I almost pull a WHEELIE in the 3 Rotor RX-7. Its violent.
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  • Suspicious0ne

    RIP front bumper.

  • James Bowling
    James Bowling

    omg i would love to have that cnc machine. thats goals for me. i may build a car some day but thats my true goal is getting a machine like that.

  • Jayshree Singh
    Jayshree Singh

    He is acting like Paul Walker with the laptop on the passenger seat

  • Marz8999

    I didn't see an almost wheelie at all.

  • Eris Gh0sted
    Eris Gh0sted

    Be sure to use self tapping wood screws. 😂

  • RetroCNY

    God that thing sounds like a demon in the best possible way.

  • Rebel Kline
    Rebel Kline

    At what point do you just cnc your own wheels?

  • Miguel Ángel Durán González
    Miguel Ángel Durán González

    Don't you risk unbalancing the wheel with the screws?

  • Kyle Wagenaar
    Kyle Wagenaar

    Rob i'm 21 and im already starting to lose hair but im not going to use keeps because my dad looks badass when he shaves his head so I will probably also look good bald.

  • Christian

    How did you keep the rim on the CNC Mill table? Some sort of jig on the inside??

  • Ricky

    I’ve been a fan since 2010… holy crap seeing the cars you’ve made are unbelievable. Praying some day I get so some in person!!

  • Ricky

    Why is there no ads?

  • Amit Singh
    Amit Singh

    They look lite asf .

  • Cameron Reid
    Cameron Reid

    If you had made 15 holes you would have had an even three holes per spoke...

  • C

    It’s funny. They added the rx-7 on GTA Online. And I was using this video as reference to make mine like Robs. And those rims on GTA overlap with the rear calipers, so they would need shaving on the rx-7 on the game too 😂

  • Bryan Roupe
    Bryan Roupe

    26 inch diameter. C'mon R0b get with it.

  • pdubowner

    People who have built real racecars cringe at this shit.

  • metal l
    metal l

    Woooo my dopamine went straight 100% through the whole video! Priceless experience!

  • 2009mechanic

    More Z+ offset between moves , won't hit your part as it will be above it. I dry run my programs first above the part just to make sure. Looks great though. Love the content.


    That was a wild ride.

  • aeroshep 2
    aeroshep 2

    14:56 "you have 3 big ass Mexicans right here bro wtf" haha

  • andretti esposito
    andretti esposito

    call it a wheel please haha

  • Max Rockatansky
    Max Rockatansky

    Use the "Graphics" function to view the toolpaths before machining. Also with a piece that big, in a mill that small, might wanna jog the table fully to the right (X minus) before you change tools.

  • Jock Harcourt
    Jock Harcourt

    Have you thought about some aero kit to increase down pressure.

  • MMP01pony

    That’s my truck, baby ecoboost 2.7 💪💪💪

  • Allen L
    Allen L

    Rob, there is light at the end of the tunnel, but not just from your headlights.

  • Nay Cee
    Nay Cee

    I never knew it was a 1/8th mile lmao

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong

    @Rob Dahm........those car hauler trailers... they unlatch to tilt away from car...so you can get in.... LOL

  • Thomas Cooley
    Thomas Cooley

    Dont forget to mark your rim and tire so u can tell if the screws pull out Also bead seal them next time Roloc gasket remover for when u need to remove old bead seal

  • Aldcris Malonzo
    Aldcris Malonzo

    I’ve got the same mt slicks on my oem fd wheels

  • Jason Haley
    Jason Haley

    screw heads hitting your arm? (see: why you can't run a 10.5" wide rim) also, God Dahm-it Rob...you gotta getcherself some "YG Dream Drills" solid carbide, through coolant (if ya want)...ya know PERFECT for drilling 32,000 holes in 1000 Weld drag rims (reckon if yur lookin fur cool shit as it relates to content, WIDE F-N OPEN R.P.M.'s on the Haas @ 60, 70, 80 IPM DOES INDEED look pretty cool...like blink and it's all done.

  • Bryan L olds97_lss
    Bryan L olds97_lss

    Is there not a drag strip you can rent for an afternoon or something so you can be alone and do what you want without being so stressed from that aspect of it? Also less likely to smack into another driver or be smacked into. Then once you get the car a bit dialed and figure out how to get it from a->b, then take it to a legitimate track. Just seems so rushed/terrifying when it doesn't need to be... the car is terrifying enough on it's own!

  • Colin Stanley
    Colin Stanley

    That white hatch 😍

  • Camaro Rick
    Camaro Rick

    Im just gonna assume Uhaul pays you for advertising hopefully lol

  • 1CO

    Use G98 to return to previous z height before moving to the next hole, i only ever use G99 (return to 'R' plane) when drilling a top surface with no walls or edges. Much safer especially when you have work rims in there!

  • Jordy Norm
    Jordy Norm

    I came for the Keeps logo lining up with Rob's eyes. One of the reasons I also watched the video.

  • ronald lecuyer
    ronald lecuyer

    Never seen tailights needed for a drag car.

  • Operaatio

    This comment section has large usage of emojies.

