The ULTIMATE Turbo Manifold for a Rotary
Daily videos are hard. Building a reliable rotary is harder.

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  • Darryl R
    Darryl R

    I used to see lots of that when working for a fab shop, that is caused from weld stress, you could bolt it to a flat surface and put it in an oven for heat treatment to remove the stresses.

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller

    Thats awesome seeing you use the products i make at rath gibson! Il def get some merch and show ya at work!

    • Daniel Miller
      Daniel Miller

      And they make some of the tubing in janesville, wisconsin. Im not sure if we make the stuff you are using.

  • Jwayne Donkson
    Jwayne Donkson

    once he get the no boost problem fixed we can make launches great again lol

  • Icyfoxtrotter

    Gonna kidnap you make you weld my subie

  • Icyfoxtrotter

    Welding god

  • gshenk 103
    gshenk 103

    Please do gold

  • 'nSane

    Beautiful welding 😍

  • Cjbarker2

    How much for Isaiah to weld my exhaust for my G10? Dude makes it an art form

  • Kim Soerensen
    Kim Soerensen

    Loving the fab stuff. Isaiah is a treasure!

  • matty292

    not sure if i came here for the sax or welding, maybe both

  • Ryan Chase
    Ryan Chase

    The front of that car needs a winch and a bash plate

  • Gradon McFarland
    Gradon McFarland

    Gold manifold👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • Andrew Petrie
    Andrew Petrie

    Whatever you’re paying Isaiah, it’s not enough. Mans got skills

  • Yo What's doin
    Yo What's doin

    I would of thought mild steel would of been better especially how much heat these 3 rotors put out?? Less prone to cracking..

  • Jacopo Lando
    Jacopo Lando

    Does he just gave away the fact he plays sea of thieves this randomly? DUDE HAVE A BRIG

  • Joe Lee
    Joe Lee

    Straight up, I want an Isaiah in every city. When I want something welded, I want to know I have THE guy.

  • Joe Lee
    Joe Lee

    Dude, I LOVE Isaiah. Fricken ART. Rob, do NOT lose that boy... Humour AND skill in such a handsome package ;)

  • Richard Magnano
    Richard Magnano

    Love the welding porn. The music really gets me in the mood.

  • Tyler Coates
    Tyler Coates

    Wtf how does daddy dahm suddenly have so much money

  • Alexander Apneseth
    Alexander Apneseth

    This is weldporn right here. Isaiah is so freaking talented.

  • Garrett Hoffman
    Garrett Hoffman

    I would love to have Isaiah teach me to weld

  • Sav

    FINALLY.. another fabricator straight up says that 1 inch pie cuts are dumbdumb.. Here I was thinking I was the only one.

  • fernando ponce
    fernando ponce

    Love the work quality

  • Literally Shaking
    Literally Shaking

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Isiah is an artist.

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore

    High quality welding…skills!!

  • Ramon Dijkgraaf
    Ramon Dijkgraaf

    316l is way better

  • Gerald Birch
    Gerald Birch

    Jim Scott and I 50 years ago made very sophisticated 180° headers many of them for many cars. A lot of engineering when it came to equal length and keeping the runners the exact square inch in any part of the sections and limiting the number of welds and keeping the penetration low and so many other things. I’ll have to say watching these headers being made is the very best work I’ve seen yet. Congratulations.

  • Garth S
    Garth S


  • AlexThe KidFrank
    AlexThe KidFrank

    Making me wanna try to make my own headers now Also the jazz jams in this are fantastic

  • John Simons
    John Simons

    You can hang it to your wall and call it art. This is legit a piece of art🤩

  • Jonah Builds
    Jonah Builds

    You guys need the gold ceramic coat

  • Pastor mike
    Pastor mike

    I smell argon

  • Alex Stover
    Alex Stover

    Yo Rob, what was the paste that you applied onto the flange at end of the video? I assume its similar to anti seize but the color is throwing me off. Thanks!

    • Alex Stover
      Alex Stover

      taking a second look, is it a paste form of the copper spray? What would be the reason for applying it? Is this setup gasketless?

  • ekindt47

    That manifold looks gorgeous

  • UnoDos96

    i love the safety squints at 3:11

  • ANDYblacks13

    rath gibson is a USA company in wisconsin supplying quality materials

  • Lucas Lund
    Lucas Lund

    gold 100

  • Oscar Thorpe
    Oscar Thorpe

    i would like a white ceramic coat like vintage F1 cars

  • Daniel

    12:41 impurities in shield gas.

  • Rn0x

    What did isaiah say at 9:35 when he was talking about welding can someone explain

  • Dedy Hermawan
    Dedy Hermawan

    The art of welding,

  • pignonMZ6

    Ah the good old 80s porn movie music, so immersive.

  • Stuart Campbell
    Stuart Campbell


  • Mike FPE
    Mike FPE

    great work as usual guys. ive been there before when offering up a new fabbed part and it hits on shit! just have to reach for the grinder again lol

  • Matt Bear
    Matt Bear

    These video endings get me every time. "aw sick here we - YOU SONOFA"

  • ryan r
    ryan r

    Isaiah is a bloody wizard. Mad combination of skills between you two.

  • Cedric Tan
    Cedric Tan

    We want the 4 rotor back ✋😔

  • Alex Lamontagne
    Alex Lamontagne

    Rob: the Cfd stuff I've been doing"...what? When did rob get a masters in mechanical engineering??

  • Aaron Hanley
    Aaron Hanley

    Nearly 900K subs Rob!!!! Nearly at the MIL!!!!

  • Todd Eddins
    Todd Eddins

    This is true…genuine….fabrication….porn 🤤

  • Dylan

    Gold ceramic coating!!

