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  • erroneum

    I'm genuinely not used to transmissions with synchronizers. Semi tractors don't have them and my personal vehicles are either automatics or sequential shift.

  • qqulti

    rob looking tickkk

  • Zer0 little horseman
    Zer0 little horseman

    i got blue balled watching rob dahms vid that a first

  • Снэтиік

    Those crispy shifts gave me a chubby

  • joseph baker
    joseph baker

    send me info on the t56 or a web link im interested id doing this to my car

  • Hunter Petrovich
    Hunter Petrovich

    Next year dahm will be up there with grannas for the stick records😏

  • lr 21
    lr 21


  • nex minute
    nex minute

    OMG I eye-rolled the same time YOU did Bruv, that box is GORGEOUS! wow 😮👌🏼🙃

  • Brandon Clifford
    Brandon Clifford

    Why do the videos end like they do?

  • Joshua Blacker
    Joshua Blacker

    The liberty gears are what's going to make that trans a monster. Me and James were trying to get ishin to run the Evo gear set in his transmission.

  • Yadiel Irizarry
    Yadiel Irizarry


  • scotty shaffer
    scotty shaffer

    Kuddos to you sir keeping human input into the sport!!

  • Daniel

    True project car. Bottomless pit of money. I love it.


    Those clicks sounds so fucking satisfying☺☺☺☺

  • _P-i-V_ *
    _P-i-V_ *

    I love pulling women 😆 but gears are cool to

  • komoru

    Epic ending !

  • smokeybanddit

    Hopefully I blew my clutch not my trans lollll but if I do I’ve been looking for a tremac maybe y’all could help lollll

  • hypnoticpenguin666


  • Barry Ison
    Barry Ison

    Every gear in that tranny should be 1, 2, 1 ratio. I think

  • Wrekte

    Rob: "I bought a transmission that is faster because it has less linkage." Also Rob: Immediately adds linkage to move the shifter.

  • Animal Racing Customs
    Animal Racing Customs

    Sequential is awesome but #Save the Manuals

  • Tim Soy Sauce
    Tim Soy Sauce

    The alternate title of this video is *One sexy rotary guy test his new transmission| ASMR*

  • FiL_Custom

    Нидфоспид какой то получается, сначало двигло, подвеска, сейчас коробка..... Круто)

  • Suk mah deek
    Suk mah deek

    Joel grannas products?

  • why? I dont know
    why? I dont know

    What does one achieve by having 5th and 6th syncro'd?

  • Pascal Robert - Rc Creations
    Pascal Robert - Rc Creations

    Dahm behind 3 days on the upload schedule? Typical blueball dahm

  • Xxtreme Detailing
    Xxtreme Detailing

    Month of daily uploads Lmaooo that failed lol

  • Tanner Sloan
    Tanner Sloan

    3rd video in the “30 days straight if content” 3days in this video is 3 days old

  • Carts vids
    Carts vids

    3 days without a new vid? Thought there was sposed to be one every day

    • Travis Rake
      Travis Rake

      I came back here looking thinking the same thing

  • Rick

    so... about those daily videos.. ima need my fix man COMON MAN JUST A HIT!

  • Username

    Where’s my daily upload ROBERT 😤

  • Mason Buenzow
    Mason Buenzow

    Daily huh

  • MSEngineering David
    MSEngineering David

    Faceplate are not dog ring ....

  • Jae Gordon
    Jae Gordon

    What an Abrupt ending

  • fweF dasfdS
    fweF dasfdS

    Hmmm shit where is the 1 content every day 🤔

  • Rebecca Batistich
    Rebecca Batistich

    dont tell me UPS has the video why its taking so long haha

  • Joseph Cohen
    Joseph Cohen

    Giving new meaning to the world bolt action lol

  • Allout Garage
    Allout Garage

    Yes post a video everyday three days in and then boom no video

  • Operaatio

    That title is not enough caveman. I would suggest to change it to "Me buy fast manual transmission"

  • Joe Supra
    Joe Supra

    Correction Joel does have a red rotary RX7.


