh

    *_I cant wait for the day until this build is finished. Its gonna be sick!_*

  • Jaybruhh

    *_CaRbON FiBErS!_*

  • 64nine

    15k and no cool air intake with nos fogger system?? 🤣

  • Eric Levkovich
    Eric Levkovich

    Finally a competitor for the world's fastest c8 lol

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia

    XPO is the Worst freight company in the world.


    Did you said 6 rotors?

  • Stian Häckert
    Stian Häckert

    In norway the same car costs 289.000$.......

  • Potaturu

    6 rotor plz 🤞🤞

  • fenando medrano
    fenando medrano

    Rob i need more of the 4 rotor. Literally one of my fav builds ever. Please upload more of it!

  • Mamad Vafouri
    Mamad Vafouri

    Widow rx7 vs subarun sounds good

  • Hunter Kerlin
    Hunter Kerlin

    have you see the new company that’s trying to release a new redesigned rotary engine? it’s a completely reversed design then a traditional rotary. i didn’t know if maybe you could pull some ideas for your own rotary engine design. the company is called liquid piston

  • 80ivannoel

    AWD C8 Corvette!

  • ashley coombs
    ashley coombs

    That sucks, good job your recording whilst your unboxing just in case they start to blame you for the damage

  • ॐ

    How about you fucking finish the other cars

  • Cruz Busetti
    Cruz Busetti

    @7:22 The fuggin what now

  • rybhugo

    Where’s the 4 rotor Rob???

  • Aalon Bullard
    Aalon Bullard

    whats up with this aspect ratio tho?

  • Oskar Krogsgård
    Oskar Krogsgård

    An actual somewhat decent ending to a video??? No this cant be Rob Dahm what did you do to him?

  • 4Gunner

    I have to ask, at what price point is this going to cost more than if he would've just bought a non wrecked c8? I guess it doesn't matter since it would've had to be completely dismantled anyway. Plus we love watching it!!! 🤩🤩🤩

  • Adrian R
    Adrian R

    I was thinking the other day about the C8. Looking forward to this project at full steam ahead.

  • Stephen Hasty
    Stephen Hasty

    I want the LT engine when you get it pulled out... lol

  • A L Reed & AL C
    A L Reed & AL C

    You really need new airbag deploy sensors. You can test the old ones with a meter but I woulden't trust em.

  • alex39082

    Alright has Rob been in a movie sometime? I swear he looks so familiar but I can't put my finger on the movie I am thinking of.

  • Tom Clyburn
    Tom Clyburn

    You keep starting stuff but not finishing anything. 🤷

  • Ryan Laland
    Ryan Laland

    You sure as hell mumbled 6 rotor... What's going on with that and what car is it gunna grace?!

  • SBK Peace
    SBK Peace

    How can a metal part turn up in that condition Assholes!

  • John Ford
    John Ford

    Expensive plastic !

  • AWS Studios
    AWS Studios

    "this is christmas for me; even though I bought it" I feel that on so many levels

  • Alex Siegfried
    Alex Siegfried

    So that's what hes doing with the indy car, it's a six rotor.

  • Amiss Qomic
    Amiss Qomic

    jesus christ, “not a bad way to spend 15 grand” mother of pearl would i love to use that line

  • Amiss Qomic
    Amiss Qomic

    those headlights cost jsut as much as silvia bricks

  • one Eggy boi
    one Eggy boi

    7:22 did I just hear 6 rotor???

  • franko send it
    franko send it

    Wow things you got in meanwhile I'm over 8 weeks 5 days waiting on a turbo

  • leonardo salheb
    leonardo salheb

    7:10 I heard a number 6 after the 4 rotors are you doing a 6 rotors?????????

  • G Money
    G Money

    Yooooo wtf would they say if the fastest c8 ends up being a rotary 😂😂

  • TheFriskyComiskey !
    TheFriskyComiskey !

    !! I would love to see you make a rotary C8 Leroy !!

  • Stone Heart
    Stone Heart

    It should look Bone Stock.

  • Tyler

    Everytime I'm thinking man I have too many projects, I should finish one before starting more. Then FIshows says hey! Check it out!Rob started another rotary build without finishing his other ones! I feel a bit better about myself. So thanks @robdahm

  • kalomeon

    A 4 rotor c8 without the torque tube is going to be a nice setup. A bit different from the FD's direction, not being awd and all. But the hookup to the trans should be straightforward and allow for tons of power flow. Dude the side vents could feed the turbo inlets.

  • Cjbarker2

    Rob has gotten so good at cliffhanger endings that he’s started putting cliffhangers in his clips. Dude, that’s not even right, and you know it!

  • Moje Imja
    Moje Imja

    I've just realized this C8 corvette is rear(middle) engined. Mad times.

  • Cjbarker2

    “General Motors, you better love me after this.” Not for buying, but for buying after being forbidden to buy.

  • Thomas L.
    Thomas L.

    Rob, why just blame the cargo companies, in the first place its the trading company to ensure its packed properly and labled on the outside. GM:" Well, uhm, headlights worth 1000$, meehh lets invest 2$". Parts woth less than 1000$: "Guess itll work fine." Otherwise we can blame the shiiping company...

  • zach peckham
    zach peckham

    I made those joke parts😂😂😂 they'll let anything slide

  • Bobefetts's

    At least XPO didn't sell it on Ebay?

  • dylan neff
    dylan neff

    Rob. Because you’re swapping a rotory into a corvette, you NEED to swap that corvette motor into a rx7. But the uglier body style.