  • 3campbep

    I am with Isaiah, all gold on the hot side. Ask Hert, he will vote the same.

  • Kade Turner
    Kade Turner

    23 hours ago Rob, getting awfully close there

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Hey Rob i remember your turbo blanket video, now that Isaiah made the bad ass manifold you should do a video on heat output on the exhaust again, 1st test regular exhaust with turbo, 2nd test ceramic cote the exhaust header and turbine housing, 3rd test turbo blanket and header wrap on the manifold. I would love to see the 3 results how much less underhood temps you get. DO IT FOR SCIENCE ROB!!

  • Steven Wechter
    Steven Wechter

    rob you need to get a honing and surface grinding table it makes sure things you machine are perfect and flat

  • Lughus

    Why hasn't Isaiah started a FIshows channel called "Welding Prawn" yet?

  • flipsickle1122

    Did i just hear an outro?

  • JAMES.D.

    That header is amazing 👏😍💖

  • MrManuel1329

    Isaiah is a fucking legend guy knows his craft down to a T.

  • Will Trautman
    Will Trautman

    What was that background song?

  • Andrew Lang
    Andrew Lang

    If you have issues with flatness, it’s a setup issue. When you clamp it down, you need to check for flatness and shim as needed. Otherwise, buy yourself a surface grinder. Setup is 95% of the machining process

  • xraykitty

    This video is a porno all the way down to the music :p.....really nice welding work

  • Rusty Martinez
    Rusty Martinez

    I want Isaiah's capable hands to weld me

  • Ryan Hoch
    Ryan Hoch

    Sax w the welder, spot on man,

  • High Performance Academy
    High Performance Academy

    Solid bit of fab there Isaiah - Taz.

    • Fabrication Father
      Fabrication Father

      Thank you Taz! Can’t wait to show you guys in person some day!

    • Griffin Sells
      Griffin Sells

      Love y'all's courses

  • Daniel Peck
    Daniel Peck

    3:36 Fab daddy, that case made my heart flutter!

  • Jake thetacoguy
    Jake thetacoguy

    Look into sch10 stainless. Is lighter than regular sch 40 stainless

  • Phillip Paik
    Phillip Paik

    Isaiah laying sick beads The music: *derp derp uuhhhhh*

  • Scott Spec Cars
    Scott Spec Cars

    Love the dedication to the fabrication 👊 Purged siren🤣🚨

  • Le. Farquad
    Le. Farquad

    Can we get a diamond encrusted manifold?

  • Cullen Cowap
    Cullen Cowap

    Isaiah down talking his welds like they aren't the cleanest I've ever seen

  • William Hobza
    William Hobza

    I can't wait to hear the three rotors new header🔥🔥🔥

  • Bryan

    Groovy baby

  • pascobori90

    My wife just walked in on me thinking I was watching porn when the music was playing lol in a way I was watching welding porn

  • Joey Strittmatter
    Joey Strittmatter

    Nitride is the correct word

  • Jayden

    does Isaiah have a welding channel

  • rEZnapanZEr

    Looks like Isaiah has used a tig torch before maybe

  • Jae Gordon
    Jae Gordon

    Hea putting the 6 rotor in the indy car i bet

  • EJ257_

    The jazz music 😂

  • Ronald Rosen
    Ronald Rosen

    Love this series

  • Delta Charlie Echo
    Delta Charlie Echo

    Man, I wish I had the money to have this welder make me a twin turbo manifold set for my m50

  • Douglas Fehler
    Douglas Fehler

    Gold is the color of money ceramic coating make it pretty show don't make it go.

  • high633

    Love the welding compilations. Simple yet relaxing with simple music with basic notes.

  • BlueDually4x4

    Gold would be cool, but if everything was titanium coated... That is a tough call.

  • lennart rolland
    lennart rolland

    Titanium Aluminium Nicotine, my favorite material

  • N31L Zombie Hunter
    N31L Zombie Hunter

    ABOUT TIME!!! You missed a day. Then again, I'm not surprised. Your banner still says, "New Video Every Thursday" and when's the last time that was true consistently?

  • Black Storm
    Black Storm


  • Julio Burgos
    Julio Burgos

    Team Isaiah all the way!!!!!! 😂

  • james Dudley
    james Dudley

    Experience true level 😂

  • Levi Lueth
    Levi Lueth

    Isiah is da G.O.A.T

  • Grayson B
    Grayson B

    I was apart of a project where we did a CFD of high volume water flow with many 90s and it was more about the turbulence that it causes at the 90 and you have low pressure water that can make it's way back down the bend and reflow up. That will also contribute to the extra heating at the bends with air flow in this case

  • JC

    Those welds man! God damn!

  • Steve Lohner
    Steve Lohner


  • Olivier Dagenais
    Olivier Dagenais

    I don't know how to feel about that smooth jazz romantic lounge music. It's nice but doesn't express the yea I need help finding grip on my speed machine

  • danbourne11

    Rob, rarely comment, that was a fantastic vid. Props to you all. Dunno if it was the music, the method, or all of it, but... good job 👍

  • Squirt Daddy
    Squirt Daddy

    Wish you would show more of Isaiah working, he is a Hell of a fabricator. Your lucky to have found him. Is THAT what you wanted me to write Isaiah? No I'm NOT related in any way to him😉😉.

  • Shaun Davis
    Shaun Davis

    I love i will just lay this out on my indy car

  • MiGujack3

    Isaiah could be an awesome youtuber. Most fab channels are boring, yet this guy saying "this annoys the shit outta me" makes it x100 better.

  • Shaun Davis
    Shaun Davis

    both of you are inspirational to so many love seeing you living the dream.

  • Sean mcclain
    Sean mcclain

    Killer work! @robdahm do you still have your R32? I'd love to see you guys build that.