Electric Boost on the 3 Rotor RX-7 is insane. No more springs!
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  • Redemptioner1

    You won't get any shielding from the high current doing the full dodge wrap like that (or from anything else for that matter), the shielding is way to uneven and sparse to have any effect at all (did you even ground it on each end?).....just wasting your time and adding weight. Legit probably made it worse as now you have a parasitic antenna to pick up all sorts of frequencies/noise and transmit them into your wiring loop... Also they used a brushed motor in it, that clearly isn't going to last very long...

  • Randy Neufeld
    Randy Neufeld

    What an ending!! Gahh

  • rando awesome mix
    rando awesome mix

    When are y'all going to build Isaiah a car??

  • Nitorx

    Boostedboiz got one of those bad bois now

  • Daryl Greene
    Daryl Greene

    Have you guys ever thought about a pressure control release system on the intake system rather than the exhaust? That could solve the heat issue with the magnets. Also at idle, it would allow you to keep the turbo spun up for launches and such. would reduce lag.

  • josh king
    josh king


  • Tony 289
    Tony 289

    You know your screwed when the guy on the line has a wastegate louder than your exhaust, does that work here?

  • Rudá Rabello
    Rudá Rabello

    Chama o Anderson Dick para conversar.... com certeza ele vai apoiar o projeto

  • Robin Wendt
    Robin Wendt

    Jesus that's wild

  • Navray Bimmer
    Navray Bimmer

    Seriously the most interesting builds I have seen online yet. I anxiously await every video. Can't wait to see the full line up! Best of luck you rotor mad man!

  • Danger

    How do they feel about you opening that up and showing their tech? I just remember Ken block’s reaction when you said you screen shot his suspension geometry and remade it using pixels in a screenshot.

  • Mason Scott
    Mason Scott

    Automotive geniuses

  • Literally Shaking
    Literally Shaking

    All jokes aside, Isiah is an artist.

  • Micaiah M
    Micaiah M

    Mcmaster sells braiding for this very purpose: www.mcmaster.com/sleeves/sleeving/interference-shielding-expandable-sleeving/ make sure you ground both ends.

  • Perimeter

    Calibrate captain.

  • Perimeter

    Is your fancy alien tech using any kind of vacuum reference

  • Perimeter

    Don’t forget about the flux capacitor

  • Perimeter

    Stop bragging...

  • Perimeter

    Heat shield rob

  • Perimeter

    Wrap it up rob...

  • tôi là ai easy
    tôi là ai easy


  • newton kline
    newton kline

    you need to twist all the wires in the harness

  • Adam

    That's amazing that it can actuate that fast. Idk why but it reminds me of konigseggs new fully electronic valve system. Man electronics have come a long way.

  • Shaun Davis
    Shaun Davis

    isaih mad skills

  • vypuk

    "Alexa, open wastegate"

  • Earache //
    Earache //

    No more springsssss

  • Max .2301
    Max .2301

    hey rob, although these aren't the vids that get the most views, these are the most interesting for me! thx for sharing your knowledge :)

  • UncleHank

    The build and problem solving is what interests me most; this channel provides just that.

  • Alex Pickering
    Alex Pickering


  • slayre87

    u called me out with the toilet line

  • Jeremy Hoinacki
    Jeremy Hoinacki

    Why the fuck is there a open top slurpy cup near all the cool shit?! Had my heart pounding.

  • MyloShwayze

    Loving the content recently. Keep it up. I think I like the 3 rotor stuff more than the 4 rotor.

  • Andrey

    4:00 how did you know I’ll be watching this video on toilet?

  • Miller Engineering. Inc
    Miller Engineering. Inc

    Welding asmr

  • X Assassin 114
    X Assassin 114

    Is that a f1 car in the back round ?

  • jampetson

    Am I right in saying, that this is basically the same end result as a vnt setup? Rather than having a variable geometry turbo, you just control gate position based on what’s required at the wheels?