  • Ed Rod
    Ed Rod

    Sounds like the track guys were being douche bags..Have you talked to shawn and nelson for tuning, man I get the homebrew but engines ain't cheap.

  • StefanTomalik

    Idk why I thought you were going to drill by hand lol

  • ZillaFullBoost

    You also didn’t do a good burnout the second run, but yea it has to be dialed in right for the current surface you’re on. She sounds sick man 💪🏽

  • Holden Bostocky
    Holden Bostocky

    Okay can someone explain why he has all this money for parts but still uses a u-haul trailer????

  • Theodore Skreko
    Theodore Skreko

    😂🤣Dude! Get a trailer! Cheers 🥂

  • Post-nut Clarity
    Post-nut Clarity

    "Poor-man's beadlock." Sir. Poor men do *not* own CNC routers to _precisely_ mill their own brand new Weld wheels and subsequently lock the beads of their brand new Mickey Thompson's into them. Respectfully, of course.

  • KB9OAK

    Rob: "I cut out the running light harness to use on something else!" Track Official: "You can't run with no lights." Rob: "Anyone got some wire?" "Help a brother out."

  • Sofa Kingdom
    Sofa Kingdom

    18.20 You have not even seen my final form.

  • MKEUnderground

    The amount of miss information in this video bad

  • Ancient8989

    Good reason to always prove the program up and away from the part or no part at all. CNC is full of surprises. Keep up the good work.

  • Amaroq Starwind
    Amaroq Starwind

    I have some advice that could probably help you; 1. Install some 6-axis IMUs in your vehicle. One in each corner, one close to your car's center of mass, and one more close to the rear axle. 2. Install a reaction wheel somewhere in the car, preferably close to the center of mass. A rotary encoder could help out for determining its exact position as well. 3. Traction Control, but set up to only engage if you're performing a dangerous wheelie. All three of these things together could make things a lot safer for yourself and for your car. Stay safe out there!

  • Rampage

    Almost pulls wheels off the ground, but didn't. Sounds like me at every stop light. 😆

  • bert

    as a professional machinist this video is nothing but cringe

  • Curtis Denzik
    Curtis Denzik

    Rob, you have to dump those wheel weights man. Throw 5oz of balance beads in those rear tires!

  • Allthathp Andnotire
    Allthathp Andnotire

    8.35 at 97 or 7.35 at 97? The 7.35 lines up more with the mph but that 60’ wasnt great so who knows. 1/8th mile stuff is fun. Everyone thinks drag racing is so easy until they do it.

  • aronANDtanner

    Retract depth man, always gotta keep an eye out with funny setups and bosses like that 😬

  • IlIlIlIlIlIlI

    Hey Rob, get some bias ply skinnys on the front i feel like thats why its so sketchy just my opinion

  • Penelope the wolf hybrid
    Penelope the wolf hybrid

    Nice haas mill what model?

  • J. Barrett
    J. Barrett

    Fyi i skip all the keeps ads on all the channels

  • dimos15

    Use a hood bro . Aero is dirty now and you cant put the power down

  • Hayden Royer
    Hayden Royer

    That’s why you need a tuner! And sunglasses at night! Hide them pupils

  • Hayden Royer
    Hayden Royer

    Rob has done a 10yr long build in reverse Quit trying to re-engineer what has already been proven too work! Each time you put your science into something it eventually goes back to how it was! Your own headlocks! You picking the weights off that are specific to the location they are in! Also notice how they are properly and evenly spaced the way you fucking stick glued the weights wherever you feel is ok! Slow down on the adderall again bro! Slip the slipper It’s clear you don’t watch any popular youtubers like Cleetus, kyle(boostedboiz) etc to learn the real ins and outs and quit watching just the install video! God damn you were greener then Cleetus provista freedom factory gtass

  • Hayden Royer
    Hayden Royer

    Rob please learn to write code! Because their are different codings to cut in different patterns from right to left left to right make a circle etc! The machine naturally will do its best cutting at that speed that it’s aware of under the sorta preprogrammed settings! You just drilled em! Not threaded

  • Hayden Royer
    Hayden Royer

    Rob write the program so the table moves more left or right and you add 5 inches or so

  • Big Joe
    Big Joe

    "Give it the beans bro!" "c'mon!" 😂

  • Fluffy Customs
    Fluffy Customs

    Idk why, but I yelled when you almost ripped off the front bumper on the trailer

  • Patrick

    I swear this is the best sounding car on the planet

  • GetoverYourself

    1/4 time?

  • Kevin Hibbard
    Kevin Hibbard

    "Just because you're smart, doesn't mean you can't act stupid" -Christopher Lloyd, Camp Nowhere. That quote applies so perfectly to Robs channel, I absolutely love it here.

  • fayez

    Wow… can’t appreciate someone enough who is so good at what they do. You are an actual genius. For everything you’ve done and showcased for us seriously.

  • Jackson Cain
    Jackson Cain

    Rob is like the equivalent to Elon Musk, but for rotaries

  • Joe j
    Joe j

    That's like saying "I almost beat you bro"

  • Pocho Nieves
    Pocho Nieves

    Is it me or Rob can't launch?