  • Bobby Law
    Bobby Law

    Funny ya can't thumbs down any of these bullshit ev car commercials. Plus they are bombing them on ever FIshows car channels. 🖕🖕🖕

  • Leighton

    Did my mans say 6 rotor

  • Deus Vastator
    Deus Vastator

    Cant wait to see more on this car!

  • richboccard

    Is there a possibility to run the Streethunter widebody kit?

  • Jadajada

    the gorilla grip t shirt is killer

  • Ramon Villa
    Ramon Villa

    When rob is wearing a t-shirt for rubber gloves but the meaning is something else now. "Robs got that gorilla 🦍 grip" lol

  • Marcelo Boosted 5oh
    Marcelo Boosted 5oh

    Gorilla Grip Coochie Kush

  • M K2
    M K2

    you buying cars from copart now?

  • paulinator216

    epic unboxing video

  • SantoroTv

    dude, just now I discovered that Haas is a industrial equipment manufacturer and not just a F1 team LOL

  • Justin Chism
    Justin Chism

    Project Cuin8 years.

  • Sam Law
    Sam Law

    Dam Bobby Rob, can you believe you're here now? I stil memba when Rob Ferreti said it wasn't your era, lol.

  • Miika

    You can see the madness in his eyes in the last frames

  • MrTilbin

    The fact insurance totaled it makes me ill.

  • Superior Aerial Films
    Superior Aerial Films

    "None of these parts are billet" cracked me up!

  • Caleb Crockett
    Caleb Crockett

    If you think about it rob has serious potential to have the highest HP C8, the record is relatively low right now so if he gets a rotary in there somewhat quick it’d be the ultimate meme car

  • bogan Chris
    bogan Chris

    you should just remake it all from metal then

  • Alexander M
    Alexander M

    So have u got a name for the bad girl yet? Rovette ? Sounds feminine enough.. I honestly can’t wait for more of this build!! 🇦🇺 ✌🏻

  • Gambino

    Garuntee this will not run or it will run once fuck up and not be ever seen again

  • Alex Gutierrez
    Alex Gutierrez

    I am loving the XPO trash talk. That company is corrupt and incompetent

  • David Hannan
    David Hannan

    Wow! That's a lot of parts. It's gonna look like new. This will be a fun build to watch and see how it goes.

  • Michael Nordin
    Michael Nordin

    Doesn't getting brand new damaged parts that nobody's ever going to see just absolutely drive you insane! I feel your pain as you assemble it.

  • Cj Otten
    Cj Otten

    We're is the 6 rotor

  • Joe Lee
    Joe Lee

    Honestly, I thought that would have been more than $15k... someone got a dealer discount didn’t they? ;)

  • Beniwhistler

    Cant wait to see the 12 rotor

  • Street Butter
    Street Butter

    I like turtles

  • dlux

    "Bumper" is a poor name to use for cheesy plastic crap that can't survive anything even remotely defined as bumping.

  • Harry Thakur
    Harry Thakur

    Omg i love u

  • SomeGuysg

    Thank goodness for unboxing , that POS shipping company will have to pay for that shit.

  • Stephen Hurman
    Stephen Hurman

    Oh look another project Rob will never finish 🙄🤦‍♂️

  • Salem Proto
    Salem Proto

    mmhhmm michigan

  • Jonathan Harris
    Jonathan Harris

    A new c6 headlight is STILL around 1200 smh. Used 600.

  • Me

    While he is opening boxes, you can see the cheap fabrication of this car, parts looks like shit, everything looks like coming out of a factory in Taiwan, probably that accident was at 10 mph and half of the car is destroyed

  • Richard Browne
    Richard Browne


  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    Rob CCD doesn’t stand for Closed Circuit, it’s a Charged Couple Device Imaging system.

  • Bob Ramirez
    Bob Ramirez

    Did he just say 6 rotor? 😈

  • Mr. Sennin
    Mr. Sennin

    I think your best option for shipping is to somehow start your own company


    Bro finish your 4 rotor already you've spent way to long and started and finished other projects yet your 4 rotor fell apart during your EPIC RACE with Ken Block where you made a fool of yourself really if people knew how long you've been building that car. David Mazzei's 4 rotor was started after you and he finished years ago I realize it's not AWD but I reckon he still would've been done with the build years ago cuz he ain't just making videos like you do for the Ad revenue and sponsorship money your getting behind the scenes

  • Brad Hughes
    Brad Hughes

    those parts were packed like shit. no need to blame XPO for that.

  • Mercedes Benz E63-S AMG
    Mercedes Benz E63-S AMG

    Probably the body panels & bumper cover will have better fitment/alignment than it did from the factory when the car was new. 🤣

  • holklus

    i’m sure people already ask you but have you seen the liquid piston video on warped perception?

  • Kim Soerensen
    Kim Soerensen

    So I'm guessing it needs to get approved and titled first before you drop a 26B in there? Getting closer! I'm also in awe of the (perhaps lack of) rules and regulations that let you put a 4-rotor in anything and get it registered for road use. That'd be a quick way to get your vehicle towed and impounded here, so I'm going to have to live vicariously for now :D

  • Martin Ščasný
    Martin Ščasný

    Do the streethunter kit on c8 😍😍

  • Matthew Irwin
    Matthew Irwin

    Gm: we don't want anyone to be heavily modifying the c8 Rob: hold my apex seals

  • exuviae

    rob's next project : 6-rotor r ferratari

  • Jon Jon TV
    Jon Jon TV

    still can believe Ferrari beat your 3Rotor FD : - (

  • --_--SANYTRAM--_--

    Did he say he's working on a 6 rotor 7:20

  • Curls

    I live in Australia, US shipping cost more than most items you want to purchase. You would think they would take more care.

  • Xploration

    Audi R8 8Rotor