  • Franklin Walker
    Franklin Walker

    this technology combines perfectly with fueltech💪💪👌

  • Ghassan Radwan
    Ghassan Radwan

    4:45 I just love how Rob's laugh sounds like an engine idling

  • Carl Lindgren
    Carl Lindgren


  • Alan Nguyen
    Alan Nguyen

    This is Amazeball!

  • RJ Huetzelmann
    RJ Huetzelmann

    At 2:20 the guy was saying you can't map boost parameters with a pneumatic system. Uhhh whaaaaat? Isn't that what an electronic boost controller helps aid in?

  • 081588101

    Professional shit right here, as usual on this channel.

  • EnDer Cozy
    EnDer Cozy

    Spring loaded waste gate rely on spring tension. When that spring heats up it actually loses its spring tension. Electronic controlled is more accurate. That's why car manufacturers that have turbo engines the wastegate is controlled electronically, also get rid of that waste gate flutter(inefficiencies).

  • Rogério AG
    Rogério AG

    Agora eles viram como a gente faz para se virar com interfaces em inglês na hora de configurar as coisas! Obrigado meu Deus por estar vivo para ver isso!

  • Roy van Stiphout
    Roy van Stiphout

    Sounds like woodpecker laughing 😂

  • Erick Alexander Flores Rodriguez
    Erick Alexander Flores Rodriguez

    4:02 how he now then i am in the toilet 😰

  • Keith S.
    Keith S.

    It's like a relay...that works like a potentiometer

  • Wind of change
    Wind of change

    I spy with my little eye, an Indy car in the background.👀

  • Wind of change
    Wind of change

    Love that kitty treats are next to all the turbo bits haha

  • Phil McKrakin
    Phil McKrakin

    This was the most fun engineering class I ever attended.

  • alex almanza
    alex almanza

    Yk rob i love you but I can't stand the cliff hangers🤣🤣🤌

  • Califormula

    F1 car?

  • Not J
    Not J

    Sorry, but that's not a donut. Pretty sure that isn't the tightest bend.

  • Swug Jug
    Swug Jug

    That's not gonna help. 😆

  • Paulo Przybylski
    Paulo Przybylski

    This guys pronounces wastegate so fast that I often hear them saying whisky.

  • Steven

    actually on the toilet lol

  • David Lam
    David Lam

    Sounds like you need a tire upgrade not a WG upgrade.

  • St0RM33

    What turbo is he using?

  • Oscar Thorpe
    Oscar Thorpe

    it doesn't look like it opens very far?

  • BMW M3
    BMW M3

    You should just start ordering flow control valves from fisher instead of car parts at this point.

  • JK

    4:03 I'm curious why you designed it to let the boost creep, is it covered in a past video?

    • DrSwaqqinsCheckingIn

      Think because it sounds like a pretty straightfoward fix-it-now solution to the "wanting to start at low boost and end at higher boost" problem. Just a guess. Since that's what the new wastegate will let them essentially map out with a motor, rather than have it controlled by a piece of bent metal.

  • PiDsMedia

    The term is "Cross-Talk" between parallel wires, and it's a huge bug bear where ever you have switching currents (relays etc) running near data wires - such as a large solenoid pulling current past an RS-232 or RS-422 cable, or a wastegate motor pulling current past a throttle sensor :) @Rob - you could try Gold sheet for the thermal reflection characteristics, to protect the wiring ;)

  • Big Perm Garage
    Big Perm Garage

    Looking forward to trying one of these, thanks for the info.

  • Savion Bailey
    Savion Bailey

    Dude your so right am watching at home an the toilet

  • Ryan Schneider
    Ryan Schneider

    Good dude when you see a turbo and kitty food on the table :)

  • Irgv-tec

    I plan on having one on my b18c2 GSR turbo build.😎👍

  • ABreezy 101
    ABreezy 101

    You should do a house tour...🙃

  • Kris Wattanaporn
    Kris Wattanaporn

    hey rob what ECU are you using to control this wastegate??

  • Manny Modeste
    Manny Modeste

    Not sure if you got a haircut but you look great.