    Rob here with the biggest cliffhanger ever, blueballing everyone who's waiting for more videos

  • kai

    guys i think he meant every day besides weekends 😂

  • FCLC

    "Everyday" 3 days later

  • M K2
    M K2

    lighting pockets = speed holes lol

  • Logan Miller
    Logan Miller

    Don't go promising daily vids if you're not going to deliver.

    • Crazy KT
      Crazy KT

      @Logan Miller My bad, gawd knows what my brain was thinking at the time.

    • Logan Miller
      Logan Miller

      @Crazy KT It took me quite a while to figure out you were trying to spell naive. Yeah, I guess so, I'm old fashion, I trust people at their word until they prove they cannot be trusted.

    • Crazy KT
      Crazy KT

      and there was knieve you thinking dear rob wouldn't blueball you with the promised daily uploads when he does it in every video.

  • Akif Aflah
    Akif Aflah

    Imagine rob posting the next video next month 😂

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller

    Well it was good for those 3 days 😂

  • Josue Aguilar
    Josue Aguilar

    That sopranos ending tho

  • A Dude
    A Dude

    This is where they gain real time.

  • the_iv1

    Why is it that just about every drive shaft shop are fast rock stars?

  • Doctor Spazz
    Doctor Spazz

    Short throw shifter.. best mod in any H pattern vehicle EVER

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      Still need to get one for my Evo with a weighted shift knob... I hear good things!

  • robooby boobman
    robooby boobman

    I hate the way all his content ends. Can hardly even call it a cliffhanger the way he does it. Doesnt make me want to come back at all rob. It makes me not care at all. You are M. Night Shamelon on youtube.

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      So you'll be back for the next upload?

  • Hamza Faruqui
    Hamza Faruqui

    That reverse lockout delete is already giving me nightmares man. Also, loved the outro haha!

  • proskater

    >daily videos>posted 2 days ago>no new videos

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde


  • grant monkhouse
    grant monkhouse

    Video every day... Apart from yesterday. Rob doing what he does best😂😂

  • Dime

    “I want to make my car SLOWER”

  • Jason

    * waits for the post credit scene *

  • Jake Lawrance
    Jake Lawrance

    I love this, gonna get one, one day

  • Matt Reischl
    Matt Reischl

    Dude. 1 word for you Holliger!!! Go check em out.

  • MTC Gaming
    MTC Gaming

    Yeah rob it’s been 2 days is everything okay?? Please post I’m worried ‼️🙁

  • lapieces

    nice transmission stand

  • Rafeeky

    Uhm... hello? You ok Rob?

  • fileupdates

    nice ending to the video, whats the trick?!

  • Mat l
    Mat l

    I feel like we all shared a mindgasm with Rob's face playing with the gear changes. As a fellow car nerd, i felt that shift through his facial reaction I guess we can cuddle now...lmao

  • Sammy Valdez
    Sammy Valdez

    To bad your not like Ken and the six.80 supra your rear end needs to go get upgraded to mier suspension and Nascar rear end and you could win 😉 not a fucke chance can you get 8.2 in the 1/4 mle with that 🤔 irs weld diff¿ !? Am talking papa papas about your winter ....ken was making fun of your legit half built suped up chassis

  • NiveusLuxLucis

    I don't know about anyone else but for a while now I have this tendency to exit full screen expecting Rob to stop at the most interesting point only to find out I'm like half way through.... I'm always on edge watching these vids, never know when it'll just .... end boop

  • Jarrett Labate
    Jarrett Labate

    So much for daily videos

    • Jarrett Labate
      Jarrett Labate

      Going on day three of no videos for the daily video month

    • NitroThaNerd

      @Damian Hyde he's not filming, he said he's posting videos from the last few months,

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      Hmmm, Maybe he is filming video daily?

  • Creator 262
    Creator 262

    Robs meth dealer is also his shop hand

  • PappaLitto

    What kind of video ending is that

  • Bradley Guliker
    Bradley Guliker

    Like your shirt man👍

  • eBay Ninja
    eBay Ninja

    So far the daily videos aren’t going well 😭

  • Brent Bird
    Brent Bird

    2 days since the last video....

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde


  • Kevin Gregory
    Kevin Gregory

    I thought we where getting daily uploads?

