Rob Dahm

Rob Dahm
Rob Dahm

Rob Dahm loves Rotary Engines. Having a wealth of knowledge in cars, and business advice, this is a one stop shop for any gear head and entrepreneur. Dahm's specialty in Lamborghini's and Mazda RX-7's make for some interesting auto adventures. Youll find a variety of Rotary Engines from 2, 3, 4, and even 6 Rotor custom creations.

  • 内田ガネーシュ

    You finally have a cosmic girl.

  • david arms
    david arms

    0-60 ?

  • Supercat Melee
    Supercat Melee

    make every trip a victory

  • watsonlow22

    This is badass

  • Patrick

    i requested that you find a 787B motor for that indycar chassis, but now the ending has me thinking you're do this instead. Whatever path you take with your new toy make sure it screams like the indycar it's powering.

  • Figueroa Reséndiz Alejandro
    Figueroa Reséndiz Alejandro

    Holy fucK sututu Its higth to asf

  • Paolo Giuseppe Borroni
    Paolo Giuseppe Borroni

    NEVER be a F1 car, the state of art in motorsport

  • rodrigo garcia
    rodrigo garcia

    i remember that car, it was in 96 or 97 cart season, it was a reynard chassis in de la pena team, golden era for ppg cart, see u

  • F1 Master
    F1 Master

    U should ask Cosworth to send you a Formula Boss engine and electronics...the gearbox needs a fully stressed engine block matching´ll need to build a support for the engine that fixes it to the chassis and hang the gearbox to it and pray it doesn´t all break up. Hard work ahead...

  • F1 Master
    F1 Master

    Actually it´s NOT an Indycar. but LOLA Champcar chassis...well above the Indycars of that time.

  • Santi Are.
    Santi Are.

    El cartel: Falleci

  • Marcos Torres
    Marcos Torres

    8:53 there is were the popoff valve comes from, popoff valve is use to regulate the turbo boost pressure, is a parameter regulated by CART/Champcar competition rules

  • Noneya Damnbusiness
    Noneya Damnbusiness

    putting a rotary in car the originally housed a turbocharged Ford XB V8. feels like heresy. but hey, you bought the car.. you can de-Americanize it if you wish. who am I to complain? they used an engine for a car they sell in Australia anyways.

  • Sanok Maynik
    Sanok Maynik

    can't wait for next year where you make a twin charged v16 f1 car

  • Ryan Mcdnough
    Ryan Mcdnough

    Ye gettin killed by this in groups on bf3 canals was a shitty time.

  • jussi ojala
    jussi ojala

    Maybe ers system would be nice as well

  • Rhayr Harry
    Rhayr Harry

    Awesome project.

  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix

    @10:03 How about a PPRE quad-rotor wankel?

  • Jože Jan Repar
    Jože Jan Repar

    why did he stop uplouding videos

  • Darren Day
    Darren Day

    I always thought that these were possibly the best looking race cars ever, before they made them look crap 👌🏻👍🏻

  • Ouwi

    where's the daily upload Lebowski?

  • James Bowling
    James Bowling

    omg i would love to have that cnc machine. thats goals for me. i may build a car some day but thats my true goal is getting a machine like that.

  • Look Closer
    Look Closer

    Oh great. Now I get to see all the Rob Dahm click bait videos pop up on my page.

  • X_124

    This looks way to cool to be real

  • Frozen crow
    Frozen crow

    This is awesome

  • Zachary Tribou
    Zachary Tribou

    I'd be damned if that bolt that goes through it doesn't stretch within 1000 milrs

  • Jared Morgan
    Jared Morgan

    Why does this look like Richie Hearn's old car?

  • ¿LiGHTÂ

    So good to finally see the diablo out again, really love seeing it

  • Timothy Bernardino
    Timothy Bernardino

    I will be waiting for this thing to be in Hoonigan's This vs That

  • Kayo Michiels
    Kayo Michiels

    Nice 1997 CART! (not Indycar)

  • filipe beat
    filipe beat

    lmao wt hell lmaoooo dats cray

  • Raz Raz
    Raz Raz

    now 4rotor in it, race it against the hoonicorn. job done

  • filipe beat
    filipe beat

    lmao why tf aready clean d car, mine bout 6 months dirty lmao

  • filipe beat
    filipe beat

    dont tell me ur car gon have a tilted steerin wheel either

  • filipe beat
    filipe beat

    0:48 X,D

  • filipe beat
    filipe beat

    X D dats funny

  • Mocotó

    Average forza car

  • Rishi


  • XSpeedyXITA

    im already scared of that you wanna do with it HAHAHAHAH

  • cafe88 racer
    cafe88 racer

    prob gonna sound better than a zonda r lol

  • The Mazespinner
    The Mazespinner

    When was the year this car raced and what team did it race for?

