The Lamborghini Diablo is my favorite piston car. For the moment..
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  • Arthxe 1337
    Arthxe 1337

    rob love ur brothers call the diablo a zx 300

  • ¿LiGHTÂ

    So good to finally see the diablo out again, really love seeing it

  • WideWhite1k

    Yo need to come to New Orleans and bring the 4 or 3 rotor to DA PAD its one of the stickiest roads in the world

  • Icehawk2k7
    Icehawk2k7 could you not at least have downshifted and stepped on it once or twice in the lambo while coming out of those turns...

  • William Gonzalez
    William Gonzalez

    When you said Deep Shyt I just saw Steve Stifler! 🤣🤣🤣

  • mark scully
    mark scully

    that supra is one piss ugly car!!!

  • Benny Gregory
    Benny Gregory

    I need more of this but also with some rotary 😭

  • Kyle Wagenaar
    Kyle Wagenaar

    the diablo is a timeless car, even today it still has looks awesome.

  • Thomas Campbell
    Thomas Campbell

    Three brothers an a Forest 😂

  • Abdullah Murat Subaşı
    Abdullah Murat Subaşı

    I dont see your brothers. I see three Rob's

  • Spoon_In_Moon

    Now we know Rob's laugh is genetics at work

  • soundtuner1

    tonight 3 dahms are thinking on caseys video about how to stuff a rotory into the open wheel racer :)

  • Rob Morris
    Rob Morris

    Where is the R32

  • Young nigga
    Young nigga

    That wheels on diablo tho?that shit so firee🔥🔥🔥

  • kray97

    Can't say I'm too crazy about the interior of the Diablo.

  • Steve Golden
    Steve Golden

    Angeles Crest Highway (2) is my driveway to work at Mt. Wilson Observatory........since 1992

  • 5150 Designs
    5150 Designs

    Newcombs Ranch is a must stop place... Sadly, the owners are selling the property. No more BOMB food after a nice canyon cruise

  • Leslie Donal
    Leslie Donal

    Hello guy's how funny. Marissa and I are watching this..... LOL ❗😂😂

  • MrTilbin

    *laughs in 300ZX* last car show I was at, someone asked if it was a Diablo.

  • Jonka Olofsson
    Jonka Olofsson

    Nice temperature on the climate control there. Nice.

  • anthony851

    @4:45 the sign reads "No Overnight Camping," in the eighties there was the same sign on the eastern side of Lake Taupo NZ and I always wondered if there was another sort of camping! Hi from NZ, Anthony.

  • Peter

    The three brothers have the same laugh lol

  • Franco Forcucci
    Franco Forcucci

    I fucking loved this content

  • SirPlsCalmDown

    Two whole minutes of driving... You're making progress.

  • Deadly_kitten56

    I have to run premium in my maxima with about the same size tank. Its expensive af Luckily I get about 20 miles per gallon

  • Omar L
    Omar L

    full of filler video like always

  • Moonman

    That yellow 300zx is cleean

  • Valentine

    “For the moment” It’s getting the 6 rotor guys

  • Sam Thornley
    Sam Thornley

    Question for Robbert Dahmman. Are your brothers car enthusiasts like you are or are they just distant admirers?

  • TheBazzterd U'r Average Gamer
    TheBazzterd U'r Average Gamer

    That is what i miss here in the Netherlands... real nature environments like those. We're just completely flat here with mostly polders around the city's :(

  • ROB

    Surprisingly the lamborghini is the only car that isn't broken for rob damm's freight of cars. Noticed he had to rent one instead of them driving a rotary.

  • Trolle_BE

    All those dahms!

  • Johnson Mac
    Johnson Mac

    The laughing is what makes this special

  • Miller Engineering. Inc
    Miller Engineering. Inc

    Robminions. ...

  • Kuldeep Giri
    Kuldeep Giri

    I hate vlog styles or travelling videos but DAHM

  • Maarten van den berge
    Maarten van den berge

    you all have that laughter that evil but to innocent to be evil laughter

  • Vladshock

    *cough* 6 rotor Lambo

  • Brandon Forrest
    Brandon Forrest

    I was about to make a comment about how they all have the se laugh but it's 90% of the comments already! 😂😂

  • Anthony Edwards
    Anthony Edwards

    Only Rob would have his cab temp set at 69°F for a vid

  • Robert Gilbert
    Robert Gilbert

    They all laugh the same. It’s terrifying

  • Don H
    Don H

    The Supra in that color.. is amazing!!

  • pectorialis

    As it turns out, I WAS 'that guy'

  • hunter zenger
    hunter zenger

    Drink your fluids and all that shit I’m not your dad lol lol

  • ilaril

    Its not that I don't like the Supra, but the mk4 is still the ultimate. It just looks right, where as the mk5 looks like a RX8 that's failed in life and tries to be something. But the Diablo 😍 ever since that car was introduced been the ultimate of the styling, ever.

  • Noah Jensen
    Noah Jensen

    You should have driven the street car

  • Charlie Elizalde
    Charlie Elizalde

    Is that a 300zx!?!

  • Lil Mike
    Lil Mike

    Like someone said the laughs remind me of the story from dc comics, “ The three jokers” amazing to see all those damn dahms

  • Asylumental

    The tiny little dahm down in the right hand corner of fullscreen mode is staring at me.... and I don't like it.

  • Flying Bolts
    Flying Bolts

    Anyone else getting forza horizon 1 vibes; the diablo in the canyon roads.

  • Blaze x Reloaded
    Blaze x Reloaded

    Can we just admire the paint on the diablo how perfect it is

  • NoblePineapples

    I can't get over the fact they all sound the same laughing

  • iRdMoose

    That RX8 isn't peeling, it's "Shabby Chic". It's supposed to look like that.