  • TJ Stoness
    TJ Stoness

    Man needs to get out of California

  • Dumbasslive

    I have no idea about any of this but logically thinking why the hell do you need working lights on a completely lit up drag strip? & also is it not extremely dangerous to send a high bhp rwd car down a drag strip with cold tyres? Maybe I'm being a dumbass but both those things seem ridiculous to me..

  • Edgar Ramos
    Edgar Ramos

    Have the tire shop balance your wheels on it inside with sticky weights but put them as close to the face edge as possible. Shouldn't need weights if your just going to use them for drag racing.

  • nick4819

    Watching these people load a car on a trailer and then attempt to get it off.....I would be scared as fuck to run beside this man on the track lol they made such a simple task so difficult. :P

  • Navymech62

    With all of the money you have wasted on uhaul trailers you could have paid for your own by now. And you could get a better one that doesn't damage your bumpers in the loading process. C'MON DUDE!

  • Michael Nunya
    Michael Nunya

    Buy a fucken trailer already!

  • Jack James
    Jack James

    fuck sake thats a handful mind


    I use button head instead of those types of screws. Looks so much better.

  • D33JAY

    Needs bias plys on the front to. Won't move around much as having miss matched tires

  • JRobertz

    theres no such thing as too much power just not enough traction

  • Seth N.
    Seth N.

    Reminds me of that crazy orange one from 1320 video that almostw heelies and is alll over every round

  • Elijah Loomis
    Elijah Loomis

    I love watching rob because sometimes I feel like he knows what he’s doing but then says I have no idea what I am doing and we watch him learn amazing stuff in steps

  • Jesse Byrne-Hill
    Jesse Byrne-Hill

    You keep spending money you're sure to go quick one day. nice wheelie boss.

  • Dylan_ Ms3
    Dylan_ Ms3

    Don’t think you had too much boost you didn’t get a proper burnout

  • Jason Heller
    Jason Heller

    Don't bead-locks usually have a separate ring that sandwiches the bead as opposed to screwing into the bead?

  • JJ

    should've lit the car up with more lights than 2 Fast 2 Furious. they want lights give them lights

  • Carnerd101

    Rob Dahm: "I know, but I didn't think." This is why I keep coming back to watch your videos.

  • zook79

    the HAAS dog-leg rapids have killed so many tools 😂😂 FYI, some CAM programs will convert those rapids into feed moves so that it follows the simulation accurately

  • Delavega CFTW
    Delavega CFTW

    19:44 laughed so much, what a pass!

  • Duncan Donovan
    Duncan Donovan

    Suggested it to him last video #howboutsomelights?

  • Quincy M
    Quincy M

    You bought a truck when are you getting a trailer

  • kellygnsd

    Do you have a boost by gear target or are you just shooting for a target WG position? Seem like you tuning strategy is ass backwards. Start with a fixed pressure them add where you can instead of your subtractive tuning

  • kellygnsd

    California Speedway is still running the 1/4 mile ain't they?

  • delahayenator

    That run at 19:45, violent power! Great to see, and hear that car and see you wrestle it🤜🏽🤟🏼

  • W J
    W J

    Rob, I don't want to be negative or troll you but you need to have the car professionally tuned and take some drag racing courses because our driving and shifting is quite dangerous and would never want to see you get hurt. Also, prep your car better before track testing & tune and never endanger other racers for lack of your on safety.

    • Rob Dahm
      Rob Dahm

      I can guarantee no one can “professionally” tune this setup. I’ve been told that before on the 4 rotor and 3 different professionals tuned it worse than me. We ended up going back to my tune to make the big power and race. No one has experience tuning the egate on a rotary. So that would oddly make me the most experienced tuner with rotary electronic wastegates. Im bug busting issues with it. It’s not a traditional situation or me being stubborn. It’s legit new technology and I’m willing to help others grow too. The wastegate has a .5 second delay and the early software causes a horrible feedback loop. We have some things in development to make it behave more predictably. But that feedback loop causes a 140 whp swing back and forth as the car accelerates and as you can guess either a loss of traction or under powered. On the same run. It’s literally the ideal use of test and tune. I can not focus on actually racing or driving it fully until electronic wastegates have some more development. The rest of your comment I agree with you. But someone has to take the risk and test new tech. I get that it makes you think I can’t drive or tune but I would have been into a wall or had a blown engine by now if either of those things had any truth to them. I do not claim to be a drag racer. But that’s yet again why I’m at a test and tune with an experimental setup. I do appreciate your concern for my safety and taking the time to comment.

  • Nick W
    Nick W

    Throw some silicone under those bolts it’ll help with leaking down

  • Dustin C.
    Dustin C.

    Jesus, someone teach this man about G-code, or at least adjusting Z lift height 🤣🤣🤣 Also, is anybody gonna tell him about how Uncle Bubba at the local 660' has been doing wheel screws with nothing but a Sharpie, a Dewalt, and three Miller Ponies since like 1962?


    I can't believe how dumb rob can be. Unbelievable

  • Sled_NeckX99

    13:46 did anyone else notice the RX-8 chilling in the background?

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