  • amr alsharkawi
    amr alsharkawi

    Go for this guys Suzuki Hayabusa turbo engine, a lot more work but think about it... compact high revving easy to extract ton of power also cooling is not gonna be an issue

  • Axeman Racing
    Axeman Racing

    going into a IndyCar? Surprise...

  • TheRustyLemon

    Daily videos didn't go to plan lol Hope everything's ok and you are just behind schedule, I don't know what I'd do without daddy dahm

  • O12i

    First 2jz NASCAR and now rotary Indycar? noice!!!!!

  • j o n a h
    j o n a h

    6 rotor indy car???????

  • Wikus Combrinck
    Wikus Combrinck

    coolest project ever!

  • Richard Hybels
    Richard Hybels

    Man you guys are clueless! He takes off the damper cover and thinks he sees dampers. Those are just pieces of solid metal to take the place of the dampers to keep the car off the ground. The car is a 97 Reynard.

  • RC Ritter FPV
    RC Ritter FPV

    Please tell me you make this a Rally version. like the old Pikes Peak indy cars.

  • RC Ritter FPV
    RC Ritter FPV

    I did not like being in a single seater... I'm more of a GT body.. that moment of freakout as you think you will never get out. .

  • bigdv519

    How did i get here?

  • Dani Walmsley
    Dani Walmsley

    Can we ban jacks in indycar now? Just get the mechanics to lift the car up

  • Dani Walmsley
    Dani Walmsley

    Haven't started the video yet but my brain immediately went please put a rotary in it. Then my brain realised the absurdity of the statement, of course Rob Dahm would put a rotary in it you can chill it'll happen

  • Brady Prince
    Brady Prince

    Built SP2.2 blocks are cheap right now, I would put one in this beauty if I could!

  • Stanimir Rankovski
    Stanimir Rankovski

    Hmm.... I want to see this car vs Casey Puschs car :D As long as they are finished in a reasonable time and I am still alive.. 😂

  • Nte 35050
    Nte 35050

    6 rotor turbo f1 car? 🤯

  • Korey

    man you've got to keep all those 90's/00's early logos on epic

  • l8tapex

    blow off valve is the hole under the roll bar. They regulated all teams turbo by giving each team a blow off valve.( if I recall correctly)

  • J Jaeks
    J Jaeks

    this is some badass content concept

  • James Bowman
    James Bowman

    Some fan, some where is going to flip out over this one RD.

  • joshua gilmore
    joshua gilmore

    Yooooooooooooooo!!!! Crazy content!!!💯💯

  • david jones
    david jones

    "The Dude abides" with this car

  • Justin Crandell
    Justin Crandell

    1 week and no video

  • Bo J.
    Bo J.

    That hook on the back (on the bottom of the wing structure) is for the special jack/dollets they use to bring the car into and out of the garage. A horizontal rod goes into that hook and then you use leverage to lift the car and get it on the dolly wheels.

  • Paul Janssen
    Paul Janssen

    If you guys somehow get tired of this project I'll make a good home for it feel good race tracks around here in Florida

  • Paul Janssen
    Paul Janssen

    I'm drooling right now well I would like to have one of those I would probably build a dual turbocharged LS put some sort of 6-speed transmission in it I'm drooling guys

  • CallMeLarson

    4 rotor 7A7B kinda car????

  • MattSoder

    Della Penna Motorsports, maybe a 1998 Ford XB V8t CART

  • Terridax

    Finishing the "month of daily videos" real strong with this one week absence :P


    « Where are the springs ?! » there is no springs man

  • You like jazz?
    You like jazz?

    *An indycar, my god

  • Arjun Singh
    Arjun Singh

    You should put in a Nitrous 3 rotor !

  • StefanTomalik

    The biggest issue is the input shaft is down there. Ok bye lol

  • Joshua Borchardt
    Joshua Borchardt

    Talks about valvoline then very next frame has bright yellow penzoil jug in background. Lol

  • Henry Callahan
    Henry Callahan

    cant wait to see how fitting triangles into a relatively rectangular car plays out. Mazda Road to Indy, right?