  • Driveformer

    Drives a 1 series, my man

  • Drew

    FabDaddy, shouldn't have bought a red mazda. seems all new mazda reds' clear fails 😭

  • Lucas Owens
    Lucas Owens

    Please GoD you guys Make that RX8 Fast!!!!!!!

  • Keegan Spencer
    Keegan Spencer

    rob and his brothers are the dugtrio pokemon CHANGE MY MIND

  • David Blanck
    David Blanck

    ACH is epic. There are so many more. Mulholland is too crowded. Take deer creek to Mulholland. Latigo, there are more (I will keep those for the locals). But, you have so much to explore. Those mountains are epic. And, that is just a small portion of what is great. ACH is great. But, too crowded. Glad you had fun though.

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S

    The Diablo is still one of the best looking cars ever. It has aged so well.

  • Joe Sinclair
    Joe Sinclair

    I spot a 1 series

  • Ryan Defeo
    Ryan Defeo

    All got the same laugh😂😂🤣

  • Dank Hill 🚬
    Dank Hill 🚬

    They kind of sound like sheep 🤣🤣🤣

  • JVRP Channel
    JVRP Channel

    One of the best looking lambo , hands down

  • Matthew Nelson
    Matthew Nelson

    Can you do a mid or rear rotary engine?

  • Coz FPV
    Coz FPV

    Nice to meet your brothers! They seem fun!

  • OtterConnor

    I love the neon green bmw

  • CB

    I’ll never understand why EVERYONE drives around with their a/c on even if they live in a state with amazing weather You not only get 15/20% more power but you get to breathe in fresh air and enjoy the breeze in your hair. Turn your a/c off and roll down your GD windows!

  • XE [Arutettsua]
    XE [Arutettsua]

    i cant unsee the 300ZX headlights on the Diablo

  • Jeremy Hoinacki
    Jeremy Hoinacki

    Ahhh brotherly love. Like little shit heads to each other.

  • X3R0D3D

    that Diablo is absolutely gorgeous

  • Bearz

    5:10 the brothers all have the same laugh lmfao

  • Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson

    Being someone that just started building an RX-8, that was the most exciting part of this episode. I asked about it a few months ago and now I'm going to be getting some content that I need in my life (not that the 3, 4, and future 6 Rotors aren't awesome) Swapping a 3-Rotor in the future is the end goal for my RX-8 and Rob's experiences and knowledge are going to help when I get to that point P.S. - Rob, if I ever got the chance to sit down with you and pick your brain on building a 3-Rotor.... That would be amazing. You seem like an extremely chill dude and humbly knowledgeable about all things Rotary (You're humorously cocky but can admit when you don't know something. Very respectable) 😁👍

  • jib jib
    jib jib


  • Erik Larson
    Erik Larson


  • fryrear technology
    fryrear technology

    You know you love the BMW Z4... I mean BMW Supra... I mean Toyota Supra

  • A Child of God
    A Child of God

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  • YZ426F

    5:03 the Dahm family laugh that sounds like a a car that wont start with a dying battery. Car guys through and through.

  • Jason Costello
    Jason Costello

    You guys are all amazing !

  • Slade B
    Slade B

    You can tell Rob is a good dude by the fact he didn't back in the Diablo.

  • Critter proformance
    Critter proformance

    Can we continue doing a blog every now and again pls?

  • Jack r
    Jack r

    The dahm laughs 😅

  • Matthew Rourke
    Matthew Rourke

    I was thinking this might be the first rob dahm video that doesn't wake the dog with revving, tire screeching and exhaust pops... until isaiah decided to do some donuts 😂😂

  • Marcos Archibeque
    Marcos Archibeque

    I know countless people have said it in this comment thread but I can’t get over how all three brothers all laugh the same 😂

  • Burning Diesel Production
    Burning Diesel Production

    I had to pause at 3:21 just to say that your Diablo is Drop Dead Gorgeous! I'm glad to see it fixed and driving. Hope she (hmmm, fuck yeah) will serve you well! And buy that lady a premium drink, she's not a cheap date!

  • Jaybruhh

    *_My favorite 6 Rotor car._*

  • mcp

    no love for isaiah’s 1er i see

  • Ari Dehghani
    Ari Dehghani

    Lmao hear a different Dahms laughing the exact same. Yall are too much haha. Loving the content, keep it coming

  • paul strollo
    paul strollo

    holy crap, didn't even recognize your brothers until they started talking LOL

  • Randall James
    Randall James

    not trying to sound like a kill joy but I honestly dont see the appeal of a lambo


    That was really nice maybe more driving footage and scenery footage!

  • Itsnevo

    @robdahm, did you get permission from your shop cat to use his Diablo?? lol

  • Marco Merola
    Marco Merola

    That dahm laugh is incredible!! 😂

  • Smoke

    I like to think Rob went to the rentals and was like "what's the ugliest color you got for the mk.5?"

  • David Wolfe
    David Wolfe

    1:30 4:01 5:05 6:14 8:33

  • cncaliguy09

    All three of you laughing at the same lame jokes.

  • TooApe

    I’m late but amazing video as always ❤️

  • PixelatedPaul

    Got the temperature set at a nice 69c I see

  • Ian Braun
    Ian Braun

    Cabin temp set at a cool 69°F

  • Viktor Bryce
    Viktor Bryce

    Maybe the only time I've ever seen a BMW save somebody $. Though I'm certain that won't last long.

  • Joe Stewart
    Joe Stewart

    I dont care what you have to say this video was fucking retarded and not interesting just go back to not uploading at all. I wont be in no hurry to watch the next vid ill tell you that im pretty much done 4 years of waiting and im done. Go waist someone elses time and money.


    I wonder what the diablo would sound like with a inconel exhaust/headers🤔