  • Ross Juniper
    Ross Juniper

    It's not the largest wg on the market. Tial make a 66mm.

  • Jon Flanagan
    Jon Flanagan

    I was literally arguing with my friend about electronic wastegates and voila you explain my whole argument of the efficiency. I love your one off stuff!

  • Roo The conqueror
    Roo The conqueror

    2 things will kill a magnet quicker that anything else: heat and impact.

  • Bernardo LaCosta
    Bernardo LaCosta

    Did anyone else realize there is an f1 car behind rob??

  • SickFriend1

    Rob's laugh sounds EXACTLY like a kookaburra. If you don't know what that sounds like, look it up.

  • Chris Hedger
    Chris Hedger

    What in the world is that open tire machine in the background?? Saw a quick glimpse nearly a month ago. Now im really curious.

  • Mia Valentine
    Mia Valentine

    having to run cooling and wiring vs a spring and vacuum line tbh this doesn't seem worth it... don't change what isn't broken

  • Drum44er

    Holy shit This is the future of boost control

  • Christopher Wise
    Christopher Wise

    i wouldn't mind learning tig welding from Isaiah.

  • Murilo De Oliveira E Silva
    Murilo De Oliveira E Silva

    As a brazilian seeing you triying to pronounce portuguese was pretty funny.

  • Kenneth Porst
    Kenneth Porst

    Hey TURBSMART I definitely recommend beefing up the actual motor power wires and connection points cuz there basic, and for handling that much voltage in this extreme setting is prone to failing

  • Nawak Chevelu
    Nawak Chevelu

    Man, those are some of the best welds i've ever seen

  • Kenneth Porst
    Kenneth Porst

    Yeah I SO wanna learn how to run a electric waist gate weather I'm running a craped up eBay Honda turbo kit or race car gotta

  • Mathias Morell
    Mathias Morell

    10:20 I've never seen a hole this big... Then nothing?? I was defently expecting some kinda joke from them... 🤣😂 That's useally when we se the jokes comming through.

  • Bubba Kushington
    Bubba Kushington

    Beautiful dimes man.

  • Kurt Sumthinorother
    Kurt Sumthinorother

    Wastegate is big enough but reversing direction is going to cause boost even wide open. Airflow doesn't like to change direction.

  • David XV
    David XV

    love ur vids!

  • the brelon
    the brelon

    Isaiah's skills are God level.....🤯

  • werner v wyk
    werner v wyk

    That small brushed motor inside the wastgate will have to work hard. Def not n long term part as it's going finish the brushes. Pity they didn't use brushless tech. . A brushless motor 1/4 the size will give more power/ torque on the wastgate valve meaning faster reaction time and will last ALLOT longer. . Brilliant thou. .

  • H3ntairican

    Is that Luke from we are change selling wastegates?😂

  • daimhinm


  • Ali_M Gaming
    Ali_M Gaming

    his laugh at intro sounds like a v6 misfiring on all 4 cylinders

  • koihoshi

    That's pretty freaking cool. I wonder what kind of stepper they are using that's strong enough to withstand all the force and pressure. It's impressive.

  • sportykev

    what is that open wheel all about?

  • Hendry Roodt
    Hendry Roodt

    thanks for not doing a screamer pipe, they all sound shit

  • Andy Santiago
    Andy Santiago

    You got me on the toilet part,,,, 🤦

  • TurblownEng

    First youtube video I have seen in months; FIRE!

  • Scott Schering
    Scott Schering

    It would be cool if they made it so you could remote mount the motor and have a hydraulic line to move the valve.

  • Edzinator

    for shielding of electrical leads a person could use grounding strap roll, because it is flattened it is possible to open it up into a tubular housing for the wires to extend thru.

  • Smokkedandslammed

    I always use Turbosmart when I can 👍 Had two of their BOVs on my 335i and have one on my f150 3.5tt and my 15 EB Mustang. My truck sounds like a big rig when it's venting it's extra air lol

  • brandon sutton
    brandon sutton

    Man you really calling me out about being on the toilet and watching this