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      So did i!

  • Bitchass the Third
    Bitchass the Third

    Rob I think you’ve accidentally cut out the last few seconds of the last few videos

    • Bitchass the Third
      Bitchass the Third

      @sebastianblevdet I know I didn’t mean to correct you I was just telling you I was aware of what I was doing

    • sebastianblevdet

      @Bitchass the Third the way you typed the comment, it portrayed no sarcasm so🤷

    • Bitchass the Third
      Bitchass the Third

      @sebastianblevdet that was my joke lol

    • sebastianblevdet

      no, thats on purpose. he calls it "rob editing" . I think he accidentally did in once and its tradition now

  • Devin P
    Devin P


    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      Sad face

  • 88_turbo_fox

    I dont think I've seen you at the track yet bud

  • Nate_deitrick

    Ahhh gotta love rowing them gears. I love it

  • Glenn Pady
    Glenn Pady

    The easier approach would have been to make a shift lever (stick) with a dogleg bend to move the knob more rearward.

    • Glenn Pady
      Glenn Pady

      I did not watch the whole video before I commented

  • Crimson stride
    Crimson stride

    Wut what's the one more trick for the car

  • Greybush Gamer
    Greybush Gamer

    Today is July 4th. Yesterday was July 3rd. This was uploaded on July 2nd. I think we're all being trolled.

    • Sean Glendon
      Sean Glendon

      Im getting sad

  • Rebecca Batistich
    Rebecca Batistich

    just waiting for a new video

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde

      Same here! I feel like i'm waiting for paint to dry

  • notchbackgta

    Now you can downshift from 6th into reverse! With ease!

  • FukU2222

    daily upload(s) still er????

  • Vancent Truong
    Vancent Truong

    4:39 “still a little shorter…. Fuck…”🤣

  • BJK1715

    What's the potential TOP SPEED with the gearing? 🤔


    Big guys doing big things. Dont be dumb though Rob. Little over a month ago I dropped a fully loaded Allison 2000 on top of my leg, barely lucky enough that all I got out of it was a high grade ACL sprain. Yall be careful in there and stay safe.

  • Rob Wigglezz
    Rob Wigglezz

    Missed a day

    • Damian Hyde
      Damian Hyde


  • O M
    O M

    dude need to chill with alcohol or w/e he is consuming too much off.

  • Daedje

    Hate these sudden endings.. as if I'm not coming back for the next video... come on rob

  • Shaun Marais
    Shaun Marais

    It’s the next day and we still don’t have a video. I don’t think Rob can pull off a video a day like Cleetus can!!

    • Da Da
      Da Da

      @speeddemon2008 now the 5th

    • speeddemon2008

      Its 2 days later. This video was posted on the 2nd, its now the 4th.

  • kurlyfry

    Donde esta el video cada dia ROB¿

  • Halliday

    It's 12:16am we're the video Rob 👀

  • Jaskaran Business
    Jaskaran Business

    omg I have the same set up on my mkiv supra well done bro

  • Austin Huffman
    Austin Huffman

    We need a remake of the infamous UPS driver skit (reference to The Fast and The Furious) with the subscribers pushing Rob’s head into our subscription feeds and asking if he sees a problem. “There’s no video, is there Rob!” You promised us daily videos Rob, we trusted you! Though, I guess with the way the 4 rotor has progressed, we shouldn’t be surprised. Just giving you a hard time, personally, I’m used to the erratic uploads from you, and will watch them anyway.

  • FlippyMcTwisty

    Where video rob you lied to us 😓

  • Mad Man
    Mad Man

    1 more trick up our sleeves for this part *video ends*

  • makoto Naegi
    makoto Naegi

    Finally, today comes the day you install a new gearbox.

  • Hotwire454

    If you need a little room for the reverse light switch, get a switch for a mustang. It turns the receptacle into a harness so the plug doesn't stick out into the trans tunnel.

  • Sarah Pietri
    Sarah Pietri

    I hate ur outros

  • Austin Woolery
    Austin Woolery

    Rob could have taken a shit before getting in the car and would have the same effect of his weight savings on that plate.

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